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Random Acts Of Kindness

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Because sometimes all you need is a hug and a headpat.


2/4 because I didn't notice it was 3 files per post



and done


people who request hugs frequently are weak, i cant helpt but to see them that way


Have you done anything /kind/ recently? Tell us about it! It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, either. For example, lately my father has been repainting the fence, but it's very tedious and time-consuming to scrape all the paint off so I told him I'd take over so he could focus on more important work around the house.
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>>146That depends on the board i guess...>>141I helped an elderly anon across the street today and had a nice chat with him!


>>211I'm aiming to make my board a kind place in my own way! :)


Specifically mentioning my good deeds to others has always felt weird to me, but I guess that's part of what /kind/ is for. I think a few weeks ago now I donated to a pediatric cancer research fund. Because of the career I'm going into, doing a good deed will hopefully occur every shift. I was able to work a shift as an intern and help 3 anons.


>mentioning my good deeds to others has always felt weird to meIt kinda does, but it also might inspire others to do something kind themselves!


I remember Dreamchan had a deeds bulletin board that was nice.


Heyuri is so lazy to even write its own storyMaybe it s not gay enough?This place is cruel to fools




>>121You winking at me?







ITT we eat and chat while we wait for the next kindmin to rise to the occasion.
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>>210Don't normally eat chips but I did have some sour cream and onion chips last week. It was pretty good.>Is there a new kindmin yet?We are still waiting.>>213Ohayou!


Hello friend!


>>215Oops! I mean... hello, >>213 !


>>214>>214hai haihope you slept well, a good day awaits for those searching for it


>>210>>214My preference is for plain ridged chips with French onion dip over sour cream and onion chips. I don't necessarily have dip that often though. Usually I just end up eating whatever on the side with a sandwich when I eat chips. I used to eat Flamin' Hot Cheetos all the time, but I cut back on them because I got pretty addicted to them.


Im from sleepy channel and I heard about your website. I'm sorry about that happening. I like the font here, it reminds me of pokemon (when it was good). How are you all doing?


Nothing to be sorry friend , it's un/kind/ manage a board if one is tired of that>sleepy channeli never heard about that chan


>>86Never heard of sleepychan either, sounds comfy. I'm doing good though, OP. How about you?


>>87>>90I'm not here to shill, but I mean zzzchan.xyz! It's not as kind as this place though, this place is more comfy by far. I'm doing okay, just working on programming and stuff.


Hi,This is for the users of /kind/, old friends of wapchan.Be kind.If you want any changes let me know.

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