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(3.00 MB 931x1048 mpv-shot0082.png)
(6.96 MB 1440x1080 mpv-shot0298.png)
(1.77 MB 1440x1080 mpv-shot0276.png)
Urusei Yatsura anon 01/18/2022 (Tue) 19:51:52 No. 2
pretty Ran deservers to be here I love you Ran
>>163 being an animator is even more impressive.
(624.24 KB 1280x1600 book008.jpg)
It's good to see this place active once again. Been quite busy in my life so I haven't come on much, but I have been lurking on 4/lum/, and it's just sad what happened to that place. I can tell you that I don't have any tolerance for nipple schizos around here. >>153 I saw that, really nice that they're trying something different. Hope it's reflected in the show at some point.
(110.01 KB 960x720 troopers.jpg)
Here's something else interesting I found: The reboot will be 11 minute segments, like the beginning of the original anime. This would make sense if they're trying to adapt the fast paced manga stories more directly versus the slower original anime stories. https://uy-allstars.com/story/ep01/ Rough translations below >EPISODE 1-A >Youth running around >A soft-spoken high school student, Ataru Moroboshi, is chosen to play tag with Ram, the daughter of a demon tribe who has come to invade Earth, and the fate of the Earth. Her childhood friend Shinobu Miyake said, "If you win, I'll marry you." >EPISODE 1-B >desperate situation >Ataru is fed up with Ram interrupting his phone calls with Shinobu every day. The two, unable to make a phone call due to the jamming signals that Ram sends out from the spacecraft to Earth, get excited and decide to meet face-to-face. So I guess they're skipping the oil rain episode... I miss those troopers.
>>165 I need tp for my bunghole
>>166 uuuuhhhhh you said ram
how do you do fellow shinobuchads?
Hello wap it's been a while
>>169 >>170 What's up bros. Enjoy the thread!
(52.89 KB 600x543 download.jpg)
Kinda annoying that there isn't a update prompt
(7.29 KB 238x42 update.png)
>>172 There is, it's just kinda small
why do both say Refresh? I thought that was bug
>>174 Looks like the first one refreshes the page while the second one just updates the post. ranchan when you get on you should probably just remove the first button since it's confusing.
>>166 >A soft-spoken high school student, Somehow, that description doesn't fill me with hope that they're gonna keep Ataru's character intact. My number one concern with this reboot is that they'll dial down his scumbag-ness, but retards on 4/a/ keep sperging out about nipples like fanservice adds anything significant.
>>176 you said fill me uhuhuhuhuhuh
(61.92 KB 222x271 ataru.png)
Still mad they didn't bring any of the original cast. Honestly I don't mind anything else more than the fact that they didn't bring any cast back, especially since most of them are still active today. This along with all the other stuff, like how they aren't bringing the storm troopers back, changed the ship design choices, etc. makes me think this is somehow Takahashi's middle finger to Oshii for going against what she wanted to do back when the anime was made (even if they now claim it's to be closer to the manga).
>>178 >don't mind anything else besides the fact
>>178 the original voice actors for ataru and lum are in it and they're gonna play the parental figures.
>>180 uuuuuhhhhh you said in it
(1.57 MB 1752x974 tinder.png)
aaaaaand it's pandering to tiktok zoomers, what a surprise... did we really need to see ataru use fucking tinder? i feel like he would prefer a more direct approach.
(1.65 MB 1891x1022 maetel.png)
Did anyone else find the OP and ED completely soulless? For me it was the worst part of the entire episode. In any case it wasn't exceptional but it was mostly competent. Using Lum no Love Song as a leitmotif for Lum was based and redpilled though, excellent choice.
>>184 It was ok, skipped the EP entirely. I didn't really care for them too much.
I'm just gonna dump my honest opinion one the reboot's first episode. I'll give my pros and cons. Pros: -It was more detailed and nice (background wise) -They gave Lum's father more personally -Voices were pretty spot on -Animation was nice -Lum's bitchiness was thankfully toned down a bit Cons: -It was extremely fast paced especially the second part which is almost forgettable -Not funny tbh (only smiled like once) -Uninteresting generic anime music -Censored (but I could honestly care less) -No Stormtroopers (I mess 'em already) Overall it was alright. 7/10.
God damn does this site feel comfy compared to the absolute warzone that is 4chan's /lum/.
(266.05 KB 2048x1448 20221013_130034.jpg)
There should be a reply prompt on the bottom the thread too
>>188 Currently implementing this, just a quick question: would you want this to go back to the top of the page and open the full reply box, or just the quick reply box?
(2.88 MB 1280x720 1665681240162670.webm)
>>189 quick reply box
>>190 Done
(249.11 KB 641x481 meganecrush.png)
(1.61 MB 1909x898 newUYb1.png)
(1.77 MB 1909x898 newUYb2.png)
(2.07 MB 1909x898 newUYb3.png)
>>186 >7/10 More like a 3-4/10, and not as a comparison to the original, but as a standalone. This is especially true because I don't know how anyone who hasn't seen/read the source material could understand what even went on, much less enjoy or care about it. Most moments were so rushed, that a lot of what was conveyed in the original was missing. Moments of humor were shallow, characters felt bland as shit, and attempts at setting atmosphere fell short (bgm,establishing shots, sound effects, etc.). Not even in comparison to the original, in general everything was just shallow. I'd gripe about changes they've made to characters, but the pacing was so ADHD, I could hardly even discern what they did to the characters; they did a really poor job at character building. Pretty much all that went down was a constant loop of one 3-5 second haha sequence followed by another. This wouldn't be so bad if there was any appealing satire, like in the original, but they took out practically every bit of satire/dark humor, or dumbed it down. For example, they undermined the "I wish I never had you" joke so that it came out less harsh. It's so moefied I can't imagine ever giving a shit about any of the new characters, nor enjoying the humor, even if they could do anything more than emote a face or push a joke in their 3-5 seconds of time before the next characters' turn. At least when the original became a 5 second joke sequence spammer, it still had the satire, atmosphere (especially bgm), and animation to go with it. About the animation, god damn can it be hard to look at. 70% of the time it's sparkly eye rape, and when it isn't, it's generic digital backgrounds. Although you said the backgrounds are a pro, I doubt you payed more than a glance to them, although I don't blame you, since one reason for the ADHD pacing is probably to hide the backgrounds. Pic related shows a couple new backgrounds and an old one. I won't gripe about the characters not contrasting well with the backgrounds because that's pretty much standard. However, you can clearly see the bad contrast of different aspects of the background that were put together for the final thing. For example, in pic related, basically all the uncanny valley, digital bushes, houses, telephone poles, and other infrastructure contrast horribly with the whole thing. But besides that I'd say everything else was good enough; character movements were fine, faces were alright, and there wasn't really much else that stood out as especially low quality. Again though, putting it all together, it was shallow and nothing above a 4/10.
(1.17 MB 1439x897 UYbackground.png)
>>186 >>193 Here's an old background from the original for reference.
(1.02 MB 2170x2530 rancant.jpg)
now that old /lum/ has been turned into permanent post reboot anarchy, let's try to capture the spirit of classic /lum/ here by making OC, just like the good old days. here's one of my favorite pieces from the old threads.
>>195 no. Let's just off-topic spam of ed, edd n eddy and beavis and butthead while coomers debate over literal nonsense. Fuck having a good discussion about uy, it's not like we're on a uy board after all.
>>196 Hey man I get the doomposting, but there's no reason to say we can't forge a better /lum/ out here, even if it's slow.
>>193 You make some pretty good points, but can you show me some more examples on the backgrounds being shit? Also a 4 I think is way to low, I would maybe give it a 5 or 6 at best because at least it tried. I'll still hold my 7 because that's just what I think it deserves.
(911.35 KB 2200x2200 1665803604260272.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1440x1080 rugbyataru.png)
>>1796 >>198 Here's the same rant, but with some nicer spacing, so you could maybe be more bothered to read it. Sorry it's really a pain to proofread from this tiny text box and yet I always forget the simple shit like spacing. Also, to the Admin, sorry for spamming, but I really want to stir up some discussion, yet my paragraphs look like shit. Hopefully, if this doesn't get yoinked, maybe seeing more paragraphs will inspire more people to discuss. Anyway sorry again for spam I'll remember to proofread from now on. (pic unrelated it's just so it looks less like spam) Also would you mind going further beyond "it's what it deserves". You've seen the original so I don't know how you can give the new a 7 in comparison to the original. While I rated it more as a standalone, I'm assuming you're rating it more as a comparison to the original, and not as a standalone. This is because many of your mentioned pros/cons compare the original to the new one, rather than sharing what the show does well/poorly, regardless of the original. And I can't say your 7 is honest, if it's reflecting how well the new compares to the original. Not only does the reboot dampen the scenes that were better in the original, it also cuts out aspects that made the original appealing; it's not only failing at adapting with what it's rebooting, it's also cutting out parts of what it's supposed to be rebooting . By giving it a 7 you're saying it at least does a good job as a reboot, and maybe adds something else on top, but it's failing even as a reboot. As well as this, pretty much all your pros (arguments for the 7) that compare new to old are null. For example, you argue one pro is, "it was more detailed and nice (background wise)", but the original has inevitably better backgrounds (since they were done with more time consuming cel animation, yet under similar time constraints, yet the quality, at the very least, holds up to the modern ones). So you can't say this is a reason why the new compares well to the old. Similarly your other pros, if thought of as comparisons, do not work: "Voices were pretty spot on" but the original voices were definitely better(since they defined the characters and how the new voices were picked); "animation was nice" but the original animation holds a mighty candle to it (while being older). And so, especially because many of your pros for your 7 rating compare the original to the new, your rating itself cannot be honest if it is a reflection of how new compares to the original. However, if you your 7 reflects the reboot's quality as a standalone, then pretty much all your pros don't work, because they compare the original to the new. Your only pro that works to support the reboot's ability as a standalone series is that the animation is nice, meaning it's subjectively nice. That's true, subjectively, but that's hardly enough to say it's a 7/10 as a standalone. Especially since it gives no reason as to why the animation is nice. Basically it insists upon itself meaning the 7/10 insists upon itself meaning your reasoning is "it's good because it's good". That's why I'd really like for you to elaborate.
>>197 I guess so. Still pretty disappointed in the reboot though.
>>200 You can delete your first post and just redo it if you want to change it up. The downwards arrow on the top left of the post opens up a menu that allows you to do so.
(21.06 KB 529x426 lum cel.jpg)
>>200 No need to apologize. High quality posts are always appreciated around here, especially in comparison to the kind of stuff people post on 4/lum/. Anyways, here's an idea I've been thinking of to keep /lum/ from feeling stale. While this thread has been pretty good, people don't really like posting in super old threads, and it just turns into a long, long thread of occasional posts here and there that are entirely unrelated to eachother. So what I was thinking was making /lum/ threads cyclical, either with a much lower bump limit (somewhere around 50 posts) or a timed limit (like 2 weeks), after which the thread would be automatically archived. I feel this would help the threads feel fresher and new threads could focus on different characters, elements of the show, or whatever else people feel like talking about. Let me know what you all think of this.
(571.89 KB 668x776 atardu.png)
>>203 Great idea, and maybe we could even get a /lum/ general with generic stuff like links to previous threads and more fun parts like a link to a watch party, a gallery of the best oc of the week, topics, or whatever other stuff would be neat in a general. >>202 Thanks I didn't know about that.
>>202 downwards uhuhuhuh. I got a downwards arrow in my pants uhuhuhuhuhuh.
(246.40 KB 961x284 AYYYYLMAOWHAT.PNG)
(18.19 KB 652x66 uy2k22.png)
>>206 >wrote a script for my own rant video on the first episode of the reboot >2.2k words >84% of the script is about things I don't like
>>204 I've decided to spin this off into a seperate board for logistical reasons >>>/lum/1
>>207 Good luck on that video ranbro.
(41.77 KB 380x349 1665819985091696.jpg)
>>200 Sorry if I replied so late, but I agree with your statements. But I will form a quick counterargument that some people would make about your opinion on the backgrounds of the reboot. Many would probably say that having high quality backgrounds won't matter because of how fast the reboot's pace is. On top of that, some people may say that you're nitpicking every last detail of the original so you can give it a much lower rating. Now I don't really believe in that counterargument but I decided to write it out for you so can debate it. As for standalone viewing I can agree that this episode is not very good. I also did rewatch the original's first episode just for reference and I can see how it does things way better the reboot. Like it being actually funny (mostly part 2 of the episode). Overall thou I can understand your arguments on why my ratings for the original are null. I just wanted to give the reboot a shot.
(281.90 KB 1280x1902 bookpos_03.jpg)
Hope everyone appreciates all the little interface changes I've made around here, mostly just to make everything feel tidier. Also, this thread is going to be archived, probably at the end of the month, since >>>/lum/ is up now (unless people really want it still around). Made some new banners and standardized the look and resolutions of the older ones. We should push to get more users from 4lum on here imo.
>>211 I think it could be moved to /lum/ like that /vr/ thread. Since this thread is currently the most popular one on the site right now.
>>212 That's true. I just want this thread to level off eventually so fresher threads can be made.

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