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1.45 MB 1193x897 KagomePointsOut.png
anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 12:46:43 No. 3
You VILL listen to the stunning soundtrack by Kaoru Wada You VILL get comfy at the sight of the Ferris wheel You VILL get immersed into the world of medieval Japan You VILL marvel at the beautiful backgrounds and colour palettes And you VILL enjoy it
4.35 MB 400x300 ferris.gif
24.10 KB 455x250 1648608229126.jpg
>>3 Fuck, marry, kill.
>>5 FUCK kagome MARRY kikyo KILL sango
>>4 i approve
624.32 KB 498x371 Sango Blushing.gif
>>6 >KILL sango Whyyyyy?
>>8 i cant deal with crazy bitches that wear gas masks plus the centipedes are cool
998.99 KB 721x865 SangoGear.png
>>9 you clearly never went to a goth party
974.51 KB 220x220 cybergoth-dance-party.gif
>>10 >you clearly never went to a goth party
1.97 MB 498x382 sango-inuyasha-2.gif
>>9 Watch what you say about my wife.
>>12 cute
>>3 I don't know how this board got so active all of a sudden but it's very nice to see. Also sango best girl
136.48 KB 597x563 Kagoing_Bueno.jpg
>>14 >sango best girl
31.11 KB 376x443 Sango smiling.jpg
26.80 KB 728x455 sango-minimal-2022-04-16.jpg
717.73 KB 968x1332 Sango.jpg
>>17 Where's her face?
47.39 KB 728x455 sango edit.jpg
>>18 Don't worry, she's just on her way to a ad shoot for apple in the 2000s.
35.45 KB 741x613 Sango Stare.jpg
>>19 Sort of unsettling.
>>19 now add some line from a 20XX apple campaign
>>19 haha this is brilliant
50.24 KB 728x455 sango-anon.jpg
47.96 KB 728x455 sango edit(2).jpg
53.25 KB 728x455 sango apple edit.jpg
10.86 KB 340x213 ad-just-got-better.jpg
>>24 upps got the wrong anon, meant you >>21
Well I just found the most 2007 video ever thanks to this thread. https://youtube.com/watch?v=_yzzzf465G8
>>26 kek that was great, good find
61.37 KB 881x848 kago.jpg
>mfw we already made it to 1100
68.24 KB 193x205 1647500387538.png
>>24 what a cancerous campaign slogan
>>29 Definitely, Apple was/is pretty full of itself.
>>30 I still used a CD player when iPods came out.
>>31 I still have some laying around, mostly music I got as gifts and never could bring myself to throw out.
167.46 KB 1202x893 Sango (2).jpg
Don't mind me, just posting my wife.
71.05 KB 320x180 sango-lol.mp4
>>33 name a quality you appreciate about her
>>35 boomerang
>>35 She makes my dick hard.
this thread got derailed like the train casey jones was on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzVNoX57mA
>>38 >Naraku's theme starts >AHHHH POISONOUS INSECTS!
I'm still mad after all these years that Kagura was kill, Sesshomaru has revived worse with the Tenseiga. Complete bullshit!
>>3 more like inuTRASHa
104.07 KB 600x458 104672815_p1.png
179.51 KB 680x678 104672815_p0.png
498.57 KB 2433x2560 104672815_p2.png
>>3 You forgot to say >You VILL daww over how cute Kirara is