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even when this site is still quite slow and small, you should think about hiring some jannies; case in point the most recent /ar/ thread
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>>430Where do these people even come from?


Say I wanted to become a janny - what rate of compensation might I expect to receive?Are you able to give me an indication of what salary one might earn, before tax?


>>457the usual, of course - approximately zero dollars and zero cents an hour, along with the exclusive right to eat hot pockets. we may double it in the future!


>>458You mean to tell me that you expect a grown man to spend his time cleaning up posts on an anime forum for free?Gratis?Pro bono?You'll pay him nothing?What kind of man would work a job like that for free?


>>460Someone who wants to keep this forum high quality. There isn't a ton of spam generally, it's more just that I'm not always around to clean it up myself.I don't make any money off this site at the moment


Maybe it's too early to ask but how do plan on recruiting members for out community?
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>>351I've thought about it (as well as adding /a2k/), but i've always worried it would take away from the focus of the site. However if its a genuinely popular idea around here I might end up adding it.


>>31Hey, altchan veteran here. Just want to warn you to NOT join what's called the "webring". It's filled with egomaniacs who track user data and get up to all kinds of shady shit. smugloli's board is the worst, do NOT recruit these guys if you want your board to be civil.


>>400don't worry, there's no plans for wapchan to join that particular group of sites (addressed it here >>140 ). we may form loose partnerships with other net communities (and may even form an actual webring down the line, as in just site's linking to eachother without some plugin) but will otherwise always be an independent site.


>>401Good plan. I've got a site in the works myself with tons of otaku info I've accumulated with my friends and events we've run and are running over the years.It'll have an imageboard attached, so when I get that running I'll hit you up if things align as I imagine they should.I really like the community you've attracted, it doesn't have that cancerous altchan behavior (so far), so I look forward to how things turn out.


>>402thank you, i wish you the best of luck with your site. things may be kind of slow around here but we're focused on quality, not quantity.


lets have some silly fun with edits
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>>949>You guys should try it as well, it's fun.i never tried myself on gif/webm etc, whats a good startingpoint


>>959I used adobe premiere for the editing, exported it as an mp4, and used webm4retards to convert it into a webm.


i was bored and did a thing, but i think the sky doesnt really jell with the other colours


>>936based Getter RoboCHAD


>>961nice stuff, i might embed this in the cytube page if it ends up looking good on there


Is it wireless application protocol?


>>23it actually doesn't stand for anything, it's just the first three letters of "wapanese"


>>24i know i was just pocking a bit of fun at it. But good that you're here ranfren, would it be possible to have a history for the radio, so i dont have to alt-tab everytime i hear a song that i want to track down, 5 or so would be suffice, i reckon.


>>25haha, no worries. shouldn't be that hard to implement, ill get on it


>>26thank you very much, you do a great job.


>>26you already added it, you work fast.


I like the site, but the refresh button doesn't seem to do anything at all.


>>19That button had issues so it was removed for now. The other refresh button should update the page with any new posts.


I think a retro tech board (maybe /gr/?) would be a nice fit for the theme of this site.
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i'm kinda liking this imageboard and these boards. i think that some retro tv/tech/movies(series and ...)/etc... would be good after all this imageboard based on retro stuff..so those are some important boards ig


>>395You just reminded me that I wanted to make a horror movie thread on /br/ for at least a week now but never got around to it.


>>396>make a horror movie threadyeah that also would be great but i think that would be better if you kinda make horror movies THREAD in movies board. i don't know if there is movie board here or nah . i'm new here so redpill me on this topic anon


>>397As mentioned we have /br/ assorted retro, there are already two movie and music threads up so I think that's a good place for that.


>>398>movie and music threadsyeah that's good glad i reminded you


/meta/ is for discussion pertaining to wapchan itself. please do not use this as a "random" or otherwise off topic board. thank you!


Hello! Some one posted a link to your board on our website and we are more than willing to host your board on our own sticky. All that we ask is for a little space on your meta board as well. We are located @ https://leftychan.net. We also have a text board @ dis.leftychan.net and an onion link located @ http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/We also run the website as an informal democracy hosted on our very own matrix server! you can also come give your two cents about the running of the webpage if you so desire! We hold votes on issues and everything.So come and join us and say hello!


>>10Only responding to say that if this board mixes in with politics then I'm out.


>>11It's a political board, yes, but, we have several non political boards. You don't have to visit the political board.


No politics in any kind or form please.


Hell no, anything pol related will just sow the seeds of discord.


>>10Politics are not welcome.


Post well, king.https://kingchan.org/






>>87indian man


Could we increase the size of OP's thumbnail?Would make the board more readable in paged mode


>>6Seconding this


>>6>>7Increased thumb size to 256x256


is this the Nietzsche thread?

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