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(1.09 MB 1920x1080 urusei-yatsura-op.png)
/nulum/ Reboot containment thread lumfren 10/21/2022 (Fri) 00:15:45 No. 222
Discuss the reboot.
>>222 Ass
So this is the wapchan they all talk about. What the fuck is so much better about here? >Not a fan of the new adaptation so far.
>>226 It's just because it's slow. There aren't many people posting, so of course it's not gonna be great. How about you actually post a quality opinion on the anime instead of bitching? It'll make this place a whole lot better if you do.
>>227 Yeah,my bad fren. I am just a little stressed since this all started.
>>228 It's fine fren, it's been shit lately. But the more we grow wapchan's /lum/ the more it'll be more interesting.
>>226 I'd like to say it's better than modern /a/ uy threads due to a few reasons >Far less bait due to the board being slower >I try to actually ban known spammers and shitposters so discussions are better >Support for sound in webms & 3 files >No captchas >Generally people are more relaxed >Potential for better organized community events Obviously it's not perfect, but I'd like to imagine this board as being a continuation of the good old days of /lum/ (mid 2020 - mid 2021). The threads then had a lot more OC and analysis and people were just a lot more laid back, but after thronritter (the ran kraut) started spamming threads with his mentally ill rants that turned a lot of people off, and the threads became way more derivative. The reboot made things way worse now with the pro and anti nipple spam, but they already had issues IMO. >>229 I hope so. I've been extremely busy recently so I haven't had a ton of time to dedicate to here besides a few quality of life improvements, but I should have time come november, so trust the process I guess. Hopefully the new uy storytime that I'm gonna start here will help with keeping discussion fresh.
>>230 You got that on /a/? I got it from Brenten's twitter. I'm sure you know of him.
Anyways. I thank you for the excellent directory images. As for (containment) thread theme. >Ramu >Waifu >Nu-Lum I will be relieved when it's over and (please God) there is no season 2. >They put my wife on tinder. Desecration, oh yeah, it's just a joke he's dreaming (nightmare) It's ass anon, fecking ass.
(402.09 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0016.jpg)
>>231 Yeah, I always enjoyed the mid-late anime style the most (especially UY3's look, which I think is the design peak of the whole series) >I'm sure you know of him. Sure do. His images have been really useful for my UY videos since they give unique insights into how the series developed and I don't own any of those old japanese magazines. >>232 It's amazing how painfully mediocre to bad it is, especially being adapted from such a strong source. Even the animation is kinda shit, like these classmates in the second episode look rough as fuck, and only the center one even moves. All the rest are just frozen for around 7 seconds, which is super jarring when they're this large on screen. Sure the original wasn't amazing at this either, but they at least had the foresight to not freeze on these shots for so long, and you'd think with the budget and 40 years of inertia they had for this reboot they'd at least put some damn effort into it.
>>233 That reminds me, when are you gonna release your review on the reboot?
(201.86 KB 1280x606 catalogue003.jpg)
>>234 Should be up tomorrow or Wednesday. Last week I was way busier than I thought I'd be, and I also rewrote the script to include the second episode and be more structured in general.
Episode 3 came out, any thoughts?
>>235 any updates on the UY vid?
>>237 Well... >had to do a bunch of hw >fell behind in production of the video >went to halloween parties >had 2 exams the following week >cleaned my room which took forever >went to an away football game this past friday with friends >got sick (just a cold but it's annoying) Really just a bunch of stuff came at me. Things are winding down now so I can actually finish the video this week, and start to work on all those other video ideas I had.
>>238 fair enough
The reboot is winning me over, and I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's all the ass shots
I really liked episode 6 bros, I was concerned that the pacing might be wack because they were adapting so many chapters, but I think it turned out really well.
>>244 shit man, I really just dropped it after episode 3. It's just not for me.
>>245 Fair enough. I genuinely do like the reboot, but honestly I'm not sure if it's because it's good or because I'm a Urusei Yatsura Consoomer.
>>243 I like the liveliness of it. I also hope it adapts some chapters that didn't get their fair share of love like the full Tomobiki high beauty contest
>>247 It's getting better over time I think, like it's coming into its stride. I've definitely noticed an improvement in VA's performances.
(3.08 KB 254x72 unknown (1).png)
What are the odds that we get some original content like another movie or something? Is this series popular enough in Japan for it to happen?
>>250 Even if the new series isn't the most popular thing out there, I'd imagine a lot of people in Japan would check out a new UY movie just because of the cinematic pedigree the old series had.
>>251 Would be nice to get some fresh stuff. In any case it couldn't possibly turn out worse than Lum the Forever.
>>252 I don't even think Lum the Forever was that bad. It was just kinda incoherent.
>>253 That's what makes it bad. If they ever explained what was going on I think it would be quite good. But they just had to cut out the scene that would have explained everything. Imagine if Oshii did that in Beautiful Dreamer and never explained that they were all inside a dream, it would also be a complete mess.
>>254 But does it being a mess make it bad? From a storytelling perspective it's a mess, but maybe it's better to treat it as a bunch of animated skits.
>>255 Maybe, but it's supposed to be a feature film, not a bunch of animated skits. If something fails on a storytelling level, even if its beautifully animated I just can't get into it. The best thing I can say about Lum the Forever is that Melancholy no Kiseki absolutely slaps
Why is reboot ran radioactive?
>>268 What do you mean?
I'm gonna be honest - I think they did a good job with ran.
>>271 I agree, this episode was perfectly fine and honestly I even chuckled a couple times. It's not a masterpiece like the original but its still good on its own merits.
(6.97 MB 3840x2160 ztre20.png)
This lucky son of a bitch
>>277 Is it really worth premature aging anon? It's just Ran after all.

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