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280.74 KB 550x711 1670674120915.jpg
/kind/ figamin Admin 08/11/2023 (Fri) 23:09:07 No. 1 [Reply]
Hi, This is for the users of /kind/, old friends of wapchan. Be kind. If you want any changes let me know.

1.65 MB 500x374 8552.gif
anon 08/12/2023 (Sat) 11:33:00 No. 10 [Reply]
Do you drink? I don't
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>>10 >Do you drink? Yes. :(
380.91 KB 1495x2048 1659753620899510.jpg
>>10 I only light drink when socializing and once or twice in the year when work is tougher than usual. If somebody doesn't drink at all I usually get suspicious and ask why. I don't care in general, but there is a specific kind of "I don't drink" person that does so to feel superior to others and I can save lots of future headaches by figuring it out early.
472.99 KB 1200x1200 mice.jpg
No, but i'd like to try green tea sake someday. Maybe it's not such a good idea however.
>>10 I don't drink. Also never posted before so just wanted to say I'm happy /kind/ is back!!
>>10 I get reminded that I need a drink every time I see your poast.

261.17 KB 2048x1556 watching animu.jpg
Anime anon 08/15/2023 (Tue) 06:27:41 No. 40 [Reply]
What are you watching /kind/?
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>>315 >Why did they used that Rally, I liked the brown Rally much better. That's the original Rally. She was changed in GSC for some reason I forget. Never heard of Scramble Wars, might give it a watch.
>>308 If you liked Adventure Time or the kind of humour in general I think you'll like it, it doesn't have too many episodes either yet.
135.69 KB 1280x720 sleepy.jpg
I started watching Haibane Renmei, it's pretty nice so far!
8.93 MB 320x240 Fun Fun Pharmacy.mp4
just finished Binzume Yousei and Houkago Teibou Nisshi, currently watching Fun Fun Pharmacy and gdgd Fairies
189.64 KB 1680x1050 Gosick-1100617613.jpg
>>40 I started watching Gosick because Victorique reminded me of another character. I'm loving it so far ヽ(・∀・)ノ.

1.28 MB 1024x1820 sonico.png
music! anon 09/23/2023 (Sat) 22:09:27 No. 367 [Reply]
lets post some choons... i like choons... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z72bfT4_8Y
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5.96 MB 2212x2894 ballroom girls dancing.png
an embed field would be neat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hTvc3f83Ws
>>405 Wow those are also beautiful. I'm coming from the Atelier series, especially the Dusk-series and the soundtrack just blew me away. I'll definitely play the AT series as the idea about music being power(I think) is an awesome idea. Ayesha immediately turned into one of my favourite Soundtracks ever, because of songs like this one: https://youtu.be/SAPvV0XMW9I?si=LM6qwoHpie4sXGJz
No matter what version, Yume no Naka e never fails to cheer me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWv19QIb1Lw
>>370 What's the source of the remixed version? Sounds like an 8bit rendition with a Miku-esque voice over it. >>370
>>467 If you download the file, it has the tags in it: Artist: momo-i Title: R-R-R-Russian Roulette Album: FAMISON 8BIT STAGE2

Random Thoughts Thread anon 09/10/2023 (Sun) 16:22:18 No. 233 [Reply] [Last]
For posting thoughts or daydreams that you want to share!
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Lol guys i had the strangest dream ever. Basically in the dream i was bored so i decided to create my own imageboard and it was called "Wartchan" and i coded all of it by myself. Eventually people started raiding it and then i tried to ban them but i didn't know how to do it and so i was mocked because i wasn't even able to control a site i made myself. Not even in my dreams i am competent.
>>446 Well that dream turned into a bit of a nightmare.. Running an imageboard doesn't sound easy, but my guess is that if you really would create one, you should have enough time to grow and learn with your userbase I believe. Realistically these problems tend to happen only with exponentially growing numbers. By then you should have gotten enough positive feedback that you are able to stand above this! (Or/and have help that supports you)
My hair is starting to look good now that I followed the advice to not brush it after showering. I don't understand the logic of more effort worsening the results, but it works. I never knew looking like a hobo was so high effort.
153.77 KB 455x437 1695389985390133.png
New paradigm to ease routines: >write every chore I gotta do in a list >try to find every detail that would take doing that chore >What you think may be the less time consuming one, do that, leave the ones requiring time, or without all the details properly explained for later >Strike through that chore once it's done. If needed more space take another post-it note and rewrite your chores according what is actually necessary now >Feel the chemicals rushing to your brain once you do one
1.75 MB 640x368 Yukari-Abuse.mp4
>>463 That's similar to what I do when dealing with large or multiple tasks. I make a list of everything I need to do, divided into subtasks, loosely ordered in a way that I tend to follow, and then I force myself to do at least one thing each day.

31.15 KB 1024x700 Richard-Stallman-Cancer-3.jpg
RMS has cancer should we send him a get well message? anon 10/03/2023 (Tue) 00:44:19 No. 454 [Reply]
Hello /kind/ As some of you probably know Richard Stallman now has cancer. Since this is a board all about kindness and Mr. Stallman has helped many people with his free software and GNU/Linux. Should /kind/ send him a get well message? Is there a way we could do it? how?
The poor guy's unrecognizable now.
>>455 That's what cancer does to you.
He answers emails sent to "rms at gnu period org".
154.37 KB 907x1280 IMG_20231003_114304_642.jpg
>>454 >Should /kind/ send him a get well message? That's a great idea! >>464 Imagine wapchan/kind getting answered ^___^

mejuri 10/03/2023 (Tue) 15:18:43 No. 462 [Reply]
How is everyone's mental health lately?

Daily GIF posting thread 08/15/2023 (Tue) 15:13:44 No. 45 [Reply] [Last]
No matter where /kind/ goes it's always good to keep traditions.
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1.52 MB 500x314 ryoko bow.gif
475.24 KB 500x257 IA.gif
1.85 MB 498x309 dirty-pair-anime[1].gif
702.87 KB 500x375 doremi.gif

1.14 MB 360x360 Me and the Birds.webm
Stoicism anon 09/27/2023 (Wed) 22:09:24 No. 400 [Reply]
Stoicism isn't about not having emotions as much as it is about taming them. Accepting your regrets of the past, then letting them go. Being aware of your anxiety for the future but letting things happen as they do. Understanding your anger while not letting it cloud your judgement. I have been getting better at it, little by little. It's comforting to let go of worrying.
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Stoicism is a philosophy for people and civilizations tired of life.
288.28 KB 1400x1050 1_TVebZE0MHzu7mpFw_bCsrQ.jpg
I'm in a similar boat, even though I only have a very surface understanding of stoicism it can help me immensely. For example I've always worried about how others perceive me, like when somebody says anything about me in a slightly negative manner I can't stop thinking about that for days. Or how unfair the cards I got dealt in my life are compared to others etc. What I get from that philosophy most of all is becoming better at being mindful of my emotions by not getting overwhelmed by sadness/anger I usually keep dwelling in. I have to constantly recall the advice and recognize the situation for it to help though, because I am lazy and basically picked a few pieces of advice that suited me best and rolled with it. What I can't quite get into is that many of those teachings were apparantly popular and taught by the upper crust elite, who talked about their struggles while probably owning a few slaves, which compared to the general populace of that time seems a bit pretentious. But as I said, I don't know nearly enough about stoicism, or even about history in general to be honest, I just think if some words help me work on myself then that's a good thing. Most of all, I try to stay away from philosphy because a lot of writings usally come off as too pessimistic for my taste, which doesn't seem to be the case for stoicism, or at least the parts I read about.
>>435 Depends. Diogenes the Cynic, a forerunner to Stoicism, lived in a barrel and eventually got captured and sold as a slave. (admittedly, the barrel was by choice. Diogenes was a weirdo) Other founders also had terrible things happen to them. "To live is to suffer" is the basis of a lot of philosophy because it's true. The rest is just how you deal with it.
The reason why I don't care about most philosophy is that it's generally only a bitter attitude to life trying to be sold as truth. I also don't think that kind of discussion belongs here, but that's just my opinion
>>453 You're not the only one who feels that way here.

342.07 KB 1024x720 woman computer.gif
/tech/ thread anon 09/29/2023 (Fri) 10:22:41 No. 419 [Reply]
Let's dedicate this thread to things such as operative systems, hardware, advances in technology, security, and all the things related to it how are you /tech/in' boys?
74.90 KB 1024x1001 1523306850251.jpg
Random thought, but there was a time I used to be into Death Grips, and in one of their ARGs they did some silly ASCII in the comments of their homepage's HTML file, and after been working for code for around a year and a half, it just comes across as extremely silly.
555.53 KB 850x1200 fruits of breast envy.jpg
Currently losing my sanity while coding a web app when I'm supposed to be hired for backend development Thankfully coffee and high impact sonorous violence music fuels me
>>434 Frontend is hell. It doesn't require any intelligence or though, and so the tools are not only made by retards but also for retards. It's bloat on top of bloat with the underlying logic ranging from non-existent to inconsistent. I hope I'll never have to touch it again in my life.
>>444 And everyone and their mom has an option and a new framework. At least people have mostly settled on React for now, the worst was back in the early/mid-10s when it was just new toys every other week. At least I have a good job now and don't have to worry about that shit anymore. (am a front-end dev, been regretting my life choices for years now)
728.00 B 303x243 wario thumbs up.png
>>444 I personally wish to believe the issue was that we were given a very tight schedule. If I was given a bit more time, i would have been able to understand most of the things that I did fairly well. I got the thing done now, so that makes me feel at peace. But personally I believe I should at least have been given more time to work with. Also, I share your sentiment. JS is not for me.