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I redid the front page/top of board news to be pulled from threads, so all future site news will be posted here. Feel free to give feedback/responses , since only staff posts will be shown on the front page.
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>>1069>Part of the site covering related newsWhat you mean by that?


Hey all! Wapchan has for the most part been running fine enough, but the continued issues from lynxchan (mostly to do with captchas and spam) has led me to look into alternative IB software. I wanted to get some community feedback before doing any changes, since I don't think we could migrate the existing posts, but this could help us make a more cohesive site, since the current database has a bunch of boards moved around, in addition to missing image files. Note that I haven't done any sort of theming yet.>jschanThis would be lighter and hopefully less prone to errors, but potentially less customizable.https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan>A futaba forkThese have a more "retro" feel, but may be clunky. Here's a few:https://github.com/Heyuri/kokonotsuba/This is the software that runs the main boards on heyuri, with a test instance at https://test.wapchan.org/kokonotsuba/https://github.com/RealAngeleno/futaba-ekiThis is the software that runs on the new world2ch, with a test instance at ttps://test.wapchan.org/futaba-eki/>Vichan or a Vichan forkVichan is old, but it's very reliable. Maybe it's worth exploring?I'll setup some more test instances in due time.


>>1077I like the look of the website as it is, but lynxchan has lots of issues. If you mean clunky in terms of UI, I think thats not a problem as long as you can keep the same feeling. If you mean clunky in terms of use, I think it's fair for you to consider long-term use.I'd like to see, on some of these test instances, some proposed CSS? or how current looks would translate to the new software. I think thats very important for the general feel. My first impression of wapchan came from the nice visuals, before I even used the site!I think we could migrate existing posts manually, maybe to a locked board full of locked threads called "archive" or "old wapchan" or something! Id be happy to volunteer for that, if thats too time consuming for existing site staff, as a one time project to help preserve the history of the site. There are other ways though.As for the captcha, something less generic is better than something harder. ZZZchan.xyz (currently down) had its barely-functioning chess captcha, but despite the frustration some users had with it, there was never any spam while it was on that Ive ever seen. Fundementally I think its because it required a combination of different things that is hard to do even with AI. Recognizing images, figuring out how they mapped to the grid, clicking the grid in the correct pattern. Its way harder to defeat with a bot than what lynxchan has. Maybe look into something like that if the new software also doesnt have a robust enough captcha system?


>>1077I don't know anything about jschan, but kokonotsuba has some very cool features like trip PMs. The most recent vichan fork I'm aware of is the leftypol one, which successfully ported everything over from lynxchan to vichan with scraping rather than touching the old database. I think it's koko that's the slower of the two, but its development is more active as vichan is supposedly a lot of spaghetti code nobody wants to deal with. Although I don't know if koko is any better in that regard, its devs haven't given up on it yet.I would recommend contacting both teams via Heyuri and leftypol, they can probably answer a lot more questions and tell you things you might not even know to ask about.


>>1077Why not take this opportunity to make your own software?


I am pleased to announce that the Wapchan Minecraft server is now open! This is running on beta 1.7.3 (peak minecraft), and for the most part there aren't many rules, but try to keep the place looking decent and don't just come on and smash stuff. We're trying to keep things comfy, after all. Recommended launcher is https://github.com/PlaceholderMC/PlaceholderMC , since it does not require a microsoft account (this server is cracked). Additional info can be found at https://rentry.org/hfpIP is play.wapchan.org


Hello anons of wapchan! We have been under attack from automated spam for a while now, and I'm not always around to clean it up myself. If you want to keep this board comfy, tidy and captcha-free, consider applying for staff and help make wapchan the best retro board there is!https://www.wapchan.org/.static/pages/staffapply.html




Hey ranchan, I'm willing to be a janny.At least to delete obvious spam and cp.I don't want to be a moderator, I would only like to delete obvious spam and illegal stuff.


>>810That's fine, just send me a message with the same contents as the mod app (All the current mods don't do any event organizing, they're basically jannies)


we should do a secret santa


>>699mitebcoolHow would it work, sending steam gifts or on another or art or what?


play.wapchan.org certificate expired! get it together, ranchan...


>>697renewal script didn't fire, should be fixed


im in ur board fixin ur banners


>>921cool now make new ones



Not OP, but here's something crappy I made in around 30 seconds.


>>921>>923>>924Nice stuff. Planning to redo the banner system soon to use webp instead of a mix of webms. pngs and jpegs, as well as make a dedicated banner page to show all the banners currently being used.


Why are wapchan anons so shy?When some anon makes a thread I often see a lot of replies shortly after, but people hesitate to make their own thread for some reason.Go ahead and make threads about stuff you want to discuss and if there is no board for that talk to ranchan my friends.
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I want to make a laserdisc or general older media thread but havent gotten around to it.Maybe someday.


>>689If you were to compare to /a/ and most anime boards one of the main differences is that anime communities are unified around seasonal anime, whereby everyone is watching the same batch of shows all at the same time. With older stuff people are just picking out whatever shows interest them from all of anime history, so there is less chance that if you make a thread about some anime that there will even be anyone to talk to you about it.One thing that used to be done on /m/ was a group watch whereby everyone watched 1 episode of an anime per day or per week and there would be a thread for everyone who partook to discuss it.


The curse of all alt chans, where people spend more time bitching in meta threads than actually talking about things.


I have never made a thread on 4chan, ever before. So I have some questionsCan I make two threads in the same board? Or does previous thread get deleted? Is it possible to make 2 threads in 2 seperate boards?


>>715>Can I make two threads in the same board?Yes>does previous thread get deleted?Threads rarely get deleted unless they're obvious (usually automated) spam>Is it possible to make 2 threads in 2 seperate boards?Yes. More discussion is always appreciated around here. Don't be afraid to make threads!


Now that September has rolled around, I figure it's about time we'd have another update. Here's whats on the table:>New board approvalWe're planning on adding a few more boards for certain topics>/cor/ - retro western animation and comics>/tech/ - technology and associated gadgetry>/vr/ - old games, but better than 4/vr/As always I'll run a poll just to see if people generally like these ideas, if so I'll probably add them over the weekendhttps://cgi.heyuri.net/vote/vote.php?p=216>Game server restructuringI'm going to overhaul the game servers. Currently planning to remove most of the extra sourcemod servers besides one of each game, just because they've been empty for months. In their place I'll be adding a TF2 server that runs many of the same sourcemod plugins and (finally) a minecraft server, notably on beta 1.7.3 (peak minecraft IMO). We may add another game if there's sufficient interest. This will all be setup sometime this month when I have time.>Community expansionThis isn't a new topic but since we had some discussion on it recently I though I'd bring it up again. While I do run a bit of a personal social media presence now for youtube and twitter, those of course aren't directly related to wapchan (topics are sorta related), so I was wondering how the community would feel about a social media presence for the site itself. Maybe a project related to the site? >StreamsPlanning on doing a stream sometime soon ish. I know I haven't done one in ages so send some ideas over.That's all I've got for now. Keep it real wap.
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>>684>literally zero votes on the poll>adds /cor/ anywayNot angry, just disappointed


>>685To be fair the poll was meant to be checkbox style. Didn't see any posts against /cor/ so I felt like it had potential. But that's just me, if it's really unpopular I can remove it.


/cor/ was removed due to lack of interestI'll make working polls in the future.Also, moved this to meta because I put it in ar for some reason


I am redoing the banners to be animated webp files instead of webms. This might break the banners for a bit.


I hope you all had a good Halloween. Unfortunately I have been far busier than expected for a while now (and have to makeup some work and exams this week), so I haven't had a lot of time to do stuff around here, but as always if any of you have ideas to improve the site I'd appreciate them.


IRC certificate seems to be expired according to my bouncer.>(wapchan.org) [disconnected]: connection error: failed to register: failed to read message: x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid: current time is after 2022-06-29T00:25:04Z
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>>629For some reason, the daemon keeps crashing after a while, and the logs directory wasn't properly setup, so I've fixed that. I'll check on it tomorrow and try to figure what's been going on.


>>630I don't know if you've gotten around to it yet today, but it's back up!


>>630>>631Just noticed this, but the last 5 songs list on wapchan itself isn't updating.




>failed connecting/registering to Wapchan: connection error: failed to connect: failed to dial "wapchan.org:6697": dial tcp i/o timeout


A mate of mine has a Win98 rig for older PC games and browsing sites like 4chan. It would be cool if there was a simplified layout option for Wapchan so it could run on older OSes for maximum immersion.
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Funny, seeing this thread makes me wonder if it would be possible to browse Wapchan on a Dreamcast?


ranchan please code a web browser for my famicom and make wapchan work on it k thx bye ^_^



>>612It's probably gonna take a while to get fully functional, but if what I have planned works it should be able toHere's the plan>Server side program that takes the JSON data from LynxChan and renders HTML4 pages with minimal Javascript accessable with plan http>Images will be heavily compressed


This is good. I like this.

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