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Recently got around to watching it, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself loving it. Mystery was great, which was complimented by countryside setting. It really knows how to create tension and ambient atmosphere as it manage d to make me feel uneasy. I heard it's a VN adaptation and there is also a manga, so definitely going to check it out sometime in the future.What are you thoughts? Shion is the best girl.


>>123Currently reading the VNs, just finished part 5 (meakashi). Higurashi is one of the best pieces of creative media I've ever seen; the characters, story, writing, tension and ambiance are all top-tier.However, I tried watching a little of the anime and I hated it. Even though the art was nice, since they had to cram so much into a few episodes it felt extremely rushed. The was no build-up of tension and so despite there being gore (as opposed to the text-only experience of the vn as there are no unique cg scenes), I felt deaths to be much less impactful. However, the overall story is still amazing.


>>124I heard manga does a better job at adapting VNs than anime, especially answer arcs. But, given how adaptations generally turn out, I think that Studio Deen still did a great job to make it digestible for an anime only. Character designs were great, OSTs were used effectively, show also was seamlessly able to switch from SoL moments to intense paranoia, so I disagree that there wasn't any build up. Despite having some QUALITY shots occasionally, it was still animated pretty well. I guess it would be a bit jarring to go from VNs to anime than it is vice-versa.


>>123The manga is an objectively better adaption of the VN than the anime, the anime changes things around and cuts things out while the manga is more or less a perfect 1 to 1.Not to take away from the anime, it's a great show on its own but you will be missing a lot of things if that's all you know.


>>126I was going to check out manga too. From what I have seen, I liked that it has varied art style by different illustrators. It's just that story is still fresh in my mind, so I am waiting a few weeks/months for it to fade away and experience most of it all over again.On a side note, what are your thoughts on OVAs like Rei, Kira, Outbreak and Nekogoroshi etc? Are they worth checking out?


>>127It's best for you if you don't immediately dive into the manga, you'll just burn yourself out. Do as you said and come back in a couple of months.>On a side note, what are your thoughts on OVAs like Rei, Kira, Outbreak and Nekogoroshi etc? Are they worth checking out?They all are to an extent. The middle three episodes of Rei are the Saikoroshi arc which is set after the series and were pretty much universally seen as canon prior to Sotsugyou (and should still be seen as so considering how much of a trashfire it was). Kira is dumb noncanon fanservice stuff but a lot of people love the final episode so watch that at least. Nekogoroshi is a standalone episode which plays into the mystery of Hinamizawa and is very good for what it is. Outbreak is fun but trash and completely not canon.tl;dr Nekogoroshi, Rei 2-4 and Kira 5 are essential, but everything else is at least watchable.


>>128>SotsugyouWhat went wrong with it that it is almost universally hated? I never watched it cause of artstyle.


>>129>awful artwork and animation>complete retread of the original but far worse in execution>butchered characterisation for the whole cast, but especially Rika and Satoko>Ryukishi marketing it as a remake when it was actually an unwanted sequel>tries to tie Higurashi into Umineko but cops out because he is a cowardThe better question would be what went right with ithint: the answer is nothing


Still didn't watch this, i lack the will to start it.Maybe i should watch it with a friend.


>>128Disagree, everything past Kai might as well be filler. Don't waste your time, just read the VN.


>>130People may dislike the original anime series for not being completely faithful to the VN and cutting out important events but it's a much better experience for newcomers compared to the garbofest that was SotsuGou. Imagine what it would be like they made a complete remake or actually decided to create a decent spinoff/continuation using the interesting concept they introduced and already good pre-existing characterization instead of the stunt they pulled


>>123I havent rewatched it in years, but I remember the new at the time anime coming out and just being lost. Partly my fault for not reading the VN, but it got into so many different timelines I just got lost. I think the vague ending older series (if they are how i remember them) have some value at least as an entry. I've got the VNs lined up to read sometime its just having free time outside work to do so + my friend has been nagging me to read fate. Regardless the music and atmosphere was great from what I remember, might have to rewatch


>>210the VN was overrated. None of the so called "fans" actually read it.


The first 5 vn are so fucking good. Recommended for everyone, for anime I hate all of them. The horror is completely gone, while the vn used to make my skin crawl and sometimes I started having watery eyes.


>>246I agree with you in the sense that the ending was overratted. Higurashi started good but the ending was just dumb. Still in my top favorite VN games nevertheless.

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