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What are your dreams?

I'm talking about all kinds of dreams, maybe something bigger that motivated you to push you onto your path in life.
But also small things, do you daydream about a place or time you think life would be great? Or maybe you just have something you want to do or see at least once?
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No matter where /kind/ goes it's always good to keep traditions.
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genuine kindness?

am I safe here? Most boards are vicious and uncaring
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video gaem

what gaems are you playing right now?titanfall 2 got a revival and it seemed like the best moment to get back into it
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Do you drink? I don't
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How is everyone's mental health lately?
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What are your sleep habits like?
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Hello /kind/!
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How often do you see a dentist?
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Social outcasts, egirls, Shut Ins, NEETs and wizards aplenty in this server, please enter and enjoy.
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Where is the new site?

I haven't been here for a while, where did wapchan move to?
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What do you do for a living, /kind/?
(or other sources of income if you have that instead)
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Random Thoughts Thread

For posting thoughts or daydreams that you want to share!
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What are you watching /kind/?
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lets post some choons... i like choons...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z72bfT4_8Y
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Do you wear glasses?
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Sprucing up /kind/

Hi /kind/!Thanks for being the best bunch of folks one could find on the IB space. Something I was wondering is if you all wanted a bit more personalization for this board. Obviously wapchan's main theme & banners don't really have much to do with /kind/ itself, so I'd like to restore that feeling of autonomy you've always had. If you all have any suggestions on themes, banners, emotes, or anything else really, let me know.
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I need some help

So me and this girl have been talking recently and she's really mentally ill. she confessed her feelings to me and out of panic I kind of just said yes. I'm scared that if I tell her I don't wanna do this anymore she'll hurt herself real bad.
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Liru The Werewolf

Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏
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I love giving food out to people

People are very nice in general I always give them food and pay for the meals.
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I told my girlfriend that my sister said that she (my girlfriend) doesn't actually love me and is just pretending to be in love. My girlfriend cried and said that I shouldn't rely on other people's judgement to understand her. Then she left. I'm not going to be seeing her in a week. What do I do now? She hasn't sent me any texts after that.
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Bah! Humbug. You're all just a bunch of cotton eatin' boll weevils. All cotton, no brain.
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Is this the board where I can post cute pictures to brighten someone's day? I'm weary of altchan edrama, I just want to make people smile.
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Ego death

Does one strive to kill the ego?It seems to have benefits to your current self, paradoxically...For example, those without an ego can't get slighted or depressed because they have no attachments.There seems to be some posters who border ego-death around here.
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Doodles thread

I thought it'd be cute to have a thread where people could post doodles. You don't have to be an artist or good at drawingI went to make a doodle to start things off with and then it ended up not being just a doodle, so /kind/ gets an extra gift. I made an actual doodle after
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RMS has cancer should we send him a get well message?

Hello /kind/ As some of you probably know Richard Stallman now has cancer. Since this is a board all about kindness and Mr. Stallman has helped many people with his free software and GNU/Linux. Should /kind/ send him a get well message? Is there a way we could do it? how?
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Stoicism isn't about not having emotions as much as it is about taming them. Accepting your regrets of the past, then letting them go. Being aware of your anxiety for the future but letting things happen as they do. Understanding your anger while not letting it cloud your judgement. I have been getting better at it, little by little. It's comforting to let go of worrying.
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/tech/ thread

Let's dedicate this thread to things such as operative systems, hardware, advances in technology, security, and all the things related to ithow are you /tech/in' boys?
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>/kind/ refugees make up 99% of wapchans trafficRly makes you think
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Cuddle thread

Because sometimes all you need is a hug and a headpat.
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Kind Deeds Thread

Have you done anything /kind/ recently? Tell us about it! It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, either. For example, lately my father has been repainting the fence, but it's very tedious and time-consuming to scrape all the paint off so I told him I'd take over so he could focus on more important work around the house.
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Heyuri is so lazy to even write its own storyMaybe it s not gay enough?This place is cruel to fools
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Picnic thread

ITT we eat and chat while we wait for the next kindmin to rise to the occasion.
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Im from sleepy channel and I heard about your website. I'm sorry about that happening. I like the font here, it reminds me of pokemon (when it was good). How are you all doing?
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Hi,This is for the users of /kind/, old friends of wapchan.Be kind.If you want any changes let me know.