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(59.49 KB 704x396 belladonna.jpg)
List of Mandatory Classic Movies anon 02/01/2022 (Tue) 09:41:00 No. 506
Kanashimi No Belladonna (1973) is a masterpiece of tragic/erotic/psychedelic animation directed by Eiichi Yamamoto. Jeanne is a peasant who gets raped by a noble and becomes a witch; based on/inspired by La Sorcière by Jules Michelet, a treatise in the history of witchcraft. Noted for its experimental artstyle, bizarre visuals and its connection to Western classical art works like Klimt and the cubist movement, it's a unique piece of art with a moving narrative and breathtaking moments on screen.
(177.50 KB 1500x1101 Horus_c.jpg)
>>506 The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun (1968) is one of, if not the most influential anime movie of all time. Directorial debut of Isao Takahata and first major work of Hayao Miyazaki (as an animator) the movie is noted for its revolutionary use of animation, rejecting what was considered the "proper" animation tecnique of the Disney school of full animation and creating a new standard, animating on thirds and pioneering more complex shots and a nuanced camera work; it can be considered one of the origin points of sakuga, with Youichi Kotabe KA being extremely influential for every animator who came afterward. The story is a fairytail about a Nordic prince who has to avenge his village and fight evil, but beyond the simple plot it presents excellent charaters and a masterfull execution. The grand finale is a 5 minutes battle full of jaw dropping animation, something incredibile to this day.
(37.17 KB 932x460 hakujaden.jpeg)
>>507 Hakujaden (1958) directed by Taiji Yabushita, is the first color anime movie. A retelling of a classic Chinese folktale (basically Romeo & Juliet with magical tranforming animal) the film was extremely influential to the first wave of anime; it was the debut of Rintaro as an animator, cementified the notion of Toei Animation as the Disney of the West and sparked Miyazaki's lolicon tendencies in his future works.
(270.41 KB 1920x960 Immagine1-1.jpg)
>>508 Lupin III – Castle Of Cagliostro (1979) by Hayao Miyazaki is the second theatrical release in the Gentleman Thief's long franchise history. Lupin & Jigen get involved with a counterfeit money scheme and a secluded princess. One of the most celebrated anime movie in history, featuring a Disney-like atmosphere of charm and wonder, great action pieces, including one of the best car chase sequence ever seen in cinema history, and fantastic animation, also Zenigata looks fantastic here. Probably the origin point of moe culture with Clarisse.
>>507 I don't know how you didn't mention Yasuo Otsuka in this post - the animation revolution of the film came from his choice to modulate the timing in his effects animation. Or maybe you are mixing up Kotabe with Otsuka.
>>511 Also, Miyazaki was on an earlier Toei film, Gulliver no Uchuu Ryokou. Along with some of their TV anime prior to that.
>>511 >>514 Yeah I mixed up Kotabe (who worked on Horus) and Otsuka who was the mind behind the new timing. Miyazaki had previous works but, as far as I cal tell, those were minor cuts, while Horus was the first time he had some bigger prominence as a KA.
(110.23 KB 650x347 Galaxy-Express-999-9.jpg)
>>516 >>510 Galaxy Express 999 (1979), first movie directed by Rintaro, is the theatrical adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto space epic; in a future where bodies can be transformed into robots a young boy follows the misterious Maetel in a galaxy-spanning voyage among the stars in a tale of revenge, discovery and growth. A stellar cast (including Yoshinori Kanada) and amazing production values.
(2.90 MB 1920x1080 ideon.png)
>>517 The Ideon - Be Invoked (1982) by Yoshiyuki Tomino is the conclusion to Tomino's epic tale of space war. A gut wrenching movie, Be Invoked presents some of the most striking visual ever in a mecha anime and its influence on future works is huge.
(230.34 KB 1920x1080 001BdrK.jpeg)
>>519 Arcadia Of My Youth (1982) by Tomoharu Katsumata, narrates the origins of space-faring pirate Harlock. A tragic movie, full of death, despair and broken dreams, an amazing score and great character acting, it's a masterpiece that should be seen by everyone.
(355.30 KB 640x480 goshu.png)
>>520 Goshu The Cellist (1982) directed and written by Isao Takahata (based on the story of the same name by Kenji Miyazawa) is a project that took over six years to complete. In a rural community a young cello player must learn Beethoven's Pastoral, meanwhile country animals take turns interrupting him. Some of the most beautiful character animation you will ever see, classic slapstick humor, great music and perfect execution.
(291.32 KB 624x351 space-adventure-cobra-2.png)
>>521 Space Adventure Cobra – The Movie (1982) by Osamu Dazai is the first animated project based on Terasawa's manga Cobra, following a space bounty hunter and his pulpy adventures. Lupin in space, or Cowboy Bebop two decades earlier, the movie is a spectacle of trippy visuals, great action pieces and cool characters.
(256.77 KB 800x450 golgo.jpg)
>>522 Golgo 13: The Professional (1983) is yet another movie by Osamu Dazai, this time based Golgo13, the second best-selling manga of all time, following Duke Togo, the best hitman in the world who can kill every target for the right amount of cash. Mixing noir, hard boiled action and Dazai's eclectic style of direction, the result is a visually striking movie of great value.
(408.67 KB 1600x950 nausicaa.jpg)
>>523 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki transports us into a post-apocalyptic world where humanity and the Earth were ravaged by a Great War that transformed the world, creating the Toxic Jungle, a forest where giant insect-like monsters spawns. The protagonist, Nausicaa, became an instant hit among otaku (another moe icon) and the movie was a huge success; a must watch for anybody interested in anime as a medium. Also, the Fire God sequence is among Hideaki Anno's best works as an animator and it's a marvel to see.
(81.86 KB 1024x583 macross-1-1024x583.jpg)
>>525 Macross – Do You Remember Love? (1984) directed by Ishiguro/Kawamori. A retelling of the TV series that changes a lot of things, so much that it's basically its own continuity, the movie is a mix between a love story and a space war opera, with the love triangle of the protagnists (The mecha pilot Hikaru, the idol Lynn Minmay and Lieutenant Misa Hayase) and the intergalactic war for survival of Earth against the Zentradi. The influence of Macross cannot be overstated; there is no mecha or sci-fi anime that wasn't touched by it in some part since (or, at least, for a good twenty years at least); the movie on its own is a masterpiece, featuring beautiful visuals, top notch animation and a perfect score. An absolute mandatory view.
(332.20 KB 1920x1080 uy2bd.jpg)
>>525 >>526 Urusei Yatsura - Movie 2 – Beautiful Dreamer (1984) written and directed by Mamoru Oshii. Taking the sci-fi romantic comedy created by Rumiko Takahashi and using it as a setting for its own ideas, the movie contains everything the director will be known in the following years and more. The plot follows Ataru, Lum & the gang getting trapped in a time loop while a great deal of strange events happen all around. The movie is a trip and a tresure cave of fascinating visuals; an amazing film.
>>522 >>523 >Dazai lmao
(484.11 KB 976x624 mamo.png)
>>510 Honestly overrated, like most of miyazaki. Secret of Mamo is much more kino.
>>506 That sounds quite intriguing, I think I'll check it out this weekend.
>>520 This is utter shit
>>506 sick, i didnt know this, it's great.
(176.45 KB 1280x725 the lupin gang.jpg)
>>541 I 100% agree. Cagliostro is too much of a disney movie. While I like some of it (like the treasure reveal), Lupin is a thief in name only in that film. Mystery of Mamo, on the other hand, feels like a proper Lupin adventure. Sure it's a bit uneven (what the hell with that last 20 minutes?), but following a group of scoundrel thieves screwing each other over as they try to steal something/escape from some super powerful force is EXACTLY what a Lupin film should be. All that + the edgier Lupin of the manga makes it a unique entry in the Lupin canon and one that deserves a lot more love.
(27.35 KB 704x368 red spectacles.jpg)
>>527 It's not anime, but I feel like if you've seen Beautiful Dreamer, you should watch The Red Spectacles (1987) as well, also directed by Oshii. It is a more serious film, but still contains a lot of the manic energy of his UY work, and plenty of trippy visuals. It also features a fair few UY alums in the cast, with Shigeru Chiba playing the lead, Tesshou Genda as the primary antagonist, and Machiko Washio as the leading lady.
>>527 Is this worth watching if I love pretty much all of Oshii's stuff EXCEPT for UY? It's not that I don't like SoL, or even Oshii's take on it (I adore Patlabor), but UY just feels so rom-com-y and formulaic. Is Beautiful Dreamer substantially different?
>>556 If you've seen the show up to the point it came out, it just feels like "one of those episodes" that pop up once in a while. If you've just dipped your toes in on the first handful of episodes it will feel pretty different. >>555 This movie is quite good - you can see some of where Oshii would go with Gosenzosama Banbanzai in it, and the actors are all anime industry people he worked with before, and Yasuo Otsuka of all people.
>>555 where can I even find this movie in decent quality? There's what seems to be a 360p version on youtube, and... nothing on any of the torrent sites I know
>>559 rutracker.org
>>554 Being a Disney movie is what gives Cog's Castle its timeless energy. Liking Mamo because it's edgier makes you sound like a child.
>>743 If I want to watch a Disney movie, I'll watch a Disney movie. Hell, I'll even turn on a Ghibli film. Those films are great and there's nothing wrong with them, many are classics for a reason. Cagliostro isn't just a Disney film, it's a not very interesting Disney film. Sure there are great moments, but it's far from the best Lupin film and its far from the best Miyazaki film. If you wanted a new Cowboy Bebop film and it was a goofy Disney kid's film, it'd be more than understandable if you didn't really care for it and wanted something more adult. I'm not sure how Lupin is any different in that regard.
(16.90 MB 640x480 fuma.mp4)
>>744 I'm a Fuma Clan Conspiracy and Legend of the Gold Of Babylon man personally.
(609.82 KB 2000x1080 char.jpg)
>>519 Char's Counterattack (1988) by Yoshiyuki Tomino is the culmination of the original Gundam saga which began with 0079, marking the final conflict of the fourteen-year rivalry between the characters Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.
>>555 What's really interesting to me is that the Red Spectacles is sort of filmed like an anime in live action. Movement is deliberately limited, the backgrounds are flat, camera tricks are anime-style... It's pretty neat.

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