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(5.67 MB 640x480 outlander_english.webm)
the great recommendations thread anon 01/10/2022 (Mon) 22:29:23 No. 89
give one get one. I start: Outlanders (16.12.1986), great trashy fun on a saturday evening. back of the box blurb: >Scantily clad space princess Kalm arrives on Earth to shake things up! As her father’s armada pummels the Earth’s forces this busty space maiden plunders the planet in search of a good man to call her own. Hapless Earthling Tetsuya finds himself caught between the alien invaders and the warrior woman who would be his wife!
(61.99 KB 800x500 2020131652227.jpg)
>>89 Seems like you are fan of short series OP, so I decided to go in the opposite direction instead, and I hope to arouse your curiosity a bit. From the authors of Doraemon: "Kaibutsu-kun" (1980). The manga is not very long, while the anime goes on for more than 90 episodes. As its 'brother' Doraemon, it is a nice, funny series marked by wacky, bizarre situations with the conscious intent of depicting flaws and fragilities of human beings. A mockery of the horror genre.
this list should have something for everyone maison ikkoku touch macross zeta gundam orange road gunbuster dangaioh Yawara Patlabor World Masterpiece Theater trigun Ashita no joe Hell Teacher Nube J-Decker Tokimeki Tonight Hiwou's War Lupin 93 Fatal Fury special victory gundam midori Perfect blue Zambot 3 Lodoss War Tekkaman Blade Oishinbo Candy candy heidi majokko megu-chan miracle girl limit-chan marvelous melmo mako the mermaid Magic Knight Rayearth 2 sin: the movie
>>90 Ajiado had a heavy hand in this show, everything they touched in 80s that I've seen has been great. I'll be checking it out sometime soon. I'm going to give a recommendation of 1963's Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji. One of the greatest of Toei Doga's classic films, extremely unique and elaborately animated. It's a great children's fantasy film from anime's earliest days.
>>119 nice list but thats not how this works
(411.13 KB 712x528 1235822589.png)
>>128 I searched that up and the art looks really nice. I'll add that to my backlog. I recommend Dallos. Its the first OVA and probably the most underrated anime by Oshii except for Open Your Mind. It has some great scenes and a GOAT opening. The story would be fantastic but the show is too short, it would have been better if it was 25 episodes even if the art suffered. I also found the characters engaging, especially the antagonist and the revolutionary leader.
(116.53 KB 1024x768 ranga.jpg)
Underrated little kino that manages to blend kaiju and mecha with insightful political commentary, yet staying entertaining the whole time. The pacing on this might throw one off at first, but it's worth it. Also the OP is a jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXT29Fs8meQ (And yea Asuka/aisha seiyuu is singing the op and is the MC)
>>252 Great show! It's definitely one that prioritizes using its scenarios for the sake of rich speculation on its themes over telling a traditionally satisfying story. That, and its just weird. So I think it filters a lot of people. I love how each girl really embodies a certain aspect of what people use the concept of god for, that's my reading of the show at least. Tons of great animation as well, they use those animation friendly designs well for expressive acting and the kaiju fighting feels heavy.
(482.06 KB 1020x768 Feb.png)
>>252 Been meaning to watch this for the longest time but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I can recommend the 1990 OVA Sol Bianca though, saw it recently and it was a treat. Two fun space adventures following an endearing cast of female space pirates. There's some genuinely fantastic character as well as mechanical designs in this, not to mention some seriously impressive animation. There's also another 6 episode OVA made some years later, but it has some pretty ugly early digital animation which ruins a lot of the appeal of the original in my opinion.
>>350 Looks decent hopefully the animation isn't all it's got going for it.
>>89 I’d recommend Twilight of the Cockroaches from 1987, very underrated anime film with an interesting perspective on the Japanese bubble economy. Also, this may be a feature but i’m unable to upload images on my phone because the page reloads when I select one (in this case the poster to the film I was talking about), I know that “phoneposter” is a boogieman on 4chan but i’d say we want all the posters we can get here, just a thought.
(109.14 KB 560x800 grta.jpg)
>>89 Giant Robo - The day The Earth Stood Still, also called Giant Robo OVA or Giant Robo The Animation, is probably the most ambitious animation project ever attemped in Japan, arguably on par if not more than Akira or Takahata's Kaguya-hime. It's an epic on par with Hollywood Kolossal like Birth of a Nation or Ben-Hur; extremely consistent and high-quality animation that never chooses between details or fluidity, an amazing cast of marvelous characters and a tragic storyline that homages the entire career of Mitsuteru Yokoyama; it features some of the most beautiful sequence in animation history and is a must watch for everyone who loves the medium.
>>89 I recommend Armored Trooper Votoms. Story wise it get pretty interesting. The story follows Chirico, an ace Votom pilot and all around badass. Chirico is a soldier for some nation at war with another nation, and is selected for a difficult and secret mission. Chirico is betrayed on this mission, survives, is branded a traitor and hunted by his nation to cover up the secret. So we follow Chirico across the galaxy as he unravels the mystery of why the fuck they would do all this. Features: robot and space fights, lots of small arms fights, some pretty interesting set pieces in the forms of jungles and cities, a really crazy reveal at the end. Really cool mechs, too. And if you find you like the aesthetic, check out Armor Hunter Mellowlink. Both shows have some great music as well.
(71.40 KB 640x400 Harlock.jpg)
>>89 Space Pirate Captain Harlock. It's a pretty good show about a Space Pirate Captain fighting against an Amazonian Matriarchal society of female plant aliens. Good shit. The other Harlock media is good, but each one is set in it's own different canon. >>450 Seconding this. I would like to say to anyone that watches VOTOMs that each "Part/Season" is set in a different planet and can feel a little jarring since each one feels like another genre (first part is a Mad Max style story, second part is Vietnam style, etc). I wasn't warned about this, so the show felt off for me at first, but once I got used to it, it became a favorite of mine. I recommend anyone go into it with an open mind. Mellowlink is also great.
>>252 I put this one on hold after the first ep to save it for the warm, sweaty months of summer.
>>464 I like to joke around and describe the original Captain Harlock as 'The power of moe compels a space pirate who otherwise lost all faith in humanity to protect the earth from aliens'.
>>119 Is this list actually worth a damn? Some of it seems to be the most basic stuff out there and some of these names I never even heard of.
What are some good retro space anime in the vein of Legend of the Galactic Heroes? I tried watching Macross but I'm finding it rather silly and somewhat underwhelming.
>>1301 LoGH is quite literally one of a kind. The closest thing there is to LoGH is Universal Century Gundam, but even then they're very different franchises. The similarities largely stem from being long character-driven science fiction drama series with tons of different characters from conflicting factions with motivations and schemes, and with Universal Century Gundam (or, at least the first three series and Char's Counterattack), you're going to largely be sticking with the same cast in a long war drama/political plot. There's also a lot of very similar characters between the two. Also, not really like LoGH, but related, there's Irresponsible Captain Tylor, which is a parody of military drama space opera anime in general. The original creator claimed that the main character, Tylor is literally a spoof on Yang Wen-li, so that's why I'm recommending it.
>>1302 >LoGH is quite literally one of a kind. Sad but true. I'm afraid that I'll never find anything so high quality that also caters to my specific tastes in anime (and modern anime is even less likely to have that particular combination for may reasons). Not that anon, by the way. I've heard people claim that the Leijiverse comes close, but I've still yet to watch anything in it. >The original creator claimed that the main character, Tylor is literally a spoof on Yang Wen-li That's funny if true, do you have a source for that?
>>1312 >That's funny if true, do you have a source for that? Not that anon, but the only source I can find is from the Tylor wiki which states that, however I've seen both and there are quite a decent amount of comparisons you can make for both, plus Tylor's light novel came out 2 years after LOGH's ended. Copying what I said from another thread: Tylor is meant to be like Yang, albeit, a hell of a lot more easy going and downright lucky. Working for the "United Planets Space Force" and pretty much joining it for reasons that aren't relating to wanting to fight in battles but being exceptional in the battles he fights. Leading the people around him having no idea if it's dumb luck or incredible genius he plays off as dumb luck. Whereas his main rival opponent is Ru Baraba Dom who is a commander in the Raalgon empire, has long hair, is pretty damn serious a majority of the time and sees Tylor as someone who is incredibly powerful and someone he needs to defeat for the empire to win the fight against the UPSF. (It's been a while since I watched it, I can't fully remember the Raalgon empire's background)
In the first or second episode of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ there's a scene where a female character faints as part of a gag. I've always enjoyed seeing this happen in live action movies, this is the first time I've gotten the same enjoyment from an anime. This particular scene has no bearing on the plot, we never see this character before or after, and we never even learn her name. I have trouble finding references to this scene online and as far as I can tell this is the only time a woman faints in the entire Gundam franchise. Are there any anime with similar scenes, preferably involving named characters with more relevance to the plot?
Boku no Pico
(67.80 KB 640x480 toyota.jpg)
I watched Goddamn OVAs yesterday, and I really liked it. The non-CG animation looks excellent. Any other good looking racing/automotive anime?
(11.05 MB 352x288 Bari.webm)
>>1637 The picture quality isn't the greatest, but the motorcyle animation in Bari-Bari Densetsu is absolutely insane and it has some staff crossover with the people who made Goddamn. I liked it a lot. I actually really love both versions of Mach Go Go Go! as well.
>>1638 Looks really cool. Thank you.
(82.54 KB 465x660 images.jpeg)
>>89 I would recommend Space Runaway Ideon. It's 'Cosmic Horror meets Super Robot': The Anime. Anno loves this one and was influential in the making of NGE. It's easily Tomino's best non-gundam work, and one of my all time favourite. >Synopsis: >Humanity's pursuit of knowledge leads them to the planet Solo, where they find mysterious remains of a long dead alien civilization, including the 3 part super robot 'Ideon', and a powerful warship. Using these, the Earthlings sent to investigate the ruins defend themselves in their constant conflicts against powerful aliens called the Buff Clan, who are in pursuit of 'Id', the mysterious energy that powers the Ideon.
(19.22 KB 225x321 wingman.jpg)
Anyone know where I can find all the episodes to Wingman?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTI9EZglHX4

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