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Do you drink? I don't


>>10I used to drink heavily, but I've quit nearly 4 years ago. Life improved a lot since then


>>10Just a few beers on saturdays, I haven't had hard liquor since pre-covid times and even then it was for rare social/celebratory occasions


I drank alcohol once and I don't plan to drink it again. There are many drugs out there much better than the normie four (alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, caffeine)


>>10No, and I'm glad I don't and grew up in a non-drinking household. I've learned that my family before my parents has had problems with alcohol, and I don't think anything good would come out of me starting to drink.


>>14Yes, alcool on a regular use is bad for you. I was myself a heavy drinker, a pot head and a drug addict and stopped all these things was a big life changing.I now smoke some tobacco (I plan to stop but I'm not a heavy smoker) and drunk a beer from time to time.


>>10Nope, never did. Mum always told me I'd get addicted if I tried since we have addictive personalities and thus I never started. She has never drank in her life too. None of my family drink, although my father did for years before quitting.Might try a few drugs when I'm 60 or something. See if it was worth keeping my body in good condition.


>>10I used to, but then I a) moved to a place with legal weed and b) started getting absolutely miserable hangovers. I still drink occasionally, but it's maybe once every few months. Pre-covid I'd do social drinks at work, but nowadays there aren't nearly as many opportunities for that.


>>10I drink socially which can be a good time. Otherwise only drank my sorrows away once


I drink some weekends and rarely on week days. Usually in small amounts across a long period of time. I used to drink a lot more, but it's messy.


>>10I don't like alcohol because it makes me more anxious. When I drink, I'm constantly watching my behavior and I'm scared that I will say or do something stupid. It's not fun and drinking doesn't have any benefits (at least for me). Alcohol also costs and I can save up that money and use it to buy books or tea.


>>10>drink heavily 6 months ago because depreshun>it was the only thing to give me the good feels>move back in with mother>alcohol no longer gives me the good feelswhat a laifu. saves money, but now i have no easy happiness for $12 CAD. now i need to waste days away by just watching yt


I can count the days I on one hand, on which I was completely sober in recent years. I've tried to stop several times, but then I realize how depressed I am, become apathic towards my goal of improving and ultimately can't break the habit.Chronic alcohol use changes the effects and perception of the substance. Nowadays I dislike drinking in company and prefer to lose myself in numbed melancholy. It's a bittersweet sensation, a faint spark, a nostalgic memory of something, that once was like beautiful fireworks. The magic is dead and I am the one who killed it.


>>69Don't go to that site Anons, it's CP


About once a month I like to have more than a few shots of rum and watch old wrestling PPVs. I've thought about quitting, but I guess it doesn't feel very pressing since I do it so sparingly. It's just not as much fun as it used to be when I was younger.


I don't go out to buy alcohol but I will have one or two if it is offered to me. I don't like the taste, in fact I detest the taste. But it does give you a nice feeling. I've never been drunk I don't think.


>>68I hope you find a way out.


I only drink sometimes, usually only a beer or two. I'm too much of a lightweight to drink much more without becoming completely plastered.>>68I wish you the best of luck, frend. The only piece of advice I can give you is, don't try quitting alcohol, try getting rid of the reason you feel like you need alcohol. Eliminate the source. I wish I had more to give you.


I think I'm an alcoholic, but it just feels that if I don't drink I'll fall apart.P.S: I only drink alone, in fact, I don't even remember the last time I drank with someone else.


>>10>>104>I only drink alone, in fact, I don't even remember the last time I drank with someone elsei get so much more peace from drinking alone. no comparisons to anyone else, i just disassociate comfortably or get really into some dumb yt vid


i'd like to try cider. I tried alcohol only once and i didn't like it.


>>10I don't, and it's a pain in the ass. Every time I go out with family or friends. I'm that one sober person surrounded by people who are completely shitfaced. I always have a miserable time. I guess I could force down the alcohol, but beer tastes horrendous to me so it would be an unpleasant experience regardless.


>>10Yes, but I can't do that right now.>>120Ciders can be good as a starting point.


I'm feeling slightly drunk right now after 3 drinks. Phew!


>>10>Do you drink?Yes. :(


>>10I only light drink when socializing and once or twice in the year when work is tougher than usual.If somebody doesn't drink at all I usually get suspicious and ask why. I don't care in general, but there is a specific kind of "I don't drink" person that does so to feel superior to others and I can save lots of future headaches by figuring it out early.


No, but i'd like to try green tea sake someday. Maybe it's not such a good idea however.


>>10I don't drink. Also never posted before so just wanted to say I'm happy /kind/ is back!!


>>10I get reminded that I need a drink every time I see your poast.


I only drink a few times a year, but when I do I go for gold. Being drunk drunk is quite fun.


>>10I only ever drink when I'm with my friends. I don't even like alcohol, but I just use it as an excuse to do stupid stuff and get away with it.


File: 1700453701128.jpeg (93.11 KB, 589x553, IMG_2914.jpeg)

I am hopelessly addicted to alcohol


This anon speaks the truth


I always regret it after, although the night out is usually fairly fun
Many such cases


i feel like drinking when i step outside

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