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This is probably the very first Tokusatsu thread on this site and no better to start off with the very first toku television hero Moonlight mask/Gekko kamen, we can also discuss other classic heroes as well! Which one is your favorite?
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>>262For real? Is it on the internet?


>>262 huh, didnt get preserved? what does that mean? doesnt tsuburaya or whatever museum holds ownership of it forever?isnt it historically important piece of footage to supposedly be kept?


>>264It’s toei, not tsuburaya productions(they didn’t exist as a company until 3 years later) simply put things just end up getting lost, the early days of Japanese television are somewhat vauge.>>263I think you can look that up


It's possible unmarked reels are lying around somewhere in storage, but who's ever going to find them? Sadly, film and tv preservation is quite bad, even in Western countries, and people only make an effort to hunt down big name stuff. We have found a lot of old 20s movies in third world countries, but since Messenger of Allah was probably never screened outside Japan it's very unlikely. I've always found this series interesting. It comes from a time where Islam/Middle East was this far away and exotic, not all war and terrorism. Hard imaging someone making this kind of stuff nowadays.


>>288If I were to come up with a modern reimagining I’d have his first opponents be like an ISIS type group and how they’re using a twisted version of their beliefs, then it would be the typical villains criminal groups that would often be featured in the creators works. I know someone(probably an artist from tatsunoko) did a drawing of him if he were to appear in an 80s ani e reboot but I can’t find it



how animate walk cycle correctly like in positions and rotations. maybe mathemathically and physically.no 3d, so manual calculation of sorts. i know most pdf about the topic but i guess i need som extra application if done in 2d scene or whatever perspective of the scene


please help me fill out my folder of 90s and 00s internet/gamer/tech pics
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>>50>discordkill yourself fake anon



>>47What went so wrong bros...


any type of game music
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>>179Made a bunch of these for /wsg/ vidya thread a few years ago. Doubt anyone really cared though, tried to look for more forgotten vidya OST's to share.






...trying render translucent things near each other and its... hypothethical infinite light bouncings, drives me mad. I know cant draw anything without thinking about that in retrospect. Everything i used to aim for and makes me happy achieving even an inch just... loses its value.What do.I feel like 600k or solving this would push me forward. But i m not sure either.


Was reading through the old Masters of the Universe mini-comics and felt compelled to share this page because Skeletor playing with a He-Man action figure just seems so incredibly meta.MOTU / He-Man thread I guess.


There's this point in his novel J.R. where Bast brings J.R. to an opera and after asks J.R. what he felt, and J.R. is entirely unresponsive to the emotional impact Bast thought it was supposed to have. Bast blasts J.R. and scrutinizes him for ruining everything. "—I asked you what you heard! that's all, I …—What like it lifted me out of mysel…—Not what I said no you! what you heard!—What was I suppose to hear!—You weren't! you weren't supposed to hear anything that's whatI'm …—Then how come you made me lis…—To make you hear! to make you, to make you feel to try to …—Okay okay! I mean what I heard first there's all this high musicright? So then this here lady starts singing up yours up yours so thenthis man starts singing up mine, then there's some words so she startssinging up mine up mine so he starts singing up yours so then they goback and forth like that up mine up yours up mine up yours that's whatI heard! I mean you want me to hear it again?—No!—See I knew you'd…—Never want you to hear it again I never want to hear it againmyself! you, everything you ruin everything you touch!" They go on like this for a minute until J.R. says, "—Boy after all I did for you…—All you did there's nothing you haven't done for me nothingwherever I go I, that junk pocket radio there was one station withdecent music the only station left on the radio anywhere it came onone night noises screaming pounding noise brought to you in this newpopular format by the J R Family of Companies bringing America its fullshare of of holy shit!—No but …—No but nothing! that was you too wasn't it? even that it was youridea wasn't it?—Okay what's so …—Okay nothing it's the whole thing! the whole rotten thing it's aperfect example even you can understand it! the one station thatplayed music great music left in the whole loud cheap poundingstupidity of radio you find it and make it cheap and stupid like all therest if you could, if there was one flower out here in this mud andweeds and broken toilet seats you'd find it and step on it." I love how Gaddis entirely satirizes the need for corporate plasticity in art here, it's amazing and a testament to how good of a writer he is.


Real. Shout outJR the boy hustler.


How to count your art, so to make it equivalent to other 6 digit social media content?Like sure, practice and improovBut there are not so good realistic art too despite both being realistic. Or the other one being more thinly marketted, but putting that aside, between two equally marketted realistic or anime piece, how does quality then contribute to the difference? How to pick or add the better stuff, so to look better?Where are the reference


heaviest record ever made. Sends every osdm band home on a stretcher
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>>161gtfo of here thats some goo goo gaa gaa shit. a real heavy record is about goatfucking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGka9_toPXc


>>171ildjarn/lln hipster demo tape #763764. I listen to real kvlt music like impaled northern moonforest and deafheaven


>>161Vulgar Display of Power craps all over Cowboys from Hell. The title song and the intro to "Cemetery Gates" are classic though.>>170It's too bad Seth Putnam died before he was needed most. Dying of a heart attack is gay.


>>173dying is gay in general.


heaviest trad metal (it's actually trad sounding thrash):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqH-HQ1-IgI

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