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Self explanatory. What have you been watching, /ar/? Pic related is from the 1988 adaption of Starship Troopers. I've also been watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden and Armored Trooper VOTOMS, both of which are very good.


>>1140If you like Votoms and LoGH try out Dougram. It was made by the director of Votoms, though honestly it isn't much like that show, and has an ambitious and politically based story (though nowhere near as massive as LoGH). You'll like it if you can stand a long show with bad animation for the outstanding story with different factions and political commentary.I'm currently watching Betterman, I'm enjoying it a lot so far and I'm not sure where its going to go, though I can't really stand the MC and it definitely deserved an HD release.


I'm watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I pretty much decided on watching it due to wanting to watch 00 Gundam for years now since I promised a friend, but my autism wouldn't allow me to watch something so far into a series I've never watched before and so I decided to watch the original and go from there. I'll most likely watch the "main" parts of the original MSG, like Zeta and Char's Counterattack (now that better be good) and then jump to Double 00 in like 2 months. Anyhow, so far it's been a fun ride. I wouldn't say I love the show but I do enjoy it. Currently on episode 37 and nearing the end. It's hard to really explain what I like about the show much. Character wise, I liked them all. Amuro is a good MC who has his flaws that are eventually worked out, when he stole the Gundam in a fit because Bright wanted to take him off piloting duty I honestly couldn't believe how careless he was being. Fraubow feels very underutilized in the show since she has her moments but is mostly being sidelined in a lot of scenes and is only around to be there for Amuro. It feels like she should've taken Sayaka's place in piloting another Gundam, although I do understand why Sayaka is piloting a Gundam and I do enjoy that both women and men pilot Gundam's in this. I like Bright a lot and feel he's a great leader and laughed very hard when he punched Kai in the fucking face for his attitude, honestly, this anime has a lot of people getting punched and slapped for no reason half the time. I wonder if he'll get with Mirai despite her seemingly going for others. I also really enjoyed Matlida, Ryu, Miharu and Slegger and it's a shame they all had to die. Honestly great characters.Kai was a fucking bitch at the start but I've come to enjoy him, when he piloted the other Gundam's and ran out to help Amuro defuse the bombs I could see he wasn't a coward and had some more respect for him and his wise ass remarks. I honestly love the three kids in this too, I feel kids in war is an aspect that should be utilized more in media, less fighting and more just unfortunately being there and having to deal with the horrors it has, but I love seeing them help out by attempting to put out fires and that entire episode dedicated to them defusing the Zion bombs was really good. Then there's obviously Char and yeah he's cool and all but I sort of wished he would be around more. For a character with a very cool design, it's odd that he was just not seen for around 15 episodes. I get Amuro had to get better at piloting the Gundam but it feels odd that we never saw him for ages. It was sad in the early episodes to see his men cry out to be saved by him when they were near death.I sometimes lose focus when the big Gundam fights are happening, sure it's flashy and cool but I just forget what is even going on in the fighting and have to rewatch it, especially when it's just Amuro slicing up some random armors for 3 minutes while we see shots of the White Base crew. I liked the music too. Hoping it ends well and the sequel is better since I don't *love* this anime as others do but I am enjoying it a bunch. My favourite episodes so far have been the ones that mostly deal with character drama over Zion/Federation fighting so I hope I see a few more in the last few episodes.


>>1141It had a bluray release a few years ago but from what ive read it wasnt much improvement.


>>114200 is an alternate universe, so it's all right if you haven't seen any of the previous series before starting it. That said, UC Gundam is good so if you like it keep watching.UC is the original + a ton of sequels and side stories. If you really want to, you can cut straight to CCA after MSG, since it's kind of made for people who watched the original Gundam then fell away, but be aware that CCA is fast-moving and hard to understand the first time. It's absolutely beautiful and I love it, but I was lost the first time I saw it. You really have to pay attention, because while Tomino actually has characters explain stuff in this, it goes fast and a bunch of characters will lie or be misinformed. Bright and Amuro generally have the real score, though. If you're still into UC Gundam afterwards, I really like 0080: War in the Pocket, which is short and sweet. There's a Gundam for (almost) every taste, so even if you don't like it maybe one of the other series will appeal to you.


>>1144>00 is an alternate universe, so it's all right if you haven't seen any of the previous series before starting it. That said, UC Gundam is good so if you like it keep watching.Yeah, I know. It's just that my autism won't allow me to experience something so late into a series unless I experience the original even if disconnected. I'll jump into it once I finish the original series. I guess.>UC is the original + a ton of sequels and side stories. If you really want to, you can cut straight to CCA after MSG, since it's kind of made for people who watched the original Gundam then fell away, but be aware that CCA is fast-moving and hard to understand the first time. It's absolutely beautiful and I love it, but I was lost the first time I saw it. You really have to pay attention, because while Tomino actually has characters explain stuff in this, it goes fast and a bunch of characters will lie or be misinformed. Bright and Amuro generally have the real score, though. Alright cool, I'll keep that in mind.>If you're still into UC Gundam afterwards, I really like 0080: War in the Pocket, which is short and sweet. Always wanted to watch War in the Pocket since I really liked that name for some reason and it always stuck with me. It'll be on the list soon enough. >There's a Gundam for (almost) every taste, so even if you don't like it maybe one of the other series will appeal to you.If there's a Gundam out there where the MC is a lucky idiot who gets by through sheer dumb luck over skill and mogs all the newtypes through accidents, I'd be in heaven.Also, I started up Zeta a few days ago. Interesting to finally watch the one Gundam show I've heard a lot about. This is the Char I remember seeing all the time and Camille is a very interesting MC too. Hope it lives up to the hype.


Could never get into Zeta or double Zeta, they both seemed too immature for me. Liked War in the Pocket reasonably well, probably my favorite OYW side story.How well do these shows compare to Tomino's other works like Ideon for instance?


>>1146I've had Ideon downloaded for a few years now, I think a thread on /a/ make me take notice of it. All I know of that show is that by the end of it there are kids involved in the defense of the ship and they have no idea what's going on so die through inexperience, or something along those lines. I've never really watched any Mecha stuff beyond a few shows in the 2000s


>>1142Alright, well I finished Zeta yesterday and honestly while I liked some parts of it I also found other parts to be quite...boring. I'm not sure if it was just me barely paying attention but a lot of the time the plot was just be something I'd completely blank out as I watched the episode and by the time it's the next episode I've already forgotten what the hell anyone is fighting for. Character wise, there are a lot more memorable ones this time. Kamille is honestly a great MC and I liked him right from the start even as a bratty teen, Fa is another great character even if she's quite an emotional one who is sadly sidelined as a solider a bunch of times. Bright remains a great captain and I thoroughly enjoyed Emma, Quattro (lol), Shinta/Qun, Sarah, Haman, Four, Scirroco, Jerid. Honestly, a very strong cast of characters which is surprising when I always thought Gundam was about big robots fighting in space with no nuance (unsurprisingly, I care little for the big space fights). I do wish we saw more of the original cast though. The final few battles were really good though, real heart wrenching stuff to hear Rosamia happily shout she found Kamille as she died though even if the memory was fake.I liked the design of the Mark 2 a lot and didn't really like the Zeta that much until it grew on me through sheer dominance of all scenes. As for the other Gundam types I really don't care that much, the Hyaku Shiki is probably the only other I remember by name. Hard to pick a favourite episode or moment but I liked episodes set on colonies and even the few set on Earth. Started ZZ today which I'm enjoying so far although I've heard it's pretty bad. Will just have to see.


I started watching Choujuu Kishin DANCOUGA and I'm really enjoying it. Destruction/action and character emoting is animated very well, the baddies look badass... Overall I'm glad that I decided to watch more mecha starting with this. I'm only three episodes in but I see myself finishing it and checking out OVA 2 and 3. OVA1 is apparently just a recap and missing a bunch of subs on the meow site


Are there any good sci-fi or mecha anime visually similar, or with similar character designs, to Angel Cop, LoGH and the second episode of Megazone 23, like pics related? I like the muted mostly realistic color scheme (no unrealistic hair/eye colors), the minimal exaggeration of facial features, and the bulky, angular designs of the male characters. Is there a name for this visual style (besides "80s OVA")?


>>1149I watched this in the last few months as well.I liked it as a early example of The Giant Robot combination is metaphor for the team coming together. They can't execute it until like halfway into the series when they've sorted their teammate shit. Working through the team angst like First Gundam is where the series is at its best. I disliked how the production values got worse as it went on. And the ending before and after the ovas is pretty weak. There's one big retcon anyone who's seen this knows that I really didn't care for. >missing subsYeah it's one of those recap movies with new scenes annoyingly sprinkled in here or there. The old fansubs never bothered to sub the parts of the film that are recap. The only way to watch the new stuff is scrubbing through the thing until you see subs and then watching those parts.


>>1148Oh yeah, forgot to update this when I was watching ZZ. Finished ZZ about a week ago and enjoyed it a lot honestly, moreso than the original and Zeta. I know people dislike it for how it takes the serious tone of Zeta and throws it out the window so we can have wacky teenage hijinks but I really liked that aspect of it. Hell, when the teens are left to pretty much man the ship in the final episodes it really made the whole situations a lot more tense as they don't have Bright to really give them commands and have to do everything themselves. This entire part felt like the crew of Argama were barely holding on and were greatly outmatched and outclassed. In the beginning when all they had was Fa to really fight anything it was a tense time and I liked that about it, everyone else was either incapacitated or dead, she was all they had left. Character wise, I liked them. Judau was a nice middle ground between Amuro and Kamille I found and giving him a sister to fight for was a nice touch, a shame Leina didn't get a chance to really pilot a Gundam and was instead placed under the care of someone else who seemed to want to refine her a la My Fair Lady or something which was both funny and disturbing. I actually liked seeing the other members of the crew pilot Gundams too. Seeing the Mark 2 and Zeta get a lot of screentime while fighting was nice as well, so it wasn't just the ZZ all the time. I did hate Beecha and Mondo for a while since they truly felt like scum with their actions in the beginning and even betraying the Argama but that turned around fast, was very glad Mondo was able to take his revenge after Rasara died, felt like something a side character wouldn't get a chance to pull off.. Iino was someone I wished did more though, he was my favourite of the side characters and was glad he had his several fights but wished he had more. Puru was a fun character just for how insane it felt like she was and I liked how completely oblivious she was as it added an interesting part to her character and how others had to deal with it. Bright remains my favourite character though, guys is incredibly based and I laughed at how Chara and Emary tried to get with him a bunch and he had to reject them. Speaking of Emary she had a sad death.It wasn't entirely perfect though, I still found myself somewhat bored in a few episodes, with MoonMoon and the arc in the desert being really boring.. Plus I felt that the ending was a bit lackluster. Haman's death felt shit honestly, and a huge step down with how Zeta ended too. I also grew really fond of Chara and it was a shame to see them go, I did like seeing Leina back though even if that never really happens in this series and feels a bit "off". I did watch Char's Counterattack right afterward but I didn't really care for it that much. Had some cool moments but was surprisingly not as good as I initially thought it was going to be. I did like how all the Gundams came together at the end though.After finishing these I do wonder if Gundam is even for me, I find myself drawing a complete blank on Gundam names beyond the ones you see the most and find the designs to be fine. I sometimes just drift off during fights and completely lose track of what is going on until I'm jolted back into the scene by a big explosion of the bad guy or something. I find the interactions done on the ship or with others to be much more interesting than the big space fighting and for the life of me I really couldn't tell what most of the bad guys even want anymore. This could be entirely on me but this is the first anime where I just cannot recall a majority of what even happened in it beyond certain parts. I don't know if I'll watch anymore Gundam after this for a while but if I do I might follow the sequel Unicorn, or keeps it chronological and go with IGLOO but I'll see.


>>1235I always try to take two steps back to try to see what the other guy is seeing, even if I don't agree, but ZZ is one of those things so singularly awful I can't even comprehend people liking it in even in the abstract. The show isn't bad because it's at odds with First or Z. It's awful because its at odds with itself.


>>1236That's honestly fair, I know people hate it for a lot of reasons but I honestly found it enjoyable for all those reasons people hate it. I like the comedic aspects, I like the new characters, I like how stupid it can be sometimes and I just enjoyed it because of that. *shrugs* I mean honestly when people were saying how much they hated it I expected to hate it too but I just didn't, I'd laugh at all the stupid things that would happen even though last series you had awful death and destruction everywhere. The complete 180 is just something that didn't bother me in the slightest as it did others. I'm all for things that ZZ did, hell if there was a Gundam show in the same vein as Captain Tylor or Golden Boy where the MC was a lucky idiot/genius who won fights through underestimation of the enemy while running away the entire time or something I'd find it incredibly enjoyable despite the fact that's not Gundam at all. It's just the kinda show I like.>The show isn't bad because it's at odds with First or Z. It's awful because its at odds with itself.What do you mean by this? The fact that it tries to balance the serious with the comedy, or how it just seems to have no plot for a majority of the time before rushing it all near the end?


I actually liked ZZ better than Z too, though I didn't like either as much as 0079. Z made me feel like I was missing stuff even when I watched every episode, ZZ generally hung together better. There was a bunch of goofy comedy, but I liked how it got to be silly sometimes. I even kind of liked Moon Moon. (Tomino really does like the idea of hippies that forgot what their technology does, it keeps showing up) The whole thing with Glemy was weird, though. Definitely feels like they changed their minds on what to do with him halfway through.


>>1235>>1237>>1238This lines up pretty well with what I've seen with people in general. Those who quite liked Zeta Gundam don't like ZZ and people who didn't care too much for Zeta like ZZ.I guess at the end of the day it boils down to what you're looking for in an anime, and with both shows being as different as they are despite being directly related there's a lot of contention there.I personally consider Zeta to be my favourite anime so I had a pretty similar opinion to >>1236 for a number of years, but I think I've softened up to it a bit with age, and I think quite a few parts of the show can be really enjoyable (even if it's still my least favourite Tomino Gundam).


Since i have the time i got around to watching 0083 on the LDs i have and honestly it looks so good actually watching it on an actual television and not some dinky little computer/phone screen. I saw bootlegs back in the 90s but its nice to watch it in its first quality and not sone 3rd generation copy.I really wish i could compare it to the bluray for quality difference but i really cant imagine much improvement in picture quality.


>>1140There's so many SF anime out there to watch, but I feel like I've cleared out a lot of the peaks >LotGH>Gundam '79, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, Victory>Ideon, Zambot, Daitarn, Xabungle>Gainax's early works>Macross, DYRL, Plus, 7>Galaxy Express 999>Megazone 23, Iczer, Bubblegum Crisis>all of Patlabor>all the Gundam AUs from the era>Toei Getter and ArmageddonI still have the J9 trilogy, the Robot Romance trilogy, as well as the Brave series (ignoring GGG, already seen it), but it does feel like I've hit all the high points for SF TV anime.


>>1254No Yamato?


>>1256Gonna complete the Leijipill later on, forgot to mention it.Also forgot to mention I watched every dogshit UC Gundam side story. Not worth it, same with the AUs.


I remember that when there still was a channel dedicated at anime and manga in my country they once aired a sci-fi anime that spoke about the story of a group of knights that had to protect a princess during her travel.Unfortunately i don't remember the name of the anime, the only thing i remember is that the drawing were of the lowest quality and the animation was even worse.




I never got into mecha, but I started watching Mobile Suit Gundam '79 and I'm really enjoying it. It's like a less polished LoGH with really great SFX. Seriously, I never really cared about that sort of thing before, but I recently thought about how much effort every explosion and plume of smoke must take. Or missiles? It's an art in of itself.It's also nice to become familiar with frequently referenced classic.


>>2074give VOTOMS a go if you haven't already


>>2074I finished 0079, I liked it a lot. I tried to watch other shows afterward, but couldn't get into them. Then I decided to start Zeta Gundam and wow...It was just amazing.


Started VOTOMS at >>2078's reccomendation. I haven't gotten too far in, but it's already really cool.I like the more human focus in comparison to Gundam. The robots here are just weapons of a war that ended right in the first episode as opposed to what might as well be a character of it's own. The suits are neat and seem way more practical, both from their scale, and also from the visible mechanisms. Also, they're all pretty similar rather than there being a couple types of mass production suits and then a ton of totally different over-the-top prototype suits.I've found the color used in the animation to be impressive. With how moody and gritty it is, I wouldn't expect it to be so vibrant.


>>2169I could never get into gundam because of the lack of focus on the robot fights and the untouchable OP new gundam gary stu's.Regardless of all the pretending and WW2 fanatics speculating around the Universal century war, there's also no real small unit tactics in gundam like there is in VOTOMS. No charging in like an idiot and using exclusively melee weapons is retarded. Doesn't matter how cool Barbatos is, the ending to IBO should have happened the very first time the idiot tried to fight like that back in season 1. Though to its credit, barbatos has to be completely rebuilt several times vs traditional UC era gundams that maybe lose an arm once in a while but are still Gary stu's and the pilot is able to miraculously recover completely from being in a full body cast in between episodes.VOTOMS is more grounded and enjoyable. Its a shame how obscure it is.


I watched MSG: Formula 91. It's visually stunning, and okay in terms of plot. I think it started a bit slow and had too many characters that didn't serve any meaningful purpose.I didn't like.the weird new mobile suits at first (they remind me of the darth vader parody from Spaceballs), but they grew on me. The F91 itself is really cool. The bugs, while terrifying, I thought were a bit silly. I was expecting some sort of nanomachine sort of thing.


I finally finished OG Space Battleship Yamato recently, and I want to kick myself for not watching it earlier. Even with all of the odd aspects that happened likely due to production issues, the show deserves to be called a classic. I would like to continue with the rest of the OG series at some point, but I am confused on the watch order after Yamato II, so I was wondering if there was any guide for a watch order of Yamato, or any other suggestions to help out.


After trying to watch Macross a few times, I decided to watch DYRL instead. It's a rather bleak and gruesome movie. What I watched of the show was not so harsh. Still I thought it was very good.. A lot of what I liked without the (in my opinion) poor pacing of the TV series. I also preferred the updated designs, particularly Hikaru's. I thought he looked dumb in the TV Series. Valkyries are cool as ever.Maybe I'll go back and finish the series soon. There's some stuff that only got touched on that probably has more in the show, also to see the other differences that I haven't come across yet.


I decided to finish Macross. What do you know, it picks up a lot right where I stopped watching it.
I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was frustrating at times. I didn't like that douchebag Kaifun. Hikaru was also irritating because he's a moron. I don't like Minmay much, but that's just because she's an ordinary girl.
I liked the action, but I'm glad they didn't have too much. You can really tell their budget was spread quite thin and also it gave more time to show some more interesting interactions.
I like Hayase a lot. She's pretty much exactly my type. Milia is also great, I wish we got to see more of her, but I suppose she served her purpose. I think that's the case with pretty much all the Zentradi really. Kind of a shame, it'd be interesting to get more insight on the life of the integrated Zentradi.
I'm glad I decided to finish it.


For various reasons, I rewatched the Gundam movie trilogy and Char's Counterattack.

It was the first time I've seen the trilogy since watching the entire series, and it was interesting seeing what they changed. They start talking about Newtypes a lot earlier in the movies, and in general "what is a Newtype" is a much bigger question in the movies. They also fit together a lot better than I remember - probably because they rewrote and reanimated so much of them. The pacing is still somewhat fucked, but they're a lot better than most compilation movies. Encounters in Space is probably the most noticeable with the old footage, I guess they were running out of time/money.

Char's Counterattack is another movie that just gets better every time I watch it. The first time I saw it, I couldn't follow it at all. In the four or so times since I've realised it makes perfect sense, it's just that you have to be paying attention to absolutely everything and be constantly putting the pieces together. It's kind of an exhausting movie to watch like that.

But man, Nu vs Sazabi is still the greatest mobile suit fight in Gundam. I don't think it even could be topped at this point.

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