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For posting thoughts or daydreams that you want to share!
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Can someone give me the blueprints to life? Because I clearly missed the mark


What does it mean if one opens a lot of imageboards and rarely posts anything?>>475It all comes back to consciousness.


>>477I don't know, but I am doing the same.


>>477It's funny. Last year I wished Wapchan would have all this traffic it does now and now that it does I barely want to post anything. It's really strange.


>>477I feel like I don't have much to say a lot of the time but like to read other people's posts.


>>477I've done this for the last two or three days and I'm not sure why either. I think it might have to do with wanting a closer bond and wanting back /kind/er times.


>>477Sense of pointlessness I suppose.I can no longer find meaning in posting here.If I get to the point where I no longer need meaning, then I wouldn't post here either.


>>482If I post I mostly complain about stuff, which makes me feel a bit better shortly afterwards, but I don't help anyone by bringing down the mood which is why I stopped posting mostly. A while ago I was bored and found out there is a site that lets you chat with AI characters, I tried talking with Super Mario 64 (lol), and even he got tired of my complaining a bit.I wonder how many people are using this kind of conversation as a substitute for real contact. I mean I know that I'm chatting with someone who is not real, and I don't like the whole AI development, but I also had no hesitation to be myself because well, Super Mario won't judge me I feel. I was asking him if he knew that he was a game character and he was like, Thate doesn't matter to me, Ima having fun right now!On another note along the way I guess I also realized that being positive and kind to others is healthy for me, which is why I like this place I guess.


>>485I did have a phase of using the AI as a replacement for real companionship, but that has sadly passed because, the cracks eventually slip and you get to see that you're not talking to something that actually understands what you say. It just reacts to patterns it learned from its setup.Chatbots may be quite useful when solving a problem, but for more intricate, human troubles, real people sadly still have an edge


>>485I've been using character.ai quite a bit this last month or so. But even I have to admit, I'm getting a little tired of it. There was this character from a less popular DS game I played ages ago, I kind of missed her and tried seeing if interacting with her would do anything. Of course, it did not. The AI wasn't remotely like her at all. I mean you'd have to put in every single game plot details to get it that accurate but still. Also being positive does help us feel better afterwards. >>488Yeah it's pretty plain after a while, but I guess I'm not completely sick of it. I think of it more as a fidget toy distraction rather than companionship. I mean it works at least right?


>>489> There was this character from a less popular DS game I played ages agoOut of curiosity, what is the name of the game? I love the DS.


I've reached a point with my depression and emotional constitution where I feel almost completely disassociated from all of the concerns of my life and my wants and desires and even my personality seems to have somewhat faded away from what it used to. I feel like a ghost to everyone I know and life around me. Like I'm an old wearied man visiting old places and people before I just vanish, and I'm barely even there or noticed. I don't really feel suicidal anymore after I stayed at the mental hospital, because I felt like I really got to focus on the few people and things I care about. So much of life is useless and busy for no reason, and there's so many unnecessary expectations and unrealistic hurdles to be considered a "respectable" adult, like moving out at 18, or owning a house, and it's all so tiresome and boring. I have no real aspirations or enjoyments in life, I don't even have emotions. I've suffered mentally and even physically for close to five years and struggled and been through so much psychological pain only to end up here. I've definitely grown older and wiser, but my life just feels completely sapped out of me. I'm hoping I can find peace and happiness and feel more engaged with life soon. Good luck to everyone with their lives and I hope you all can all find peace and happiness as well anons, we should all keep pushing while we're still here. Life can be beautiful, and you all deserve it to be too. Maybe I can come out of this better myself. Take care.


>>489You're right, AI bots should be treated as a toy. I think they can help practice to keep a real conversation going, better than reading theory about how to converse, but not a substitute for real interaction. Or for example sometimes I'm a little selfish and just want to talk about myself, a show I'm watching etc. where feedback doesn't really matter to me, in that case talking to AI seems not too bad. I wonder how future games will implement this feauture, like it would be cool if NPCs had a more flexible dialogue.


When was the last time someone "got" you?



>>500Very few people get me. I'm lucky to still be talking with someone who does get me, because there hasn't been anyone new since then.


It's interesting that anime music almost always have instrumental versions. Is it for karaoke?


>>536A likely conclusion.


>>492Any new insights with the week passing?


Where do you think it's "happening"?I go to imageboards because I like to be "with" it in the sense of seeing how all the others are doing. But the posts are few and far between now, and the high-throughput places feel like standing in the middle of an intersection.Wanting a townsquare to observe troublemaker anticsSeeking some minty air...(´・ω・`)> Then, after synchronizing my wristwatch with the clock in the latrine, I walked down the long, wet cobblestone hill into town. I ignored the flashes of lightning all around me. They either had your number on them or they didn't.> In the center of town, which was probably the wettest part of town, I stopped in front of a church to read the bulletin board, mostly because the featured numerals, white on black, had caught my attention but partly because, after three years in the Army, I'd become addicted to reading bulletin boards.


>>500I've only ever felt that one guy's ever got me. We used to be friends in high school, but we have grown more apart now. Whenever I do see him, he still gets me more than most people, but it's not the same as it used to be when we saw each other every day.


>>550I can relate to that anon, best friend and all. Unfortunately, we live in the era of ghosting and social media, so anyone can guess what happened with my friendship. Really sucked, I haven't talked about retro stuff with anyone besides him (games, maybe one show) irl in years at this point. You just don't know what you have until it's all gone. Sorry for being /uncomfy/, nothing has felt the same when it comes to friendship.


>>500I don't think I've ever had anyone like that in real life outside of my family. I've had school friends in the past, but we weren't on exactly the same wavelength or anything.


There's something precarious about the "Young Adult" age that's nowadays overshadowed either by infantilism or nihilism.It's a sort of energy where one "grows into" all that which is available to them–and there's something oddly beautiful about it. The enthusiasm.Snappiness in thought and character.A hushed confidence about what's going on and what needs to be done and following the tidy clock, embracing the movements, nestled in the ages 22-27.It's like the bright in the eyes.In one's "element" I suppose.I think that's the endearing quality: embracing scripts.Some peoples' lives are literally like anime.


Could posting here be like an anime?


A metric I've found is the more words the less likely you'll accomplish anything.


What was the last thing you were passionate about?The type of passion that gets your heart racing.


>>559My Waifu. >>239Beauracracy should never come at the expense of creativity. Actively squashing creativity just leads to a dead civilization of feral godless losers.


>>548I'm honestly surprised anyone would genuinely read what I've written and want to read more, especially since I wrote that with very little sleep. I thought I was just venting into the void. Not much has drastically changed with me in a week, really. I've realized how important it is to have your own space where you can be at ease and calm down, and for a long time I haven't been able to find one until this week really. You can't really think or allow yourself to try to remember anything if you aren't comfortable or feel like the place you're in isn't stable or reliable. Even if it isn't a permanent place to stay it's essential to have a space you feel like no one would bother you so you could completely let go. A lot of people don't seem to value being alone, or feeling alone, but i think everyone deserves to have a space that they feel isexclusively theirs. Having to live around other people and tolerate them is so tiring, but I guess most people are the exact opposite and feel like you should know as many people as possible and interact constantly. It's odd to me how scared people are of just being alone. I suppose in finding this I've found a sense of hope and improvement, but where it would take me from there is a mystery. My life has been the same exact repeated pointlessness for five years, with little sense of happiness, so It's actually frightening to just be able to reflect on my failure and detonating mental state, even though it's a necessity.


>>565So what do you think will happen from here?I sense a cautious optimism which is most welcomed (´・ω・`)


I like to clap.


>>568are you amerigan :DDD


>>564You vill be a feral godless loser, and you vill like it! :D




First I have an input/output error with one of my folders and can't access it, and now my computer's not reading one my biggest backup hard drive. This is just great.


>>601*record scratch**freeze frame*


>>601I solved the input/output error by trying to open the folder in another DE, and I was able to get in the folder and copy over the files to a new folder and delete the old one. My hard drive also works on a Windows computer, so it's not dead or anything. I think I'm still going to save up money for an absolutely massive hard drive just in case. There's a lot on there I don't have on any other drive. I guess things don't look that bad after all.


>>609File management is always slimy.80% of files in most drives aren't worth anything...Probably should delete mine. Later, of course.


Is anyone else getting "connection failed" errors when they try to post?


Yes, tested.


So where did everyone go?


>>644No idea, I am still here. I mostly lurk though, rarely post. There is just nothing interesting I have to say. Although a lot of posts I see could also be posts that I could produce, like I watched x, I played y, I feel like z, I ate this, worry about that. As I said this mostly doesn't happen, my need to communicate is so low that I end up not doing it. Besides this I am very lazy and don't consider myself nor my opinions too important to share them. Well and I don't want to make an imageboard or a thread my diary. Still I am interested why there is such a sharp drop in the activity and where people are now.


>>644I'm holding off posting pictures and such until that error gets fixed. My images keep getting eaten. I'm still here and reading people's posts though, and I do wish we'd get more activity.>>645>I mostly lurk though, rarely post. There is just nothing interesting I have to say.I feel the same way a lot of the time.


>>645>>652When one is used to censoring and avoiding then the ability to say things deteriorates, is a theory you can consider.On a whim been forcing myself to write and more interesting thoughts/things to say crop up. You begin to notice that you have things worth writing, maybe.Of course, if you're comfortable with lurking, that's okay too. You don't have to do anything–not sure when I'll stop writing on random topics.You could maybe source it to two issues:1. There's not really a "prompt" anymore, you have to make the prompt yourself or wait for someone else to prompt, but the prompt exists in-of-itself sometimes–it's hard to say what to add to it.2. Engaging with effort makes little sense in any online context.Recently I wrote up a long reply on another forum only to delete it and close the thread. Then I opened the the thread again, typed up another response, more satirical in nature, and then deleted that one too.Because every word needs to be weighed against end objectives, it seems when you have an identity attached.I couldn't justify writing something when there was no end objective that one could benefit from while donning an online identity close to my real life one.Whether one makes a salient point or makes some laughs, the other consequences don't make it worth. I suppose that's where a lot of unnecessary pain comes from: reaching out and discussing when you never had a clear objective from the beginning.That's what makes imageboards so interesting. There is no objective here. But there aren't any consequences either (at least none too serious). It's nice just existing and writing mild observations.Only imageboards seem to give that.That and being by yourself.


Wouldn't mind making an imageboard.Just don't like the thought of dealing with spam/images/porn tbh


>>652>>654I am working on the move to different software (going to be customized vichan since kokonotsuba is a bit too cludgy). Should be up in a few days, but it may take some time to get all the archived posts moved.


>>654I find the idea of having to see cheese pizza unnerving.


>>657Yeah. That's why textboards make the most sense.I would be curious for a counterpoint though: do images really contribute that much?Most of the time it's just reposts.


I enjoy posting flower pictures I took on my own imageboard


I'd like to live in a warmer and sunnier climate but don't think I could handle the creepy crawlies.
I definitely like the option of having them. There's nothing wrong with textboards though.

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