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Nichijou! anon 07/23/2022 (Sat) 10:52:55 No. 15
Let's talk about our lives, anons. I mean, this is what this entire board is about so give us an update. Something small, something big. Just tell us what you're up to even if it's nothing special. Maybe update us every week or something. Don't dox yourself, just give us random insights or whatever. Hope making a thread that's literally the board subject doesn't detract from this place any, I just wanted to spark some more discussion and thought I'd go the easiest route. I'd say to not talk specifics about anything you're watching/reading/playing (could make a separate thread for those), give us an idea of your life, fears, hopes, dreams etc. Things like that so this thread doesn't detract from the main point of the board too much. Unfortunately, my life isn't very interesting or eventful at all, haha. I know I'm the one making the thread here but to be honest I spend most of my time playing vidya, watching anime, exercising, losing weight, hanging with friends and taking care of my family which involves shopping daily so everything is stocked up for them. I've been trying to lose weight since last August since I've been quite overweight since I was around 11 and honestly feel it's been an awful factor of my life, it's been a slow and steady process but I've lost around 60 pounds over the past year and while it's not great progress (could've probably hit my target by now) it's something and it keeps me going. I honestly want to lose weight so I can cosplay characters at cons more than anything. I've also been trying to find work, looking for jobs that I'm able to do is a difficult process and personally I'm pretty worried I might not be able to find something that pays a decent amount and that I can do. I gotta keep trying though, I feel as if I have no independence at all and waste time when I should put it towards something even if it's a "soulless" job. How about you, anons? Tell us about your life and maybe add a cool picture or something to your post, but that's up to you.
>>15 I should definitely work out more, it's great that you're working towards that self improvement. I've been feeling much better ever since I've set a bunch of short term goals and just doing what I must. It feels great to just knock shit out that I would've otherwise held off. Still wish I could find a good community out there on the web. I've got good company, but the old essence of the internet is a high I have yet to capture again. Couldn't really think of a cool image to add to this post.
>>15 I'm busy with multiple projects and have tons of stuff I need to do, like looking for a job. Currently working on an android app for uni (nothing special), I'm almost done with it but I lost all motivation and it's not fun, mostly cause my partner is so difficult to work with. After the app is done I will start a 3D modelling course in preparation for next semester, might post some stuff if it doesn't look too awful lol. Also started learning Japanese again, I plan on playing DQ1-3 in Japanese and post updates of my jap game adventures on /br/, starting next month.
>>17 Update I will finish the app today, finally. Thank god, I will be free again holy fuck. Will probably get drunk today and do fuck all for 2-3 days to recover.
>>18 Nice. I've messed around in flutter for a bit (wanted to work on a matching band drill app), but never made a ton of progress. It would probably help me to set short term goals since I tend to just work for a while and come back to it later without any visual sense of progress.
>>15 Appreciate the sincerity, friend. I sympathize with the weight loss struggles. Been pretty big since I was a little kid. Just American things. Ate garbage and played XBOX all day, big shock I ended up like I am. Lost about sixty pounds myself about a year ago, and then stagnated, and have put 20 back on in recent months. I really, really need to get back on track. The feeling of physical freedom I experience when I was at my slimmest was something else. I want to feel that way again. Let's all do our best. I'm attending university at the moment, majoring in English, minoring in classics (Latin language stuff, primarily). Probably not going to end up going to grad school, because of money and all. Going to become a schoolteacher. Hated public school myself, barely made my way through, in my mind because of the way I was taught. Every piece of information was kind of a "floating point." I didn't understand why I was being asked to do anything, so I felt no motivation to do anything. I want to help kids understand the history and human significance of communication and of letters. What is literacy? What does it mean to be a literate person? What does it mean to be an illiterate person? Etc.
There is too much I wanna do... I need to find a way to schedule this. >learn programming >learn Japanese >watch more retro anime >play more reto games >get fit All of those require me to put a lot of hours into them too...
>be busy with work stuff >"when my vacation starts I will play so many games and watch animu all day" >*play 2 games within the first week* >now feel like I had my share and don't want to game for quite a while Welp at least I manage to watch a few anime episodes every day. I hate getting old, but on the other hand if I'm happy by doing nothing that might not be too bad either.
>>22 Fuck this is me as well. >fuck yeah finally the weekend time to game all night >get tired at 10pm >go to sleep
>Go to sleep thinking about being productive the next day >Doesn't do so after waking up
(887.53 KB 1166x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>25 I know how you feel, anon. Multiple times I say to myself I will do something or at the very least BEGIN something but never do and it's a real shame. I'm banking on actually doing some stuff later on in life when I'm in a much more free environment but time is ticking and I'm not starting anything.... I've had an idea for something that could actually help wapchan gain a bit of traffic (or hinder it) but would need more time to get it all together. Would discuss it with the site just to see what people would think but at this point it's not even off the ground yet. As for my life, I've actually stagnated due to becoming addicted to a game and I just need to fucking finish it and get it out of the way. It's truly taken a month away from me and stopped so much and I should've never started it but I'll see it through and focus on life once again. Will probably be the last time I'll ever give a game so much time in such a short period again.
>>26 >It's truly taken a month away from me I did the same these last few weeks playing the anniversary event on Ephinea PSO. Had fun, but at the same time regret wasting a lot of time grinding for badges. What game was it in your case anon?
(946.71 KB 939x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>27 Fallout 4 I fucking know, it's embarrassing especially since I remember hating it back when it released for multiple reasons and especially since I was a massive fan of NV but modding it with tons of new content, gameplay changes and weapons, having all the DLC and trying it out on the hardest difficulty made it very addicting. 200+ hours over the past month, so much wasted time for a game that should only take 30ish hours to beat.
>>28 >I fucking know We are not on /v/ bro, if you enjoy the game that's fine. Unless you are a gacha addict, that's pathetic.
>>28 >>29 >for a game that should only take 30ish hours to beat Also another thing I want to add, I thought about this recently, how people are rushing through stuff and focus on "finishing" games rather than enjoying the experience. I did this myself a year ago when I wanted to finish all Megaman games, but holy fuck it's soul crushing when you do it "to be done with". Then in comparison I played Kingdom Come: Deliverance, mostly just fucking around, testing mods, doing side quests, exploring and not bothering with the main quest line at all. Most fun I had in years, even though I never finished the main story, will probably come back to it when I picked up the DLC in a sale.
My life recently has been pretty decent. Going back to uni is nice, even if it means I got a lot on my plate these days, since i've been able to meet up with my friends. I was able to bring a few of my old computers to my dorm so I can get back to video production soon enough. Big thing for me to focus on is finally going to the gym consistently this term and not eating as much. >>26 I can kinda relate to that. Used to spend literal days playing paradox games like HOI4 and CK2 and the like. I still play them occasionally but it's crazy how much time you can just sit and stare at a map so I try to limit my time with them now. I have been playing chess more recently, I've always been a decent ish player but nothing spectacular, so I try to spend some time on lichees doing puzzles and games during the week.
(17.39 KB 600x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29 I was mainly saying that for myself. I feel ashamed I put so much time into it. ;-; >>30 Honestly, I've experienced enough of the game. I've done everything I can except one DLC that'll probably take me around 2 days (hopefully) and kinda just want it to end because I've put too much time into it already. It's taken away time from other vidya and my life in general and while I get that's totally on me to put time into things correctly I just didn't expect it would have this effect on me at all and kinda want to finish it so it won't anymore. As for getting the most out of the game, I usually do a lot of the time. I just want to end it now because I've put too much time into it. Hell, I put too much time in vidya anyhow, should really focus on other stuff in my life. >>31 Good luck to you, dude. Hope hitting the gym will be good for ya and enjoy uni. Join the anime club if you've got one as stupid as that sounds, made some fantastic friends there I still talk to when I went a few years ago.
>>27 Hey,if you had fun during your time there that's what matters! I used to play a lot on Ephinea but I had to stop after a couple of years. It's probably my favorite game and I miss the community but I had to move on to something else.
>>15 Hi! It's been a few months so I wonder how you're doing. I'm honestly just replying because I wanted to try and participate instead of lurking. I wonder how your weight loss journey is going? Mine became a mess. I didn't lose enough to reach my goal but started being called ugly/boney (in the bad sense) even though I was in a good weight range so I started to overeat again. And, as it turns out, you can't outexercise a bad diet. Crazy, I know. I've also found out the mobage I like is closing its english version so I've been kinda bummed out about it. But well, I guess this is the sign I needed to finally re-take japanese. On a brigther note, my uni classes are going well and I found the way to manage studying, working part-time and catching up with anime at the same time.
(107.00 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>41 I'm doing well, anon. Thanks for the response! My weight loss has being going well, still a while to go until I get to my desired weight (and I still want to lose a bit more than that too, probably another 50 pounds left). Although, I haven't been keeping up with my exercise this week and need to get back to it. I'm sorry to hear about your diet but I know you can do it, hardest part is keeping to it honestly. Even the hunger can go away most of the time if you're distracted long enough. Glad to know you're uni classes are going well, make sure to join your uni's anime club. I had great memories from that place and probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for it. Post more my guy, even making a thread is something to add to this board.
>>41 >>42 Things have been pretty good for the most part. The only thing that kinda stinks is that since I'm so busy these days (lotta hw and club activities) I haven't really had the time to make a youtube video in ages. I should be able to find some time this weekend though.
(748.88 KB 828x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43 >club activities Oh sweet, which clubs bro? Anime and vidya, right? Don't feel too bad about not giving wapchan a lot of attention, it's still small enough that a one man team can keep spammers down and such. Just keep up with the work and social life. As for me, life still hasn't changed much. Doing small things everyday to make sure I get to a better position in life but it's tough with random factors getting in the way. Not really much I can update on myself beyond that.
>>43 You have a youtube cahnnel?
>>46 I do, though it's been inactive recently because I haven't had a lot of time to actually put stuff together, but I've been working on a few projects that should come to fruition soon. https://youtube.com/c/fig57
New semester started, already feel burned out. I have a GUI project in PyQt5 to work on, which is due in around 8 weeks. I suck at coding and never worked with python before and considering that I have other stuff to do as well that dead line seems a bit strict, especially as it's not just a GUI but rather a fully working software with a GUI on top. We had a full 4 weeks more in earlier projects... Also taking the image processing and 3D modelling course, the exercises there take time as well and they have math parts that kinda fuck me over. Hoped that this semesters courses would be fun, or at least not too hard, but it seems thats not the case. I mean, I'm learning a lot but the circumstances under which I work make it a horrible experience for me. Guess my main problem is that I can't deal with the pressure anymore, wish I could just give my best every day and it would be fine, no dead lines after which you "fail" if it's not done.
>>48 Best advice I can give you, anon. Is to head off to uni at night when no one is there and just work on it. Not sure how your work schedule is but this worked well for me. I got through a hell of a lot of coursework back when I went to uni by just heading to an empty lab at 11pm and working until morning. I could get around 8 hours of work done in that time and repeating that 2-3 times a week meant I was able to get A LOT of work done while still keeping time for myself. Python isn't too hard to learn, definitely on the easier side of languages since it reads really easily and most of the time you can import tons of libraries that just give you functionality you need, and you can always google "how do I do X in python" and apply it to your work with ease. As for the maths shit, sorry anon, that's always the worst. Even I struggled hard with that and had to get tons of help from friends for it, even worse was when we the course itself was INVENTED by the lecturer, so you couldn't even google around for help since it'd just return HIS book. Good luck anyhow, I never thought I'd pass uni by my 2nd year but somehow made it through unscathed.

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