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hey admin, ever thought about making a modern anime board? 4chan is breaking on a daily basis and we'd appreciate a place to talk about new stuff.
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>>606It is bullshit. How about "some old good, some new good too". What a dumb, stupid conflict. People who actually like anime shouldn't have these kinds of arguments in the first place.


>>616sadly there's a diffrence between what people should and would do so we have to plan accordingly


>>609An early 2010s board would be ok at least, right?


>>635That would be just /a/


>modern animeew




The convoy map in the classic server is broken to the point where nobody can join the server and anyone who was already in the server is kicked out.I have no clue why this is but this needs to be fixed as it just locks people out of the server until it restarts. Either or fix it or remove it at least.


>>510Thanks for letting me know, it's been removed from the mapcycle.


Create /touhou/ perhaps /2hu/ or even /th/, right now
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Yes! We need /th/ very much!!


>>793Doesn't /vr/ cover that topic now?


>>794Well, it does. And it doesn't at the same time, because 2hu is not only games, but also music, manga, fanfiction and even anime...Not to mention that almost all touhou stuff is made in 2000s, while many boards here are about retro stuff.


>>795Oh I see, was never a 2hu guy, only know it started with games and that there is a huge fanbase for some reason.


>>795Been meaning to play more of the games myself, and we haven't had a new board in a while so I'll give it a shot. Should be up in a few hours.


I think the /votemenu commands on your TF2C server are broken at the moment. My friend also cannot use them.


This is a thread to discuss the wapchan game servers. These are currently for the source mods Open Fortress, Pre Fortress 2, and Team Fortress 2 Classic. >Server Listhttps://play.wapchan.org/sourcebans/>OF Live Map Ratingshttps://play.wapchan.org/web/mapratings.php>[Member] rank ingame and the ability to do !votehttps://play.wapchan.org/web/member.phpHappy fragging!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVuPCAYH71Y
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hello?? anyone gonna answer?


>>541"idk" - Anonymous


>>523I made my otaku tf2 server 24/7 and it's quite popular, it's derived from bant and zzz's touhou board. It had 32 players almost the entire day todayconnect'll be applying for janny here when I get back to OF and 2C, it's good to have mutual relations


>>543>zzz touhou boardyou mean /japan/, right?


I've been thinking of hosting a Team Fortress Classic server for Mootxico and Wapchan, would anyone be interested in playing?


Hello,I am from Tohno-Chan and just wanted to wish this chan well.I'm not a representative of Tohno-Chan, just a user.I had the intention of starting a website with similar goals to Wapchan, so it's encouraging to see that this is no longer needed.All the best.


>>462Thanks for visiting. If you ever want to help out around here, feel free to apply to be a mod.Have a great day.


>>463It would be irresponsible of me to apply to be a moderator without integrating with the site's culture properly. I recognize your story time threads from /a/, but I'm still looking over the site as a whole.I'm currently posting from a different device/browser and I wonder if you can see that. Or do you only recognize users via IP?I tried to post via a VPN but the IP had been logged as having been affiliated with spamming - I assume that this is organized by whatever host you're using.Thanks for the well wishes regarding my day. The same to you.


>>475>It would be irresponsible of me to apply to be a moderator without integrating with the site's culture properly.That's pretty commendable.I can only see users via IP address, and a lot of VPNs have been banned here recently by me due to automated spam - it's also possible it could be due to my host blocking those addresses.


>>481Thanks for the answers. I look forward to participating in the site further.


It's been a long time since I last visited Tohno. Nice to hear it's still up.


let's make wapchan mascots and art! i think we could use a version of trixie turnpike around here, anyone got serious paint skills?


How do you think we're gonna get more traffic around here?
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>>807>tfw all the activity dried upWapchan bros....how will we ever recover?


>>839The site's in a bit of a limbo right now (mostly becaue I haven't had the time needed to roll out a bunch of changes), but I think we'll recover. I've proposed ideas for more site publicity before (like a social media presence or more collaboration with other retro anime communities), but starting in late May I should finally have the time to roll out these changes (though I might have time to do some of them beforehand)>New UI>Revamped boards>Proper regex spam filter>TF2 Server>Fixed post notif bot (one that has a spam filter built in)I have further ideas but these ones being implemented should go a long way towards site growth. I should also have time to finally restart doing my own retro anime youtube videos on a more consistent schedule, which could help with site growth as well.


Why does anime/aughts exist there, but not vidya/aughts?


>>847No particular reason why we don't have that board besides no one asking for it.Good idea though, i've always thought that era had some real cozy pc games.


>>839I'm new to this board.I'll try to contribute something, now it's late and my processing unit demands downtime.


Hello, would this site possibly be willing to host an /a/ tournament? We're discussing it here https://boards.4chan.org/a/thread/237700739 but have concerns the jannies will ruin it.


>>438id be willing to host, sounds fun.


>>439Please run the tournament, OP of the thread was outed as a frogposting faggot


>OP of the thread was outed as a frogposting faggotlawl

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