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Lemme see your desktops, boyos!


>>304this has nothing to do with wapchan.


>>307There's nothing wrong with this post, it's just a desktop thread.


laptop for comfy internet browsing!


>>304Source of the image? I'm interested.Since I don't want to be just a leech and ask without contributing, here's my current desktop.


>>312The original source is privated, so the best I can give you is the mirror where I got it from in the first place: https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=436583


First post in combine /vnt/ Had a heart attack when I saw that /th/ 404'd


we won


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>>156You can take it easy in hell



>>158uhhhh, what the fuck am I looking at?



Do you have any fumos, anon?Do you want to get one?Also feel free to post any fumos.
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Fombu(It's a nendroid "fumo")


>>163nice thinkpad


>>163fumo and thinkpad. What could be better than this?


fumo fumo <3


great for making drinks


which touhou game should i start with?
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>>168PC 98


Start with the 6th and work your way up. After you can decide if you want to play the first 5 or not. Also If you crave more Touhou afterwards,read the official print works.


>>168Lotus Land Story


>>169Dunno, when I first started playing Touhou games I knew next to nothing about the series. So I just started playing the games in order. I don't think it affected my experience with the series negatively.>>179>Also If you crave more Touhou afterwards,read the official print worksWell, unless by "more Touhou" you mean more games like Touhou. Then you could start with Seihou Project (game series inspired by Touhou), then Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky (game series that inspired Touhou). There's also a newer Touhou clone – Len'en Project. You can later try out some classic shmups.




>if you caught all 250 pokemon you get the GS ball and can catch celebi broI hate the rumours from back then.Especially those I fell for...
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>Mew is under the truck at M.S. Anne broFuck you KevinAnyways, years later they actually found a bug to catch a legit Mew in first gen games.https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew_glitchI'm wondering if there is a way to get a legit Celebi in gen 2 though.


>>33>I'm wondering if there is a way to get a legit Celebi in gen 2 though.Googled it, there is and it sucks to actually execute.


>>31I guess I never did it right thenWay back when this all happened my family didn't have a computer so looking up exactly how to do it was a mystery since I only had other kids word of mouth to go onNo Gameboys at school


I have two pokemon legends:I)In pokemon platinum, if you dig enough under the earth you will be able to find and capture a red ArceusII)In pokemon platinum, if you go to the hanuted house and manage to reunite the ghosts of the grandfather and the granddaughter you will receive a "prize" in return.Useless to say that i have tried to do both pf these things countless times but never managed to get anything because it was all a legend but game wikis didn't exist back then. I post this ancient legend so that it may be remembered for the centuries to come.


>>147wtf are you smoking? Wikis existed back in 2009 and were at the tail end of their golden age before troons showed up around 2016.


A version of /vr/ without a Doom thread? I don't think so!Other retro shooters welcome of course.Post favourite mods, wads, and general discussion.
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>>10I think GZDoom is how I originally played Doom a decade ago on a fucking controller of all things. I'm still surprised my Doom 2 save is on my computer out of all the things I've saved from years ago. Good list btw. I finished Blood last year after giving it another go and I REALLY liked it on my second attempt. I hated it back in 2019 due to how hard it was but once I got how it works (crouching, corner peaking, throwing dynamite) it was a very fun time. Although, I wish I played it after Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior. Going back to those felt like a huge downgrade. I've tried playing a bit of Hexen but I haven't got that far in it yet. It's okay and hasn't clicked with me yet, but I need to actually give it a decent try instead of 4-5 levels.


>>10Maaan, you can't have a retro FPS thread without Marathon! Great game, very atmospheric and exploratory FPS, exploring the abandoned ship known as the Marathon and shooting down aliens known as the Pfhor. In that way it reminds me of System Shock. Even despite me being a diehard DOOM fan I must admit the art direction and graphics in Marathon were much, much, MUCH superior. Sadly originally only came out on Mac machines and sadly the developers fizzled out of existence, they sadly only made another couple of games on the Xbox called the Halo games... so sad what happened to them. Frog blast the vent core!


As much as I like Doom, I think I actually prefer Spear of Destiny. It might be lacking in complexity and suffer from pretty monotonous map design in comparison (although it's an improvement over plain Wolfenstein 3D), but to me the weapons feel like they pack more of a wallop compared to the ones in Doom. Even the pistol feels satisfying to use compared to Doom's peashooter. The enemies feel less like bullet sponges and seem to react more when hit. I like the fact that almost all them use hitscan attacks too. One guard sneaking up behind you can mess you up badly or even kill you on the hardest setting if you're not careful. I find Doom's zombie enemies the most fun to kill, so I really like the idea of a whole game where most of the enemies feel similar except generally pose more of a threat.Unfortunately, I can't go back to playing the game in its original form since I got so used to ECWolf's map feature. That's a seemingly minor improvement that makes a massive difference in playability.The classic Doom games are my other favorite FPS games though. I usually stick with Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, or PRBoom+. I first started with Doom95, since it came with a CD I bought. After realizing that there were other options out there, I ended up missing the launcher. Only fairly recently did I discover that ZDL exists and that it's pretty much what I wanted. Too bad there are no GUI options for monster changing behavior like in Doom95 though. I tend to play on Ultraviolence with Fast Monsters enabled when I'm playing the original Doom or Doom II IWADs.Unreal Tournament's probably up there too. I waited way too long to finally try that one. My family had a demo on our computer as a kid, but I was never allowed to actually play it. I remember being interested in he character creation feature but don't recall seeing the actual gameplay. It makes me wonder who put that on the computer in the first place since I don't actually remember watching anyone play it. It wasn't until a few years ago that I saw a YouTube video about it and decided to finally give the game a shot. I'm too scared to try it online, but it's fun to kill bots.


>>12dogshit FPS that would have been better off as a book.


>>2Does System Shock count? Might as well give some opinions for a bit of discussion. I finished it recently, really good game. Loved the music and sound effects and still listen to the OST on Youtube sometimes. Gameplay was an odd mix of turning aiming on and off so you could interact with the environment but I understood it really well by the end. My only gripes being with how grenades worked as I had no fucking clue how to throw them without damaging yourself. Loved exploring and trying to figure out where to go but I had to resort to a guide a lot, I had no idea how I was meant to figure out fixing the relay with the chip since I don't think there's a visual guide to the chip you need to fix it.Loved the voice acting even if it was amateurish, it really added to the feeling of these people being normal employees in a way, instead of voice actors you sometimes get with games. Shodan has a really great voice and I'm glad I played it with the voices on, hearing her confused at this random entity fucking her plans up and getting increasingly angry with the Hacker, hell I loved the feeling of being alone on the ship with no one else alive except cyborgs while the only help you were getting was from distant messages from Earth. Really added to the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness but with a slight determination to stop Shodan. Also, super cool name for an antagonist. The engine was really cool as well, coming out one year after Doom and it just felt so much more impressive to play around in. I did enjoy the small tidbits you could do with the game as well, picking up a pistol and unloading it for the ammo was pretty cool to work out, especially in situations when I was desperately low on ammo. I will say that by the middle of the game you're basically swimming in ammo and items. A shame since it really makes the game easy when before it was all about peeking corners and getting regenerators back up.As for the remake (I know it's not retro but I might as well add it). I played right after, there was a lot I didn't like about it. The music wasn't the same or even remixed in a way that sounded like it. The atmospheric stuff just isn't as good. The enemy sound effects are MUCH better in the original when they're garbled robotic gibberish over "You cannot hide from me" or something. Also I thought Cyberspace was an improvement but man, itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Have YOU played Atari today?A great console with simple, but addictive games. River Raid's a classic; a cool shooter with an interesting fuel mechanic. Ms. Pac Man on it is still my preferred way of playing Pac-Man on any machineAnd boy, Berzerk's a real hoot. And in terms of shooters, mostly fixed ones, there's no shortage of fun ones.Phoenix, Galaxian, Demon Attack, Space Invaders, list goes on.And of course one I can't forget is Asteroids. Classic shooter, the 2600 version's my preferred way of playing it.Oh, and Yars' Revenge! What a weird little shooter, what buckets of fun it is.I love my 4 switch Woody VCS.Speaking of, I think if mobile games were more simple addictive games in the style of 2600 games and less pay-to-win garbage, I would be much more respectful toward them.
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>>136>>136I've always had a lot of respect for the 2600, even though I never had one myself, since the first "old" system I got was a 7800 like a decade ago (and later a coleco with the expansion module 1), so I used to collect VCS games.


First console I ever played on but I've never been able to identify the game. It was kind of like Adventure I think, but I remember the screen being primarily green and the characters being white and black knights fighting with swords. I could be misremembering it all though.


>>139sounds like boxing


>>140You know, that's a surprisingly good candidate. The biggest sticking point is that part of the memory was there being multiple screens and that I fled from an enemy back to the start screen, which would be more like Adventure, but it's entirely possible I made some sort of amalgamated memory.After all, for the longest time I thought that Contra on the NES had a stage at the end where you control the helicopter after escaping the island, just because I saw my brother and his friend beat it once and then swap in Tiger-Heli right after.


>>138I never spent much time with 7800 games (although I had one of those Flashback consoles at one point with 7800 games on it), but I remember seeing Mario Bros. for sale in a store once as a kid and thinking how weird it was that it existed or an Atari console.>>139I don't know enough to identify it. That's got me a bit curious now.>>141>Tiger-HeliI bought that game on accident a while ago when I was in a game store because I confused it with Twin Cobra due to getting a CD of NES ROMs as a kid that had both of those on it. I don't have anything against Tiger-Heli necessarily, but it wasn't what I was after.


This board has been claimed by Moriya shrine. Remember to pay your respects every time you visit here!


Okay but I'm not donating..


>>183> This board has been claimed by Moriya shrineO rly?


respects have been paid


This is still a Moriya board.


Needs funky inspirations from games. Something hundreds. Or many thousands.

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