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Oro !



How did he always appear everywhere, anyway


A wizard did it.


It was fate


>>451because of shinobufags



Here's hoping this goes well
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>>445>More to point I feel like doing it the way they did actually gives it more it's own sense of legitimacy and identity rather than just making it like the old one but with a new coat of paint. Yeah, that's true. Honestly I do think I compare this to the original too much when I should really think of it as it's own thing. While I did find their characters to be different from what we have before and thus a bad thing, I guess it's actually a good thing in the end since they are their own unique characters over being "Kei 2" and "Yuri 2". >Plus with a lot of the story being about them needing to live up the legacy of their name does sort of paint it as having respect for the original but also wanting to be unique. Yeah, I felt that too. I do wish it was confirmed to be the original Dirty Pair but imagining them being in their 30s or something would be quite odd (plus one would be dead and the other out for revenge).>they wanted it to be more classic Pair but by that time Kei's actress had retired and Yuri's wasn't willing to do it "without her partner" Which is nice.How fitting.


>>444Alright, so Flash 2 was better than Flash that's for sure. I found the location of 90s Tokyo to both be odd and interesting. Obviously, Dirty Pair should be set in the "anime space future" of the 80s/90s so plonking them in Tokyo 1995 just comes off as odd, but at the same time I quite liked it because I do enjoy the setting of 90s Tokyo despite it being used a lot in other anime and for Dirty Pair it's actually a new, unique location. Touma was a fun third wheel to throw into the mix, but I do wish he was utilized a bit more since he was just there for the first episode and would've been fun to see him in more dangerous situations and having to adapt to them since he's only really in one in the final episode. His character design reminded me of someone else though and I couldn't put my finger on who or from what I'm remembering his design from. Maybe Yugioh GX's professor.As for the episodes, I both loved and somewhat disliked them to be honest. I found Flash 2 to be endearing but also very off the mark. An episode where the girls have to stay at a boarding school because there's no where else to live with a "ghost haunts the school" plot, sure that's funny and interesting I guess but that's really not what I think when I think Dirty Pair. Oh, speaking of Dirty Pair they finally said it in the show which was nice. I did enjoy the episodes overall though, even if a side of me was saying "this isn't Dirty Pair". The Touma love episode was great honestly, found it to be quite humourous and enjoyed the slice of life elements quite a bit so that was my favourite of the bunch and the episode with the con artist was great too. I found the final episode to be somewhat lackluster though, I didn't really care for the stakes and honestly forgot what they were even trying to stop and why. They really love reminding us that Kei is a woman as well, think it's been mentioned around three to four times now. The whole transvestite part was also oddly out of the blue but still quite funny. I get it, Kei's a tomboy (hot tbh) and she hates when people think she's a man but it just seems odd to keep on mentioning it. The original Dirty Pair had around three mentions of it and an episode around the idea that Kei is mistaken for a man and it didn't come off as so "in your face". Also, Yuri sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>448Well, Flash 3 was fun. I say that for all of Dirty Pair but I really did just find myself chuckling or smiling at whatever stupid plot the girls have found themselves in this episode. Didn't really care for the OP and ED this time around, really liked 1 and 2's though. Alright, the first episode was surprisingly good. I like concepts like this and this episode was surprisingly good at keeping everything suspenseful. Once again though, here's a very KEI CENTERED EPISODE which again reinforces her as the main character in my eyes. Did find it funny seeing her change a diaper then get embarrassed over the lil baby penis (pure tbh) and ending it with having to "breastfeed" the baby to avoid capture which is both dumb and somewhat smart for a person in her extreme situation. That second episode though....what an interesting one, Monica was a CCS reference, right? The entire episode was stupid but I didn't really hate it or anything, just laughed at how odd it was. The dub (which I decided to do for this episode) also made the insults a lot more funny too. That third episode was a lot of fun too, always enjoy sports anime and having a generic "HARD WORK AND GUTS" coach is quite fun, I do wish we saw some actual Volleyball instead of the training part, that episode also felt very "Flash" since I couldn't imagine the originals doing an episode like this. I liked the 4th episode as well, the kid was quite unique, can't think of another character that tried to copy a girl as a robot and love the robotic version when the real one was there the entire time, was quite humourous to see actually and I didn't expect Yuri to wear the original costume in this episode, what a nice surprise. Also, very nice to have a Yuri centered episode as well, feels like we're always with Kei. I wonder if the kid was meant to represent the fans in some way, felt like a message to them to not focus on a fake girl you've made pure in your head (Yuri) and instead go out and find a real girl. As for the final episode, it reminded me slightly of the last episode of Bubblegum Crisis which was nice, plus having a chief centered episode was nice. Always enjoy when there's some aspect like a child hostage the good guys need to deal with, although I do wish there was a bit more action. Overall, I'd rate Flash as inferior but not as bad as I was lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I actually get a few of the episodes of Flash 2 and 3 mixed up order wise but I did enjoy them both. The volley ball episode being a prominent stand out, for a few reasons, but there's some good ones in there. It's a bit of a shame we didn't get anymore because I feel like they were really starting to develop their stride as they went on. Maybe see a movie or something.


Post media that's modern, but clearly in the style of retro anime.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-QKpO_erUw


>>400Fake retro is not retro


>Moshi Moshi, Ghostu Suipa Mikami desu?
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>>394>30 yenshe literally gets paid 2 cents per hour


>>395thats a lot if you consider that shes a ghost, what does she need the money for anyways.


>>393It's a shame the anime never covered the later half of the book where she becomes human again


>>397didn't she lose her memories and never ended up with yokoshima tho?


>>398She got them back and rejoined the team as a necromancer.








*dj scratch sounds*


Did Anno run out of budget (again)?
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>>374>Kazumi AmanoHer love for the coach was pure and just.


>>372I'm just glad the last episode ended up being made at all considering the amount of other excellent OVAs that just kind of end with no conclusion.(I think the uncertainty of having enough money to make each episode is why the three last episodes all kind of feel like they could be the last one too, though that's just conjecture on my part)Anyways, can you imagine the sex with Jung Freud? My God.


>>376Love me some feisty redhead.


>>376h o t!


>>372It was a stylistic choice. Everyone who worked on it says so and are aware of the meme.


It's just weird to me, like, if you look at any anime prior to 1990 you will see a clear difference in art style. The anime of the time is less jagged and more rounded and bubbly as opposed to modern anime which isn't. I'm just curious as to why that is. When exactly did this shift away from the softer less pointed animation begin and why?
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>>366They all look good to me.


>>362the 90's part still cracks me up, good lord that's bad


Ignoring very unique artstyles and just talking generally:60's was Disney copying because muh tezuka. 70's was the rebellion against that which was Gekiga. 80's was a balance between the two which was round and pretty. The 90's was a push for more angles and spikes because it was radical. The 00's were a more calmed down 90's with influence from VN artwork which had bigger eyes and softer features. The 10's were like the 00's but even rounder. Still not as chunky and soft as the 80's, but much more approachable than the past two decades. The 20's is so far the same besides a bigger focus on color gradients, but we're still early.


>>369I think what started defining the late 10s/early 20s already is the increasing complexity of outfits. A lot of them feel like 10s designs but with way more little trinkets and details on the pieces of the outfits, while the faces have stayed mostly the same. I think a huge part of what happened in the 80s is a desire to make the designs more animation friendly, when you see how Kanada would draw background characters in his cuts in the 70s, for example, they were very round and simplified, the explosion of the Kanada school in the early 80s probably had lots to do with where design was going. Then in the mid 80s right as the very round and animation friendly Kanada school designs of stuff like A-Ko or Leda are in vogue, you got some push towards more complexity because OVAs and films could handle such difficult designs.


>>358You should instead be asking why this angular design was popular at all in the first place.If you look at pre-70s anime, it's all cute round characters. It was Leiji Matsumoto's Yamato series and it's success that spawned the "80s look" where everything was done with angular shapes and stylish hair to denote passionate characters, etc. It's what Shimamoto famously drew upon when making Blazing Transfer Student and later the anime shop clerk from Lucky Star, if you remember.It was simply the style at the time, and eventually other styles subplanted it along with a digital revolution that made animating much different than how it used to be. Back in the 90s the old way got really stuffy, with the insistence on dark shading and detailed frames making it difficult to animate well, so the digital revolution really brought life back into the industry.So to answer your question, I think in fact, animation only reverted back to the pre-Leiji style with cute round shapes moving fluidly like you see in Mahoutsukai Sally or Tetsuwan Atom or Tetsujin 28-gou. And it was accented by the themes of the time, like moe in the 00s, the shapes of the 2010s isekai boom, and now a revert back to detailed shading with simple shapes that you see now.


Self explanatory. It's fine if characters are featured, but try chose shots focused on the background.I'll start with some from Tokimeki Tonight.
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>>348one of my favourite frames ever, i remember stopping the movie and analize this frame for hours to understand the symbolism.




I don't know if the second counts.



Yes, the weekly stream idea is real, and it's going to start up within the week. I am thinking of running the streams biweekly on tuesdays and thursdays (unless other days work better, but i'd like to keep it during the week)The idea is that each day would have an episode from two series during the same season. Here's what i'm thinking of starting with>Tuesday: Fall 1982Space CobraTokimeki Tonight>Thursday: Spring 1983Aishite KnightMiyukiThis would all be taken care of by a bot (finally got one working), so I won't have to micromanage everything. Times are probably going to be 17:00 UTC since thats the time that presumably works for the most people.(Another idea - doing rebroadcasts at a few common local times during the day such as noon in PST, EST, and CET)(With an episode a week, these would take many months to get through a whole series, so I may do two episodes of each in a block if people would prefer that)
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>>309I just now also noticed that the bot got things out of order, Aishite Knight episode 11 is playing after Miyuki. Definitely seems like some sort of daylight savings issue.


>>274I think the server move might have broken wapTV again, nothing streamed today and the log still shows the last stream from thursday.


>>311i know waptv has been really broken for a while, it's just been kinda far down on my todo list. has it been streaming the right episodes recently or should i push it back a few?


>>312Yes episodes were correct and it was streaming at the right times before today.


>>313Looks like i forgot to set the execute flags on the scripts when i moved them over. Fixed that, so I'll runs the today's streams tomorrow/

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