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Can't have a 2000s board without the goddess of the decade



Looking back on it, it's crazy how popular Haruhiism used to be. I miss it.


It feels strange how stuff from the 2000s is considered retro now. I feel old.


>>230I feel the same way, but it depends on the context. 2000s TV or music, for example, don't feel "retro" to me. But pre-Web 2.0 Internet culture does


>>230I remember one time in 2010 when I was talking to a guy and he said "I like older anime, like Haruhi"I felt ancient, and I was in college at the time.


Probably because internet allows people to listen to music and watch stuff from a bunch of different eras. It doesn't feel retro because it never really went away. A lot of US TV series from the 90s and 2000s lasted forever too (CSI, NCIS etc). This is probably why people have this idea that today's content is 100% worse. We're always comparing today's shows with the classics. In some ways I miss the 2000s. If you came from the Middle East in those years were absolute hell but culturally stuff was much more sensible. When the internet was new there really wasn't a good idea for how people should use it. So people just made stuff up as they went along. Because big social media juggernauts didn't exist there was more leeway for filmmakers, animators, mangaka, or game designers. Stuff wasn't as mass market and corporations weren't surveying Twitter for opinions. It's hard imaging some of the stuff made back then getting the greenlight today. What does bug me is the way there is this culture of remembrance for things that happened in the 2000s (facebook, myspace emos) while other stuff has been memoryholed (e.g. 4chan antics, Iraq war). Flip phones, external computer speakers or RSS feeds were a thing everybody used but most ordinary people have completely forgotten about them.


>>232Internet culture is more ephemeral than real life so it's always going to feel older.


>>241Also doesn't help that most site moderation is quite ban happy these days and there are too many idiots that are more than happy to fedpost and derail discussions.


>>230>join anime group club thing>can't relate to any of the stuff they talk aboutIt's over guys I'm no longer with it.

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