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Retro Anime & Manga

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hey /ar/, lets play hangman.I give you a little tip: The original television series is from 1983
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>>151The Enemy's The Pirates


>>152yap thats right


>>123You're no ordinary human! You're the devil! Help, I've seen the devil!


>>154>arx fatalisI dindt thought about that game in years, good taste anon.


>>96Will you or someone else continue, I missed both times


valentines day is one month away, time to get in the mood. only the best romcoms allowed
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>>90have fun and happy val. day, i hope you had something nice for her


>>91Thanks anon! We went out for dinner last night and are just chilling today aside from gifts. Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you're having a good one!


>>89it's something I whipped up in twenty minutes and it's kinda meant to be obnoxiously pink lol, i might fix it up laterIt's good to see everyone having a nice day though, this week I'll get the new chat server up and running. Thinking about doing a fireside chat one of these days so we can all discuss what else needs to be done around here (especially in regards to ideas on how to grow the site traffic wise)Also waptv is airing tomorrow, gonna put the schedule on the front page soon


>>93I actually rather like the pink theme lol. Also I'd definitely be down for a fireside chat to figure out a way to get more traffic, I really wanna see this place grow.


>>93that sounds great,I can't wait for waptv!


Many classic anime have been re-released, re-scanned, re-mastered, and re-edited countless times. This is a thread where you can post about differences between versions of any anime, from shitty upscales and botched crops, to alternate scenes, animation, and extended cuts. Try to avoid spoilers, so that if someone checks the thread for the “definitive” version of whatever they’re trying to watch they don’t get spoiled.


>>74I’ll start with a particularly (in)famous one: Ghost in the Shell 2.0.Over ten years after the original Ghost in the Shell movie was released, Mamoru Oshii went back to the film and re-worked it, changing the tint of the film from greens and blues to oranges and reds to better match that of Innocence (and possibly to distance it from The Matrix), recasting characters, and redubbing/rewriting several lines. Worst of all, several gorgeous, cel-animated sequences were replaced with shitty mid-2000s CGI renders.If you’re going to watch this movie (which you absolutely should if you somehow haven't already), stay as far away as possible from the 2.0 version. The original version has been released in bluray in just as good of a quality, and you’re only doing yourself a disservice by watching this disaster of a re-edit.


To keep discussion on here fresh and to get a broader perspective on retro anime, I'll be hosting monthly watch p/ar/ties on cytube. I'm planning on this first one being held on the 29nd at 15:00 UTC, which hopefully works for most wapnons, and will run from 4-6 hours in total. This thread is for submitting suggestions for the stream. Less well known or obscure suggestions would be appreciated as I know there are a lot of works people want to discuss but few have actually seen. >Voting has finished, thanks everyone!
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>>68Thanks again for streaming. I look forward to the next one


fuck I missed it...


>>66>Was planning on monthlyeven better and thanks again the stream was great


>>66>Was planning on monthlyis this still the case?


>>72yes, though future monthly streams will probably be shorter (as i plan to move forward with the weekly episode stream idea)




>>17Is that Carlos?


Raunchy Anime Night (Friday, February 4, 2022- Stream Starts at 6:30PM EST) Streaming a few retro movies tonight (some not retro) if anyone's interested.Streaming:Blood - The Last Vampire (This is both ENG/JAP)Demon City ShinjukuBio HunterA KiteThe Empire of CorpsesKanashimi no BelladonnaAnd Maybe Bible Black lolCome and have a comfy timehttps://www.twitch.tv/lubricant_piano


>>13just curious, why use twitch over cytube? most anons would prefer the latter since you can anonymously chat


>>14I haven’t tried it out. I should


>12 hours laterits still going, or atleast the stream is still up


Did anyone else see how insane this was on the stream? They really didn't fuck around back then.
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>>7The part 2 opening is better and more iconic than the part 1 OP, but everything else about part 1 is better and more iconic than part 2


Lupin didn't successfully steal a single thing in the first 4 episodes


>>6Whenever they do the running animation like this I can't help but laugh.


>>6the jail episode is pure kino


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1X4AII4mSQseaz24xx0wuTr7TFMd4X3crA bunch of booklets and box arts for parts 1, 2 and 3. Cool stuff.


here we go


Reply test




testing to see if replies work


Welcome to the best place to discuss retro anime! Please keep your posts mainly focused around pre 2000s works - remakes are OK if they're based on an older work.

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