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Anime iyashikei anime fans here?


>>144Aria's on the list that's for sure, but have never watched more than one episode.I think Yokohama Shopping Log counts which I've read and watched, a very comfy show even if the overall world seems pretty bleak (especially when Alpha needs a gun for some reason). I also loved how that manga was around 10 years in length so children grew up into adults. Not sure of any others pre-2000 though, seems like people just talk about those two when it comes to this genre.


I liked Aria: the animation a lot.It really embodies the 2000s style of animation.


Binchou-tan is a really cute iyashikei anime from the 00s with short episodes, I have rewatched it many times. I downloaded the raws of the manga from Perfect Dark a long time ago but it doesn't have furigana so I couldn't read the moonrunes.


Aria and YKK are two of my favorite series


I really like Sketchbook ~full color's~, it's a really kind anime.


>>226I ended up picking this up because of your post. I can't believe I put off watching this for so long; what a soothing anime. It's fun to hear a very young Hana Kanazawa too.

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