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Random Acts Of Kindness

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I'm talking about all kinds of dreams, maybe something bigger that motivated you to push you onto your path in life.
But also small things, do you daydream about a place or time you think life would be great? Or maybe you just have something you want to do or see at least once?
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A dream wife or a relatively typical woman?


Same. I just want a nice girl that cares about me to start a family with.


I like the idea of having animals except for the whole responsibility part. That puts a bit of a damper on things.


I love oneesan asmrs. I hope you pull through with your voice acting.


My dream is to not be recognized by former peers. I just did on a snack run and it was stressful.

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Hello /kind/!
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It's too bad the transition didn't work out.


File: 1701478997554.jpg (148.96 KB, 1280x924, bdfjgykyuioutbgf.jpg)

Fuck collection





flanneling chans


flanneling flannelers
flannel fabric free of lint

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Social outcasts, egirls, Shut Ins, NEETs and wizards aplenty in this server, please enter and enjoy.


Hi new friend!

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I haven't been here for a while, where did wapchan move to?
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I came back to see the /kind/ theme gone.


It's still here, you just have to select it at the bottom


Why is the text so hard to see?


Pay a visit at /comfy/ on anon.cafe anon :)


Well seems like kind’s color has come back, all we need now is banner gif’s and the op images to be restored

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What do you do for a living, /kind/?
(or other sources of income if you have that instead)
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recently started an apprenticeship in systems integration, it's usually a lot of fun :3


That sounds interesting. What kind of systems are you integrating, and what does integrating mean in practice?


File: 1700682994880.jpg (47.24 KB, 474x500, __kino_kino_no_tabi_drawn_….jpg)

I work a minimum wage job at a gym franchise.


Is it at a Planet Fitness location where you can eat pizza?


I work at a supermarket and I can barely make it through the day

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No matter where /kind/ goes it's always good to keep traditions.
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File: 1701423394576.gif (629.08 KB, 434x261, 7437733727.gif)



File: 1701446600871.gif (110.06 KB, 384x152, cat campfire story.gif)



flannel hays and rocking chairs


flannel hay and rocking chairs


File: 1701686100915.gif (195.17 KB, 275x320, 4939934939.gif)

I don't remember which gifs were already posted :P


am I safe here? Most boards are vicious and uncaring
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I said... wrong answer!!


>>658Sorry sir, we sacrifice strangers like your to the god of rudeness.Prepare yourself, you're kindness will be pulled out!!!!


you shouldnt expect kindness from anyone anywhere


you shouldnt expect kindness from anyone anywhere !!!¨:C


you shouldnt expect kindness from anyone anywhere !!!¨:C


what gaems are you playing right now?titanfall 2 got a revival and it seemed like the best moment to get back into it
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>>544The post was edited, I'm assuming that's not all he said.


>>538>still working on my game for my waifu.So, what kind of game are you making for her?


I'm currently grinding in Stardew Valley. I think I got it in 2016, but I never managed to 100% it. Never even got to the community center, I just married someone and then ended my save file there. I've done pretty good progress, I've almost finished my fishing bundle and need a fire quartz for the blacksmith one. I've always married Shane and have a sweet spot for him but his story line hits too close to home these days.


titanfall is a horrible game


im replaying old flash games from my childhood while wearing a diaper




plenty of time to handle poopsocks


Do you drink? I don't
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>>10I only ever drink when I'm with my friends. I don't even like alcohol, but I just use it as an excuse to do stupid stuff and get away with it.


File: 1700453701128.jpeg (93.11 KB, 589x553, IMG_2914.jpeg)

I am hopelessly addicted to alcohol


This anon speaks the truth


I always regret it after, although the night out is usually fairly fun
Many such cases


i feel like drinking when i step outside

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