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Pre-2000s Mob Kino General Lord Dago 02/02/2022 (Wed) 04:49:55 No. 8
Yup it’s happening What have (You) watched recently? What is your favorite mob kino? (Sopranos is ‘99)
>>8 For me it’s picrel (1996) Armand Assante & Anthony Quinn kill it desu
(651.59 KB 800x1200 casino.jpg)
>>8 *ahem*
(35.41 KB 360x272 Heat-1995.jpg)
not exactly a mob movie but a great gangster movie nonetheless
>>11 Solid choice
thanks to /rum/ i got reminded of m a city in search of a murderer, its a fritz lang movie, a pedo killer is up to no good and the police is in over its head so the mob steps in and fuck thats shithead good, so to speak. i only found an german trailer but i hope its ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYEc7ZpHcdQ
Ok ok I say it, married to the mob, goodfellas and once upon a time in america. Go watch'em.
>>25 What's /rum/?
>>36 >>14 the retro music thread
>>33 Why’d he kill young Chrissy?
>>33 >once upon a time in america Kike fellas was okay (7/10) +1 for Jcon
What’s the deal with the mob flicks? Why one could like em?

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