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Who uses Windows XP?


>>200I do.Never used anything newer than that in any real capacity.


I keep an XP box for most of my game-related shit, but use Linux for a daily driver of online stuff.


>>200I prefer Win7 but always loved XP too. I know a guy who still uses it to this day and it's quite impressive to see him figure out how to make shit run that stopped being supported ages ago.


>>203>I prefer Win7I personally use that still


>>204I did until 2021 when I upgraded to Win 10. I didn't really want to but I think at the point I was really pushing it since support for things were slowly being pulled. I don't hate Win 10 as much but I do fucking despise how incredibly shit the picture sorting is. On Win 7 I could go to my 20k+ picture folder from the decade and a half I've browsed 4chan. Sort them instantly by date to find an image I remember saving sometime in February of 2017 or something. With Win 10 it needs to load the folder, takes a dozen seconds to "sort" the pictures in order from date and fucking does this stupid thing where it sorts them by "Today" "Yesterday" "Last Week" "Last Month" "This Year" and "A long time ago" which groups things up in awful awful ways. Still, make Win 10 look like 7 and will for the rest of my life. Wish I got the aero theme to work though. That shit still looks futuristic to me.


>>204I mostly use Linux, but I've still got a Win 7 laptop kicking around for the occasional emergency. Mostly weird emulators now.>>205Can you make Win 10 look like 7's Classic mode? I want to live in Windows 95 forever. (or at least until work forces me to upgrade to 11, which I'm fighting with everything I have)


>>206I think you can. There's guides out there to do it.


>>206You won't believe this but the classic theme is somehow more stable and usable under win11 than 10. In 10 it totally fucks up the compositor, but somehow manages to coexist with the new webby UI of 11.


>>200As much as I liked XP, it seems like it would be more trouble than it's worth for me to run it as my main OS. Right now I'm running Linux and have basically gotten used to it even if there are some things I don't like. I've never found a theme for my desktop environment I find satisfactory, for one thing. I can't even find a cursor set that looks good to me in 4K.I do plan on running Windows in a virtual machine for certain uses, but I don't see any reason to go with XP over 7 other than preferring it aesthetically.


I'm on Ubuntu and installed Wine, then installed Windows XP in Gnome Boxes.


Whoops, I put my name in Subject by accident. ^_^;


i still use windows XP as part of my old PC rig to play old vidya with a crt and whatnot


Hello Wapchan!


>>200I stopped using XP since the late 2000s - early 2010s but I do miss it a lot. There is no real reason for me to use it other than nostalgia, I've looking into this and I heard of a website that rolls new security updates for windows XP and other Windows OS that have no official support, running new programs that have no support for XP might be a pain if you don't know how to do it.Do this at your own risk.>>329I love it! is it actual hardware?


>>335I forgot to poast the link.https://legacyupdate.net/


>>335>is it actual hardware?Yes, an Xplore iX104C4 Tablet PC. I don't use it as a daily driver obviously but it's fun to play around with it occasionally and see what it can do with modern internet.The browser I'm running in pic related is Serpent, a fork of Basilisk which itself is a fork of Firefox. It's the only XP-compatible browser that can load 4chan's captcha. I haven't tried the other browsers or other pre-XP OSs with Wapchan's captcha, but I do kind of want to try my virtualization of Windows 98 to see if it allows me to post.


>>337>I do kind of want to try my virtualization of Windows 98 to see if it allows me to postLooks like it works! I can see the captcha.I'm running Windows 98 virtualized in Dosbox-X.


>>346It didn't post the /bmp file I tried to attach though. Still, impressive that I was able to post on Wapchan on Windows 98!


>>346Is Dosbox-X working well for Windows 9x these days? Last I tried it it seemed a bit unstable still but that was a few years ago now.


I've always wanted a hilariously overpowered XP machine so a Titan X Maxwell for the GPU, but I can't justify wasting several hundred on something like that.

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