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What does this mean, license has expired? Like now anyone can make derivative of it?


>>2068It means the rights have reverted to the original company and the company producing those can't make them anymore

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Let's have a thread for pre-2000s anime music that you enjoy a lot.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MGQpJq5KVs
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>>2062I will forever hate the name on that third video, spoiled me on something I had no idea about. My own fault for looking the OST up for Danpei's theme but I just didn't expect that shit to be there, could've easily called it something like Rikishi's Theme 2 or something.Speaking of AnJ music, here are Joe and Carlos's theme when they're entering the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBlIJicsD8Ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbI-83fCyncReally cool choices imo.



>>2064>Masayoshi Takanaka vs Yuji OhnoKino

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pretty Ran deservers to be here I love you Ran
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>>1940Good luck on that video ranbro.


>>1933Sorry if I replied so late, but I agree with your statements. But I will form a quick counterargument that some people would make about your opinion on the backgrounds of the reboot.Many would probably say that having high quality backgrounds won't matter because of how fast the reboot's pace is. On top of that, some people may say that you're nitpicking every last detail of the original so you can give it a much lower rating. Now I don't really believe in that counterargument but I decided to write it out for you so can debate it.As for standalone viewing I can agree that this episode is not very good.I also did rewatch the original's first episode just for reference and I can see how it does things way better the reboot. Like it being actually funny (mostly part 2 of the episode). Overall thou I can understand your arguments on why my ratings for the original are null. I just wanted to give the reboot a shot.


Hope everyone appreciates all the little interface changes I've made around here, mostly just to make everything feel tidier. Also, this thread is going to be archived, probably at the end of the month, since >>>/lum/ is up now (unless people really want it still around). Made some new banners and standardized the look and resolutions of the older ones. We should push to get more users from 4lum on here imo.


>>1944I think it could be moved to /lum/ like that /vr/ thread. Since this thread is currently the most popular one on the site right now.


>>1945That's true. I just want this thread to level off eventually so fresher threads can be made.


Cars from Urusei Yatsura. Post 'em
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Cars are lame, planes are much better


>>1730No, I disagree. I fuckin' LOVE CARS. Now post UY cars.



>>1730RIP the brave Mendou pilots who died defending the Earth during the Tomobiki High School PTA Meeting of '82.


>>1733This is a car thread sir. Make your own thread about pl*nes or j*ts somewhere else.


This is just to collect ideas from the community.Here's an idea I had for this: Maybe a user editable wiki? I realized with the directory that it would be better if other users could edit it, and I could also reupload all the saved horus media that's up on e-hentai (probably converted to webp to save file space)


>>1725I'm pretty sure a FANDOM UY wiki already exists. Unless you wanna make it 10x better.


Discuss the reboot.
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>>1716Yeah basically.


>Nurusei Yatsura does the drunk Lum episode >no Helen Sasano insert song Instantly inferior to the original


The season finale was fun


>>1722I'm surprised this even got a second season.


>>1722It was pretty good, but I don't understand why they felt the need to change the ending. They could have preserved the original beauty contest ending and then inserted the original stuff after, we missed out on a nice Ataru/Lum moment when they did that


Shinobu > LumDiscuss
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Shinobu bros...



Shinobu is not a lesbian, please go fuck yourselves PRONTO


>>1640Lum's Feed and Seedformally Shinobu's


Thread dedicated to the one and only Ryuu-chan.
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>>1620that's a man


>>1634But Benten is also horrible at being feminine, rememberthe chapter where her and Ryuunosuke have a competition to see who is more feminine?


>>1636There is a world of difference between Benten and Ryuunosuke. Benten is just a wild tomboy, Ryuunosuke is functionally retarded at acting female. It's easier to milk comedy out of her predicament.


>>1637She could be less retarded, if her dad wasn't such a psycho. I hope she made it eventually


So, what do we think of nu-Ryuunosuke?


Let's face it. /lum/ is comfy, but slow. We need to spread the word about /lum/ so this board can truly be a worthy successor to old /a/ UY threads. I think we should get some real nice OC and spread the word both on the nu lum threads on /a/ as well as r/uruseiyataura, and maybe even other places. Any of you have ideas?


>>1617I'm gonna be honest. I think we should really think on how we should spread this board. Spreading it /a/ gets you banned for 3 days plus /lum/ is full of schizos, so it should be ruled out in my opinion.As for reddit, honestly it's not worth it either. R/uruseiyatsura usually produces low quality content (plus they just repost the same shit over and over again) and having redditors here would ruin the comfiness of this place (just like with /a/).I advice you to spread it to old anime forums and such. They would probably attract more interesting people to discuss the anime.


>>1618>I advice you to spread it to old anime forums and such. They would probably attract more interesting people to discuss the anime.Agreed. Will gain a few interesting people without increasing traffic to spam levels as well. People tend to forget half of the reason why smaller IBs are "comfy" is due to the fact they aren't extremely fast. As long as there's a steady flow of posters without the website being "dead", that's fine on my end.


Does anyone know about a particular deleted scene that was allegedly showed only in Japan theaters were Ataru was hit in the head with a mallet and had a dream where he was a old man. I can't find any leads on this.


How'd you hear about it in the first place?


Not sure if this helps, I cant remember where I found it.

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