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This thread is to discuss what the rules should be for /qa/ type memes (frogs, wojaks, soyjaks). Currently there has been no hard rules against these, since very few members of the existing userbase post them, but ever since the recent raid, we've been getting them more often, and it seems many users don't like them, so i'd like to make site policy firm on these kinds of memes. Here are some ideas.>Ban all frogs/jaks sitewide>Ban only soyjaks>Ban soyjaks and restrict other memes to a containement boardI wouldn't even be opposed to a meme/old net culture board, but I would much prefer it to be classic 90s/2000s style memes, not the strange and abstract modern kind that has nothing to do with this site.


Banning all jaks would be for the best, not sure about the frogs, I didn't see any, even during the raid.


>Ban all frogs/jaks sitewideYeah just ban them both. Frogposters are retarded but they aren't destructive like soyjak posters. I would still ban them both in my opinion.Instead; we should make our own culture instead of reusing 4chans old washed out and over done memes. Also a containment board isn't necessary; it'll just be a waste of space.


>>872>our cultureyou mean just old /a/


>>873That's heyuriWe're a lot more chill than old /a/ was


>>873No need to be so cynical, we're still a young community. But imo our anons don't just blindly LARP as old 4channers, they put their own spin on it


>>866I think at the very least the originals are fine if their use case is, but I imagine even allowing that would make people want to stretch the rules a bit to posts soys or whatever so maybe outright banning them would be good. Don't be mean to the users who do it accidentally though, give em a warning or two before a ban.>>872Yeah, culture is good so it'd be nice to have something to post that's purely a wapchan thing.


>>872>>873>>875>>877>>878If we had our own mascot, that would go a long way towards developing a site culture. How would you all feel about a mascot design contest?


>>879I think it'd be fun, but I have no artistic talent to speak of so we'd need quite an arty anon to really make a cool looking one.


>>881>>879I got one planned, but idk if'll be liked.Also generic anime girl mascot #2294839025 is boring. We need to make something that makes us standout a bit from the rest of the altchans. So a contest would be great to brainstorm ideas.


>>866I aint a fan of either of those memes, and they have nothing to do with retro anime.Ban'em.


>>875>That's heyuriNo, not really. At least not anymore. Modern Heyuir culture is more of an amalgamation of cultures of different old communities. I’m a former /jp/sie and in my posts I aim for the style of the old /jp/. But other anons all bring something different to the mix. And it’s not only stuff from other 4chan boards, right now for example we’ve got an urban exploration thread on page 0.


>>884But let’s not derail your thread; you’re discussing creating a chan mascot, right? Best of luck! Heyuri-chan can’t wait to meet her new sister.


I am not an active user here, but I say you don't need to make a hard rule and can just delete them as you see. Unlike Heyuri this site does have a certain topic: animeSoyjaks or frogs aren't anime(or 2hu, or vidya), so that's enough to delete them.>>885Heyuri-tan*Sister can get taken badly by some, I propose calling her friend.BTW, captcha is b0rkd on the .onion address


I don't see anything positive with creating a soyjack board outside of spamming and ruining the quality site, now i am not saying you should ban them that's a decision you should take since you are the admin, just don't create a board that attempts to imitate /qa/ because it would just evolve into an unfunny shitposting spam.>>879this sounds like an excellent idea.


>>866Never seen anything good come out of a frog post, let alone jaks, so I'm okay with kicking them out

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