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Random Acts Of Kindness

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People are very nice in general I always give them food and pay for the meals.


So I basically found a stray cat in the middle of the street. I took it to the vet gave it milk.


>>597One time I saw a stray cat and I gave it bread. It liked it a lot.


I told my girlfriend that my sister said that she (my girlfriend) doesn't actually love me and is just pretending to be in love. My girlfriend cried and said that I shouldn't rely on other people's judgement to understand her. Then she left. I'm not going to be seeing her in a week. What do I do now? She hasn't sent me any texts after that.


Did your sister tell you why she thought that? It's possible that your girlfriend is trying to manipulate you now, but it's hard to tell without more context.


Bah! Humbug. You're all just a bunch of cotton eatin' boll weevils. All cotton, no brain.


that's not very nice :(


Is this the board where I can post cute pictures to brighten someone's day? I'm weary of altchan edrama, I just want to make people smile.
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>>502>>499These posts made me smile, very nice!


Not OP, but have a nice day everyone! <3


>>523Thanks, you too


Puru cute!


Does one strive to kill the ego?It seems to have benefits to your current self, paradoxically...For example, those without an ego can't get slighted or depressed because they have no attachments.There seems to be some posters who border ego-death around here.


I'm not sure whether or not killing the ego is a good thing. Maybe it's necessary to exist in this world. On the other hand, some people seem to do fine without it.


>>521It seems to be the easiest solution to the "game" played out today.The top "players" are dominant through exploiting one's "desires"


I thought it'd be cute to have a thread where people could post doodles. You don't have to be an artist or good at drawingI went to make a doodle to start things off with and then it ended up not being just a doodle, so /kind/ gets an extra gift. I made an actual doodle after


I like this thread idea.Need to get the tablet out of storage...


I'll repost this


Hello /kind/ As some of you probably know Richard Stallman now has cancer. Since this is a board all about kindness and Mr. Stallman has helped many people with his free software and GNU/Linux. Should /kind/ send him a get well message? Is there a way we could do it? how?


The poor guy's unrecognizable now.


>>455That's what cancer does to you.


He answers emails sent to "rms at gnu period org".


>>454>Should /kind/ send him a get well message?That's a great idea!>>464Imagine wapchan/kind getting answered ^___^


>>464Thanks anon I'll be sure to send him a message. Pray for his good health.


Stoicism isn't about not having emotions as much as it is about taming them. Accepting your regrets of the past, then letting them go. Being aware of your anxiety for the future but letting things happen as they do. Understanding your anger while not letting it cloud your judgement. I have been getting better at it, little by little. It's comforting to let go of worrying.
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I'm in a similar boat, even though I only have a very surface understanding of stoicism it can help me immensely. For example I've always worried about how others perceive me, like when somebody says anything about me in a slightly negative manner I can't stop thinking about that for days. Or how unfair the cards I got dealt in my life are compared to others etc. What I get from that philosophy most of all is becoming better at being mindful of my emotions by not getting overwhelmed by sadness/anger I usually keep dwelling in. I have to constantly recall the advice and recognize the situation for it to help though, because I am lazy and basically picked a few pieces of advice that suited me best and rolled with it.What I can't quite get into is that many of those teachings were apparantly popular and taught by the upper crust elite, who talked about their struggles while probably owning a few slaves, which compared to the general populace of that time seems a bit pretentious. But as I said, I don't know nearly enough about stoicism, or even about history in general to be honest, I just think if some words help me work on myself then that's a good thing.Most of all, I try to stay away from philosphy because a lot of writings usally come off as too pessimistic for my taste, which doesn't seem to be the case for stoicism, or at least the parts I read about.


>>435Depends. Diogenes the Cynic, a forerunner to Stoicism, lived in a barrel and eventually got captured and sold as a slave. (admittedly, the barrel was by choice. Diogenes was a weirdo) Other founders also had terrible things happen to them. "To live is to suffer" is the basis of a lot of philosophy because it's true. The rest is just how you deal with it.


The reason why I don't care about most philosophy is that it's generally only a bitter attitude to life trying to be sold as truth.I also don't think that kind of discussion belongs here, but that's just my opinion


>>453You're not the only one who feels that way here.


I like Epicurus, probably because I am very nervous and his teachings are about overcoming it. Plus his theories about atoms are very entertaining.


Let's dedicate this thread to things such as operative systems, hardware, advances in technology, security, and all the things related to ithow are you /tech/in' boys?


Random thought, but there was a time I used to be into Death Grips, and in one of their ARGs they did some silly ASCII in the comments of their homepage's HTML file, and after been working for code for around a year and a half, it just comes across as extremely silly.


Currently losing my sanity while coding a web app when I'm supposed to be hired for backend developmentThankfully coffee and high impact sonorous violence music fuels me


>>434Frontend is hell. It doesn't require any intelligence or though, and so the tools are not only made by retards but also for retards. It's bloat on top of bloat with the underlying logic ranging from non-existent to inconsistent. I hope I'll never have to touch it again in my life.


>>444And everyone and their mom has an option and a new framework.At least people have mostly settled on React for now, the worst was back in the early/mid-10s when it was just new toys every other week. At least I have a good job now and don't have to worry about that shit anymore. (am a front-end dev, been regretting my life choices for years now)


>>444I personally wish to believe the issue was that we were given a very tight schedule. If I was given a bit more time, i would have been able to understand most of the things that I did fairly well.I got the thing done now, so that makes me feel at peace. But personally I believe I should at least have been given more time to work with.Also, I share your sentiment. JS is not for me.


>/kind/ refugees make up 99% of wapchans trafficRly makes you think
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>>260The only thing i have to say to the /kind/ people is dont forget this is a whole website, not just a single board.Dont be afraid to post on topic content in the other boards.


>>262The main issue is that I don't really care much for old technology or anime or videogames anymore.I used to, but now I find myself more focused on the development of tools that we have today. The only thing that might be /retro/ that I sometimes care about, is demos for old computers like the commodore, zxspectrum and amiga. But it's a veeeeery small kind of interest.Sometimes I also had a slight interest for the PC-98, but besides Touhou it doesn't seem interesting either, it just seems like a bunch of VNs in a language I can't read, and that due to cultural differences, don't really care about


>>237I'm just a user who lobbied for us to be friends. Thinking ahead is a good thing.


>>311Thanks for doing that. I suppose I would have found this site anyway when /kind/ went down, but I'm glad I found it when I did.


>>277Whatever floats your boat, it aint "all" bad in modernity.

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