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I'm talking about all kinds of dreams, maybe something bigger that motivated you to push you onto your path in life.
But also small things, do you daydream about a place or time you think life would be great? Or maybe you just have something you want to do or see at least once?


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I don't know that I have a particular dream. I suppose I just wish I could have a career I find interesting. Or to live a simple life doing the things I love. That would be fine too.
As for day dreams, I usually imagine a life with my waifu. Just the simple pleasures with her, and also those close to her that would become like family. Sometimes it's not totally idyllic, but in the end our love is stronger than when it started.


Do literal dreams count too?


My dream life would entail a lot of things, none of them realistic. Things like perpetual youth, looking like a model, being rich and able to live wherever I want, being a sex god with a big dong, being an artistic genius, and being in a perfect relationship (and probably several at once). And on top of those things, being able to keep a low profile. I'm taking the "dream" part pretty literally and thinking about the ideal life I'd like to live with zero concern for practicality.


My only real ambition is to own a comfy little farm and toil away at my crops, work with all the animals, eat and drink well, and share all of this with a beautiful wife with whom I'll have at least twelve kids.


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There were times when I wanted to be a voice actor. I don't know if I have any talent for it but maybe I could do it if I actually bothered to move towards it and build a range. I think I can act somewhat decently if I try.
Something somewhat related that I want to do is to speak in a convincing girl's voice so I can make asmr videos featuring an elder sister character since there isn't a lot of that.


I want to overcome my schizoid tendencies and make one real friend.


>real friend
what does a real friend look like to you?


Well I have dreams where I have friends but then I wake up.


I want to start a publishing company, learn to draw, get better at Japanese, get better at drawing, protect wildlife, and have children.


literally me


i just want a wife


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No anxiety would be nice.
Maybe some female affection that isn't from my mother?
Or finally working on some stuff I am postponing since I don't know anymore?
I honestly don't know for sure, the only thing I can say with conviction is no anxiety.


A dream wife or a relatively typical woman?


Same. I just want a nice girl that cares about me to start a family with.


I like the idea of having animals except for the whole responsibility part. That puts a bit of a damper on things.


I love oneesan asmrs. I hope you pull through with your voice acting.


My dream is to not be recognized by former peers. I just did on a snack run and it was stressful.

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