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If you had to live in the world of a /cel/ Anime or Manga, which would you choose.


>>2151it depends. Could you choose to be a character from that world?


>>2151If you can avoid Zeiram the world of Iria seems pretty nice. Or Megazone 23, with its eternal 80s Japan (the height of human civilization)


>>2152If you said you wanted to be a character, I'd say, 'yes', but since you asked, then fuck no. You have to be you.>>2153I've not seen that show. Is it any good, or just a neat world that you'd like to live in?


>>2151Am i isekai'd into that world and do i keep my knowledge about the series and characters intact, or am i literally reborn as a baby?On second, do i necessarely meet some of the characters involved in the events of the story and do i get some particular boost or specially ability a la chosen one, or is it all up to chance and i just live and die in it like a random citizen?


>>2161You are isekai'd into that world. Onto your second question, I recently went to Chris-Chan's house. If you want to, you can go to Hollywood and walk around till you see your favorite movie star, and harass them. Most people don't do these things, but we all exist in the same world, so you can find them if you want. You exist in that world, and if you'd like, you can interact with the characters.


>>2156Iria's a real good show. Not super deep, but it's a fun action-adventure sci-fi story. The setting doesn't have a lot of worldbuilding in it, but it has a string visual style I like. And it's only like 6 episodes so you can watch it in an evening.

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