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Random Acts Of Kindness

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How is everyone's mental health lately?


horrible i feel like puking every time i go outside lately


What are your sleep habits like?
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>>412Good evening


>>172at 11 or midnight i hop into bed and watch videos on my tablet or read my kindle till 1am. Then I typically fall asleep within 10 mins of putting it down. I tend to fall asleep quite well nowadays


>>172Terrible, I sleep whenever but it's usually dictated by something else and I don't set alarms so sometimes I'll wake up 8 hours later, other times 12 or 16. I really need to sort my sleep schedule out.


I go to sleep a little past midnight, often listening to long YT videos on esoteric topics.


they are horrible i sleep through the day because i dont feel like being there


How often do you see a dentist?
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>>5I have a biiiiiiig cavity on the right side near the back....I try not to eat with my right side of my mouth. Been doing this for nearly 3 years now.


>>541I wouldn't be able to stand that.


>>542I've gotten used to it. Don't know if it's because I took too many painkillers last year, but I don't even feel pain in my right jaw anymore. Only sometimes it happens, but I just drink chamomile to calm it down. I might be ready to see a dentist though, don't feel too much fear about it currently compared to a couple months ago. Or maybe that's just the green tea talking.


Just started seeing one. Despite how long I refused to clean my teeth, I still only have gum disease and nothing else surprisingly…


Only when something real bad happens, like needing a tooth repaired or removed. Otherwise I don't go… I should, but it's more uncomfortable than getting a haircut.

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For posting thoughts or daydreams that you want to share!
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>>652>>654I am working on the move to different software (going to be customized vichan since kokonotsuba is a bit too cludgy). Should be up in a few days, but it may take some time to get all the archived posts moved.


>>654I find the idea of having to see cheese pizza unnerving.


>>657Yeah. That's why textboards make the most sense.I would be curious for a counterpoint though: do images really contribute that much?Most of the time it's just reposts.


I enjoy posting flower pictures I took on my own imageboard


I'd like to live in a warmer and sunnier climate but don't think I could handle the creepy crawlies.
I definitely like the option of having them. There's nothing wrong with textboards though.


What are you watching /kind/?
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>>600im glad ya liked it


File: 1699330473265.jpg (269.46 KB, 1157x1080, 7463563632.jpg)

Am I the only one who watched Pluto?


File: 1699831783829.jpg (73.17 KB, 640x640, 0539823727283883.jpg)

Friends stopped watching anime?


It might be contrary to /kind/ tradition, but I never really started :^)


Someone seems to have picked up the translation of Mewkledreamy Mix, I watched the newly translated episodes, but I am not watching anything else at the moment. Is there any good animes this season that you would recommend?

(It won't let me post images.)


lets post some choons... i like choons...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z72bfT4_8Y
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I really like Falco. And Oingo Boingo, I'll add one Falco and one Oingo Boingo song here :)Egoist is a pretty good Falco songWolverine is a, sadly, unreleased Oingo Boingo song that was played live (at an unknown place, they say, but I could've sworn I KNEW where they recorded it) so the only version of it is a live version.


I've been really enjoying this march that I recently discovered.


I heard this on the Wapchan Radio, it's pretty catchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9CD2gSGkmk


Here's a Dancing Fantasy piece I've always found calming. It's not one that was sampled on Floral Shoppe either.



Do you wear glasses?
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>>7My eyesights are bad but I don't wear glasses. Maybe I should wear one.


I like glasses but don't need them yet. My nose is kind of asymmetrical and glasses look very crooked when I put them on, otherwise I wouldn't have a problem wearing some. It sounds stupid but generally people with glasses seem friendly to me, like oh that person can't be bad!


>>408If it's bad enough to where it's a hindrance in your daily activities, you should probably invest in a pair of quality eyewear. It will end up paying for itself.>>428Humans have crooked eyes and crooked ears among other things. The glasses should be able to be adjusted in the hands of the right optician. You could also buy asymmetrical frames which exist - a classic is one where one side is a square and the other is a circle. But yeah, there should probably be a brand out there that specializes in people with assymetrical faces. When you get old, you could have one eye for near and one for far and wear a monocle.


No. I look weird in glasses. Sometimes I’ve worn other peoples glasses to see what the world looks like to them and I still find it hard to believe that they really see everything as all blurry. People in my family have bad eyesight so I’ll probably have to wear them eventually, but for now I’m thankful I don’t.


>>629The pairs of glasses I've had before never seemed to fit right. I think I just have a crooked face.


Hi /kind/!Thanks for being the best bunch of folks one could find on the IB space. Something I was wondering is if you all wanted a bit more personalization for this board. Obviously wapchan's main theme & banners don't really have much to do with /kind/ itself, so I'd like to restore that feeling of autonomy you've always had. If you all have any suggestions on themes, banners, emotes, or anything else really, let me know.
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>>284I think if figamin is happy to have everyone theres no real reason to have a separate site>>294looks great figamin!


>>328Thank you!


Can you please make it so that people can't open threads without pictures? I don't like threads without opening pictures.


Can i pls post pics despite using Tor? ;__;


So me and this girl have been talking recently and she's really mentally ill. she confessed her feelings to me and out of panic I kind of just said yes. I'm scared that if I tell her I don't wanna do this anymore she'll hurt herself real bad.
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>>580No matter what happens, anon, it won't be your fault for wanting to end the relationship. If you're not happy in it, you're not obligated to continue being with her.


I think she's really starting to lose interest in me, that's good. I also wanted to thank you guys for the kind words


I think she's starting to lose interest in me, that's good. I also wanted to say thanks for the kind words and the good advice, You guys are the best


>>580Hello anon, i agree with >>581 tell her the truth because it will be more difficult to both of you if you keep lying about your feelings toward her.


>>620>>621Are you trying to make her get bored of you till she leaves you?It depends on what mental illness they have for this to actually work.BPDs for example are looking for rocks they latch others to hold on to, and they build their lives around them. Maybe they aren't really in love with you, but are in love with the idea of stability that you provide for them.Also, anyone with serious trauma, BPDs especially, are going to do whatever they can to avoid experiencing the feelings of being abandoned, even if they're hanging out with someone who neglects them, or even hates them and physically abuses them.You're also being an ass by lying first, and emotionally neglecting someone who proposed to you next, but that's too late now. Think about the sunk cost fallacy both for yourself, and for her. If she did something bad, then that's on her, unless you didn't handle the breakup delicately.t. BPD


Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏
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>>631Going to be honest, I have no idea how to fix this, and I'm more focused on creating the foundation for the next iteration of this site. Hopefully I can get it done in the next week or so.


>>632Does that mean it'll be solved when the changes are complete? I'm kind of leery about posting images right now.


>>633What's probably going to happen is the current (lynxchan) site will be taken one and the new site (a mix of static pages and tinyib/kokonotsuba will be put up with the existing boards, and I will try and move the database over.


>>632>>634Meaning? Will this still be an image board?


>>635Not the admin, but yes. tinyib/kokonotsuba are imageboard softwares.

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