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/kind/ - Random Acts Of Kindness

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File: 1699196795595.jpg (318.73 KB, 578x1090, 92b417210208d6c47f55ae2d25….jpg)


Hello /kind/!


this ib had such a cool CSS hope it comes back




File: 1699239187980.jpg (10.68 KB, 182x277, img.jpg)

Shit's broken, yo.


File: 1699246242647.png (505.56 KB, 748x710, 47378228.png)



I wonder how many people we have lost along the way… Not only now, but with all of those moves


And we can't be sure this site will even stay online


That's something I think about a lot. And not just for this board either.


Restored threads are not bumped despite new posts



In an imageboard context this video could be taken as "gb2reddit" but that's not the intention.
It's an amusing depiction about the nature of chatting with randoms online.


Hey man don't post child porn


I want the checkbox for the report option to return so we can get rid of these faster


I wanted to report it like 10 hours ago but ran into that problem.


File: 1700513776940.jpg (131.51 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0051.jpg)

I reported it hours ago. If you are in Firefox, you can open the Web Developer Tools with Ctrl+Shift+i, click the "Style Editor", click the little eye icons next to wapnet-dark.css, and the checkboxes will be back. They are still pretty small, if you disable kind.css too they will be larger, but the whole page falls apart.


Hi friend!


File: 1701029565353.jpg (54.61 KB, 500x500, crying homura.jpg)

I feel like we have been abandoned. Will Wapchan ever become usable again?


I feel the same way. I'd like to know what's actually going on.


We can pass the time by using /comfy/, hikari3, ikouchan, kakashinenpo and so on :)


I think it's just figamin being really busy with other stuff. I hope he's doing well


So busy that he can't even delete one post in 4 days?


Yeah, it would be more reassuring if things like that were being taken care of.


There's an update: >>>/wap/1102


It's too bad the transition didn't work out.


File: 1701478997554.jpg (148.96 KB, 1280x924, bdfjgykyuioutbgf.jpg)

Fuck collection





flanneling chans


flanneling flannelers
flannel fabric free of lint

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