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Do you have a main Video Game? One that you play far more than any other Video Game?
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Retro vidya art

Post what ya got. Promotional material, concept art, in-game art all welcome
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Oldschool web appreciation

If you're a GeoCities nostalgic, this is a pretty neat little site:https://www.cameronsworld.net/
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Alternative Chans

...because I can't find any good lists anymore. Post chans you like.https://619chan.org/https://infiniteboards.top/https://7chan.org/https://711chan.net/https://zerochan.us/https://sushigirl.us/
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Colossal Cave Adventure

any love fot CCA? If there is any interest we could play it.
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How to correctly keyframe animation cycles or sequence based on its physics and achieve maximum correctness in its biomechanismJust by math of sort
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Windows XP thread

Who uses Windows XP?
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What do you think of the current trend of Decompilations and Reverse Engineering of videogames?I think it's a great way to bring the classics of old into a new era, and make a lot of things with them.
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How do i learn enough coding to be able to write enough features on http://tululoo.com/like contemporary features.
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I'm pretty good at Super Mario Broshttps://supermarioplay.com/
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Lemme see your desktops, boyos!
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First post in combine /vnt/ Had a heart attack when I saw that /th/ 404'd
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Do you have any fumos, anon?Do you want to get one?Also feel free to post any fumos.
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which touhou game should i start with?
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>if you caught all 250 pokemon you get the GS ball and can catch celebi broI hate the rumours from back then.Especially those I fell for...
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Doom/retro shooters

A version of /vr/ without a Doom thread? I don't think so!Other retro shooters welcome of course.Post favourite mods, wads, and general discussion.
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Atari 2600 thread

Have YOU played Atari today?A great console with simple, but addictive games. River Raid's a classic; a cool shooter with an interesting fuel mechanic. Ms. Pac Man on it is still my preferred way of playing Pac-Man on any machineAnd boy, Berzerk's a real hoot. And in terms of shooters, mostly fixed ones, there's no shortage of fun ones.Phoenix, Galaxian, Demon Attack, Space Invaders, list goes on.And of course one I can't forget is Asteroids. Classic shooter, the 2600 version's my preferred way of playing it.Oh, and Yars' Revenge! What a weird little shooter, what buckets of fun it is.I love my 4 switch Woody VCS.Speaking of, I think if mobile games were more simple addictive games in the style of 2600 games and less pay-to-win garbage, I would be much more respectful toward them.
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This board has been claimed by Moriya shrine. Remember to pay your respects every time you visit here!
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Needs funky inspirations from games. Something hundreds. Or many thousands.
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youmu. slut. dork
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Who's your favorite playable character in Touhou?
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Retro vidya

Anyone wanna talk about any retro vidya they're currently playing? Currently going through Tales of Destiny on the PS1. I finished Tales of Phantasia (PS1 fan translation) back in March and really enjoyed it (except for the awful encounter rate) and thought I'd start on the next game in the series. Tales of Destiny has been an interesting experience because the encounter rate feels worse and the gameplay also feels like a step down (it's an earlier engine than Phantasia) which makes it a horrible chore to play sometimes but the characters and story are really good. I like the idea of "Swordians" in the world and find the characters to be quite endearing with some interesting backstories behind them. Learning of the histories and twists of Rutee, Mary and Leon really surprised me. It's a real shame this version didn't translate any of the skits that the characters had in Phantasia (since this is an official translation as opposed to the fan, so they probably had time constraints) since it would be nice to learn more about these characters. Skits also remind you where you're going a lot of the time, so you don't have to mindlessly walk around new locations until you figure out where to go.The gameplay is honestly boring even when I try. I run from normal fights a majority of the time and cheese boss battles by using magic and interrupting the enemy magic spells. The encounter rate is dreadful and ruinS the game for me a lot of the time. Even with spells that cut it I feel I get into one encounter every 10-15 steps. The visible enemies you can see in some locations that run into you to start battles are even worse, one location in the game was just narrow pathways with enemies running about on them so you're forced into around 40 battles in that one tower alone. I also find the puzzles in this game to be really frustrating sometimes, one puzzle even has the wrong clues to it and I had to check a guide to find this out.Really close to finishing the game from what I gather, I also discovered that the PS2 remake was pretty much fully translated and I could've played that version instead. A shame, but I guess I can always play it sometime down the line when I wanna give this game another playthrough.
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Tewi on the front page!
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>>doesn't know about the retro altchan that recently launched a touhou board
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Favourite retro computer? Mine is the Fujitsu FM Towns, mostly for its pioneering use of CDs and its Japanese computer games being superior to their PC-98 counterparts, although it died off a lot sooner. Just another blip in the Japanese computer scene.
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Classic Resident Evil

Discussion of the early days of RE, which includes>Resident Evil (1996)>Resident Evil 1.5 (1997)>Resident Evil 2 (1998)>Resident Evil 3 (1999)>Survivor (2000)>CODE:Veronica (2000)>The SD Perry Novels >Resident Evil Zero (was shown off in '98)And we'll ask the question that always gets asked.Where did it all go wrong?
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Just found out there is an Urusei Yatsura famicom game.Probably sucks but as a wapchanner I feel obligated to play it anyway.
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Laserdisc games

Have you ever played any retro anime Laserdisc games? Never found a cabinet in person, but I've played them on an emulator before. Big fan of Thunder Storm (Cobra Command in the west).https://youtu.be/Q7E7HGL0TWY
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/CRT/ thread

Colgate Ray Tube thread /g/ and /vr/ refugees welcome
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/vr/ music arrangements

What are your favorites? Whether it's full albums or single tracks doesn't matter.Here are some of mine:METAL BLACK -The First-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BQB14RzcZ8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtHNsQYxP6wROCKMAN X ALPH-LYLAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40BwakpfF2Qhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tERC5kpS-b0F-ZEROhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ximVX3VtHp8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhROWU9EoAI
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Favorite obscure games

Tell us about the weird games you love no one else has ever heard of.For me, it's Psychic Force 2012. It's a remarkably fun and unusual fighter that doesn't play like much else, but does what it does with aplomb. I still have a great time zipping around throwing fireball at my opponents. How about the rest of you?
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Modding Thread

Been thinking of rgb modding my famicom anyone here mod consoles, what you been working on?
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ITT: spooky games for halloween

Hey /vr/, I started playing the PS1 Residen Evil games during Halloween last year.Finished 1&2 and absolutely loved them, took some time to get used to the controls but it was totally worth it, didn't expect to have this much fun.This year I will probably play RE3 and Nightmare Creatures.Also kinda want to play Shadowman, but I think that one takes longer so perhaps I will postpone that to next year.Are you guys planning to play any spooky games on Halloween?Which ones? Also feel free to recommend any spooky games in here!
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The e/vnt/!

Welcome to the hub for (mostly) old vidya and tech!Note: This board encompasses the former /vr/, /th/, and /tech/ boards.
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Best retro MMO.Anyone playing on Ephinea?
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The remake is out, did anyone here play this?
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Unreal Tournament

What is the best map and why is it CTF-Face?
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can i NOT, code games like wolfenstein, voxel by voxels/grids?? It's fuccking gae/unflexibles