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2000s Anime & Manga

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You DO know how to play Mahjong, right /a2k/?
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>>70Thank you for the explanation, Mr. Anon. A game of mahjong with everyone sounds quite nice


Well? Is anyone going to post any rooms?


>>72I think we'd need to figure out a time for four of us to be on?


>>61I got into mahjong because I got a set of tiles for my birthday. I didn't know how to play but me and one friend learned how to play and then taught some of my other friends. We play riichi mahjong irl every other week and it's the highlight of my week.


>>74Very nice, anon. I miss playing Mahjong with the bros every weekend. I really want to again when I eventually sort my life out and move in with a friend so we become the center meeting point of our friend group. Back in uni I used to play every weekend and it was great, Saturday's were tons of fun where we'd all get together, put on some vidya music for background noise, play some Jong, eat some food halfway through and watch some random show I had on my computer. Used to last from around 6pm till 11pm and I miss it dearly. Keep up the weekly Mahjong, you'll miss it if it's gone.


I don't know why, but there's something about 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, 480i video on DVD that has a special charm. Do you know any good anime in this resolution?


>>46I remember finding out that the last season of You're Under Arrest had both a 4:3 and 16:9 version which was pretty cool to see side by side, could try that even if it's not exactly what you're after it might scratch the same itch. It's not that great though.


Sex with Sakura.



I started watching this the other day. I was curious if it was just nostalgia for a lame girls' show, or if it was any good.I'm enjoying it. I'm the simple sort of person that just wants to know what's next, so the monster of the week format is fine with me.Sakura is cute. The cards are cool. Tomoyo isn't that interesting to me, but she's extremely similar to Kozue from the 2003 VN "Snow Sakura". It isn't surprising, but it was just kind of neat to see what might be the source of inspiration for the character.


This may not fit on the board, but is the 2018 sequel any good? I've just finished the entire series + the movies and liked it, although I'm skeptical a modern sequel to an /ar/ anime would be any good




Posting vn on teh anime board!


>>90fuko a cute!


>>91Fuuko is not cute! Fuuko is cool!





This thread is for 00s anime/manga shoujo. Discuss and post what you're watching/your favorite series etc. etc.


I've started watching Nadja recently, it's really a beautiful show--I love the unique settings in early 20th century Europe + the cast of characters is so likable.


Not my usual genre but I'm reading Kitchen no Ohimesama at the moment. Enjoying it well enough so far. Mostly just in it for the baking aspect (although the art is very cute).


In celebration of /a2k/, let's have a thread for Brigadoon, the greatest anime ever made.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfGBjyPgwvM


Melan's design is cool and the music is good.

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