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anon 01/08/2022 (Sat) 06:59:21 No. 5
Here's hoping this goes well
i hope this altchan will thrive, /a/ has gotten worse and worse.
(1.11 MB 1650x1779 lovely angels.jpg)
>>5 Kei or Yuri?
>>139 Yuri
(643.48 KB 1600x1569 1508422670364.jpg)
>>139 Yes
(466.04 KB 1280x1358 kei.jpg)
>>139 kei
(244.50 KB 1280x896 Dirty_Pair_1987_Poster.jpg)
It's been 26 years since the last animated Dirty Pair media released.
(249.27 KB 983x1229 flash 5.jpg)
>>413 Flash was actually my first real introduction to the series
I've always preferred the OVA series to the original run, I honestly almost prefer the white uniforms.
>>5 The recent spike in activity is a welcome surprise.
>>443 yep. This board is nice
>>139 Kei of course
>>139 One of the eternal debates. Also Kei for me
>>141 kei
(506.55 KB 720x1080 1584564588948.jpg)
>>139 I like them both. But it's Kei
(54.79 KB 640x480 9876543387654325890.jpg)
>>842 This. But it's Yuri
Yuri a best I just got into Dirty Pair recently and I still need to watch the OVA and Flash. I'm afraid Flash is going to take me out because I'm so attached to the original designs. What do yall think of Flash?
>>898 Honestly I doubt anyone has seen flash. Everyone I talk to has only seen og
That Hollywood calender has some cool art
(29.75 KB 648x473 images (1).jpeg)
Favorite Ova episode? For me it's tied between muscle one and casino one.
>>423 I liked the distinct uniforms more
>>906 Space Trucker and Casino for me.
>>139 short haired brown girls are my weakness I'm going kei
(84.11 KB 805x818 dp90cal-jan.jpg)
Ever seen "The Untouchables"?
>>5 Watching this for the first time. Saw the first episode around 5 years ago and thought it was kinda boring actually, rewatching it and it feels a lot more interesting this time around Maybe I've finally learnt to appreciate older shows no matter what.... Really hoping it lives up since I'd hate to watch it and think it was just okay but so far it's been fun, been laughing at a few moments such as "What are female pro wrestlers doing here?" which got me good. The soundtrack was quite a surprise, usually an anime soundtrack is just sort of *there* in a lot of shows, but whenever they're fighting it just becomes perfectly funky and I just love it. Also wtf bros I thought they were pure angels what's this sluttery I'm reading in the subs!!!!
(2.65 MB 498x371 kei.gif)
>>1206 >Also wtf bros I thought they were pure angels what's this sluttery I'm reading in the subs!!!! Why do you think they're called Dirty Pair?
>>1207 But they keep on saying they're the "Lovely Angels"....
>>1208 I hate to break it to you, but all women say this.
>>1206 It's weird how this show goes from having an interesting episode that I'm invested in to something I'm just barely giving my attention to, but when it has a really interesting, unique episode like this one it's surprisingly good. Honestly feels like a random Lupin Part 3 episode, a bunch of mice/rats being used as a security system to deter thieves only for the smartest to become a dictator and needs to be stopped. Never thought I'd feel sad for a fictional mouse. A really interesting idea and I love how their shown taking weapons away to make it harder for humans to retaliate (and to use themselves later on in the episode). I've also found Dirty Pair to be surprisingly funny sometimes, more so than I assumed it would be. I thought I'd chuckle at a joke here and there, but during the episode where Kei and Yuri were mistaken for criminals the "They've taken those children hostage" line really got me laughing. I enjoy their "cattiness" when they argue as well since that's also quite funny sometimes, sure they're great friends but once something goes wrong they don't hesitate to insult each other. I'm enjoying it when the episodes are interesting, that's for sure. I feel the split has been a decent 2/1 ratio, but I'll count it up near the end to see what I really enjoyed and what I found to be just "okay".
(237.69 KB 1195x1353 004.jpg)
>>1236 Onto the OVA's now. Noticed I've technically watched it out of release order, but I'm not too annoyed. Will feel weird going back to the original series for Affair of Nolandia but I doubt it'll matter much. I do like how the OVA's have a similar feeling to the main TV show, you'd think there would be a drop in quality but it's been rather consistent, although switching from a cool Yellow/Pink outfit to a White one is a odd. Also, the WWWA building change is jarring, wonder if skipping the OVA would explain the reasoning behind it? I love all the western references I can catch, but watching this also makes me wonder if there's ever been an anime that has had a Halloween reference? I'm surprised that it seems to have been overlooked by older shows when there's just so many movie references in stuff, like Terminator, Blues Brothers, Godfather etc.
>>1267 On the whole I actually vastly prefer the OVA to the TV series. Especially design wise. I think there's just a more, I'm not sure how to put it without sound dismissive to the show, but they look more adult. Yuri will swap back to yellow for the 005 special. As for anything getting explained? NOPE! They don't even ever explain why Nanmo isn't hanging around any more and why every new series they get a new Lovely Angel. The whole thing is just meant to be taking episodically. And trust me the design changes are the least weird thing about Nolandia.
(2.29 MB 540x325 e66.gif)
>>1268 But the colors of their uniforms complimented their hair and eye color before. That aspect was lost when they both switched to white.
>>1267 Well, Affair of Nolandia was....fine, I guess. I found it somewhat boring actually, felt like one of the middle tier Dirty Pair episodes that dragged on for a while. The concept was interesting I guess, but we didn't really need the long 10 minute montage of the girls playing which eventually led to finding Missnie and then the actual plot seemed to start. Before that I was just lost as to what was going on, and the dream within dream within illusions sequences were quite confusing. It picked up near the later half, when everything was explained and more action occurred. I enjoyed the long chase between Yuri and Oran and found it quite humourous that the bad guy had to take public transport to escape Yuri. The amount of nudity surprised me, despite all of Dirty Pair having about one scene where I can remember seeing nudity so far, this movie decided it was fine to show Kei and even Missnie completely naked, not that it detracted from it but was somewhat surprising to see. Also, did anyone else find this OVA looked worse than the main series? Can't put my finger on it, but the design seemed *off* (Mughi was completely black?) and overall it just didn't have the same kind of look as the main series.
>>1275 Not sure why it took me like 6 hours to actually watch Project Eden, but I liked it quite a bit. It looked fantastic in widescreen and the Bluray rips looked stunning as well. Animation was really nice and some of the shots in this movie were incredible. Carson was a cool addition, he was basically Lupin and Space Cobra put together from what I find. I really enjoyed his character and having a third wheel for Kei and Yuri to play around with on their adventure is always fun. I didn't expect a Kei love story with him as well, honestly I always found their unluckiness in love to be something you sort of hear and not really see so it was cool to see it in a movie. I ESPECIALLY didn't expect Carson to live at the end, what an absolute fucking chad of a character. Interesting that half of the movie has them basically wearing rags after the bath scene as well. The fucking OST that repeated "Wattsman" when everyone started to say his name was really good, an incredible way to introduce that guy as the antagonist honestly. His motive was interesting as well, evolution that humans force instead of it naturally occurring. I was confused as to what he wanted Kei and Carson for though and what he extracted from them, but I guess it doesn't really matter in the end. Did anyone else feel the scene where Yuri and Kei are flying to their destination felt like the personalities changed. Kei should be dancing and having fun while Yuri should be angry and keeping everything together. I get they're both girls with fun personalities but this really felt more like a Kei moment than a Yuri one.
>>1275 The chase was easily the best part. But yeah production wise it's just really out of synch with some things. Looking at air dates it seems like it was in development the same time as the TV series so they probably weren't sure which one would take. In fact double checking it seemed to air right as the TV series was ending. So maybe that's why. Missnie was kind of a bitch. >>1276 >Interesting that half of the movie has them basically wearing rags after the bath scene as well. Yes. Funny that. Movie was fun. I especially like the battle suits at the end. Surprisingly it's rare you get to see them really tear a joint up on purpose.
(1.68 MB 1436x1079 ClipboardImage.png)
Also, unrelated to Dirty Pair but have any of you anon's played the Mega Drive game Battle Mania? I played both of them back in 2018 and has a similar premise of two babes fucking shit up with guns. >>1276 Honestly, Flight 005 Conspiracy is also just fine. All the exposition on the ignol fluid, the mystery surrounding the flight and such was honestly quite boring and I really don't care that much. Not sure if it's burnout from watching so much Dirty Pair but by this point I was really finding it hard to focus on the damn OVA. I'm still not entirely sure why Kei was pretending to be distraught over Yuri's "death". She apparently knew it was fake but was making a scene so something would happen? Just seemed odd and all it did was get Danny killed. As usual, the later half with all the action is a lot more interesting than the first half, it's a shame the whole OVA couldn't have been about sneaking into this station and rescuing the family. Also, the last part with everyone running into escape pods and crashing ships into each other made me think of Spaceballs which was funny. Odd nitpick, but why didn't they use the Lovely Angel ship to rescue Dick? He most likely had oxygen for a while and was moving through space at a pretty slow rate. He'd go in a straight line and they could've easily found him after 10 minutes of searching. Even with the station about the explode, I'm sure they'd be able to find SOMETHING. Unless I'm ignorant of how fucked you become in the emptiness of space? It's weird how this OVA *felt* very 90s as well, I get it was probably made through 89, but for some reason it really had a 90s flair to it, in animation and look. Thank God I don't have epilepsy, this entire OVA had really weird flashing lights from explosions and alerts and such, was honestly grating on the eyes. Also fun to learn that Dirty Pair exists in the part of the universe that's under the Lohengramm Dynasty with how everything is in German for some reason. Wonder why this was the last official Dirty Pair thing with the original girls, was it because the economic bubble burst or were audiences bored with them? >>1278 >Looking at air dates it seems like it was in development the same time as the TV series Ah, maybe a different team worked on it while they were doing the TV series or something. Still, quite interesting! >Missnie was kind of a bitch. Yep. >I especially like the battle suits at the end. Yeah, those were really cool. Wish we saw more of them in other parts.
>>1282 Quick, avert your eyes, anons! I'm.....about to discuss Flash! So I finished the first Season of Dirty Pair Flash and....it was okay?....good?....inferior? I don't really know how I feel about it honestly. It had things I like, an overarching story, sweet 90s animation, a good soundtrack, some cool plot points/elements and decent characters but when it all comes together I just find myself barely being able to pay attention. The final two episodes were a lot more interesting and seeing the plot unfold with more action was a welcome improvement. I do wonder if this would've been better with the original cast or if the plot in general just isn't good. I did also give the dub a listen for one episode and I felt that all the characters except for Yuri and Kei actually had great voices, so I gave up the dub after one episode because it was just awful to listen to. Kei and Yuri barely work together, I get this is their first year of partnership or whatever and they hate each other, but damn, they're basically together for the first episode and then randomly they'll find themselves together for one part of an episode then do their own thing for the rest. Character wise, Kei and Yuri just feel off. I'm not sure what their characters are, Kei is like the original with her brash, shoot first ask questions later attitude but that's all she seems to be when originally she did have more interests than just guns and Yuri feels completely different to the original Yuri, coming off as a girl who wants to constantly date men and is a weaker, stupider and more "whiney" I guess? I'm also not sure why they wanted to make them both out to be slackers who are stupid honestly, I liked that Yuri was the smarter one of the two. The chief also feels awful, at least before he was a man who hated the fact those girls never fucking listened to him and caused tons of damage, but now he comes off as a guy who doesn't really know what to do with them and sort of acts milquetoast, again I guess you can argue it's because they're all together for the first time and don't know how to act but it doesn't really feel right for any of them to be acting the way they are. He does redeem himself by the end though, It was cool to see the chief work together with them in the field in the final episode, and how he didn't give up on Kei when she quit, always trying to bring her back. Felt like he cared for them even if he didn't like them much. Kei also feels like the main character in this when before they were a pair, it always feels like we're being directed to Kei and doing whatever she does over both of them being together and doing something. Lydia was a pretty good character to have her go up against and the twist she was part of the original Lovely Angels was unexpected and I enjoyed seeing her a lot although I do wish the reveal occurred in the final episode over learning it during the third. I liked how she changed sides right at the end to attempt to arrest Waldess but I do wish she didn't die so easily even if she was pretty weak at the time. The fantasy world inside Kaps' mind was a cool idea that really should've been the focus of the whole episode with BOTH of them inside his head instead of just one of them. I did also enjoy the episode in the airport, but wondered if I had missed something because Kei was part of a random gang that was never explained except for one line in the episode, I guess it's irrelevant to the plot but it does seem very out of place. Overall, it just comes off as a "Why make this?" kinda deal? Fans don't really want new characters, and you're just going to alienate new fans by giving them other versions to introduce them to the series with, I'd argue this version of Kei and Yuri are also inferior to the original as well. Hell, they don't even call them the Dirty Pair once from what I recall. I still enjoyed this for what it's worth but I really don't know if I would've enjoyed it more if it was the original cast, or even younger version of themselves (somehow). Anyhow, onto Season 2.
>>1295 I liked that it served as a origin story. More to point I feel like doing it the way they did actually gives it more it's own sense of legitimacy and identity rather than just making it like the old one but with a new coat of paint. Plus with a lot of the story being about them needing to live up the legacy of their name does sort of paint it as having respect for the original but also wanting to be unique. As for why make it the way they did, well the story I heard (on 4chan so take it as you will) is that they wanted it to be more classic Pair but by that time Kei's actress had retired and Yuri's wasn't willing to do it "without her partner" Which is nice.
(413.57 KB 900x1165 interview.jpg)
(454.03 KB 900x1188 interview2.jpg)
>>1305 >More to point I feel like doing it the way they did actually gives it more it's own sense of legitimacy and identity rather than just making it like the old one but with a new coat of paint. Yeah, that's true. Honestly I do think I compare this to the original too much when I should really think of it as it's own thing. While I did find their characters to be different from what we have before and thus a bad thing, I guess it's actually a good thing in the end since they are their own unique characters over being "Kei 2" and "Yuri 2". >Plus with a lot of the story being about them needing to live up the legacy of their name does sort of paint it as having respect for the original but also wanting to be unique. Yeah, I felt that too. I do wish it was confirmed to be the original Dirty Pair but imagining them being in their 30s or something would be quite odd (plus one would be dead and the other out for revenge). >they wanted it to be more classic Pair but by that time Kei's actress had retired and Yuri's wasn't willing to do it "without her partner" Which is nice. How fitting.
>>1295 Alright, so Flash 2 was better than Flash that's for sure. I found the location of 90s Tokyo to both be odd and interesting. Obviously, Dirty Pair should be set in the "anime space future" of the 80s/90s so plonking them in Tokyo 1995 just comes off as odd, but at the same time I quite liked it because I do enjoy the setting of 90s Tokyo despite it being used a lot in other anime and for Dirty Pair it's actually a new, unique location. Touma was a fun third wheel to throw into the mix, but I do wish he was utilized a bit more since he was just there for the first episode and would've been fun to see him in more dangerous situations and having to adapt to them since he's only really in one in the final episode. His character design reminded me of someone else though and I couldn't put my finger on who or from what I'm remembering his design from. Maybe Yugioh GX's professor. As for the episodes, I both loved and somewhat disliked them to be honest. I found Flash 2 to be endearing but also very off the mark. An episode where the girls have to stay at a boarding school because there's no where else to live with a "ghost haunts the school" plot, sure that's funny and interesting I guess but that's really not what I think when I think Dirty Pair. Oh, speaking of Dirty Pair they finally said it in the show which was nice. I did enjoy the episodes overall though, even if a side of me was saying "this isn't Dirty Pair". The Touma love episode was great honestly, found it to be quite humourous and enjoyed the slice of life elements quite a bit so that was my favourite of the bunch and the episode with the con artist was great too. I found the final episode to be somewhat lackluster though, I didn't really care for the stakes and honestly forgot what they were even trying to stop and why. They really love reminding us that Kei is a woman as well, think it's been mentioned around three to four times now. The whole transvestite part was also oddly out of the blue but still quite funny. I get it, Kei's a tomboy (hot tbh) and she hates when people think she's a man but it just seems odd to keep on mentioning it. The original Dirty Pair had around three mentions of it and an episode around the idea that Kei is mistaken for a man and it didn't come off as so "in your face". Also, Yuri still feels like she's basically getting no actual character in this, from what I can gather she likes dates and being a girly girl, I guess? Still feel like Kei is the main character and Yuri is the secondary character here. Still, I can at least feel some character off them which is better than the first season, although I do wish Yuri was a bit more fleshed out. Holy shit, the production quality on this shot up as well. The skyline in pic related looks like a fucking photo, dunno how Sunrise was able to produce things of this quality back then but it's sorely missed. Wonder if the animators just looked out a window and drew what they saw for it. Speaking of the girls, who did Japan prefer in the end? Was there a popularity poll posted anywhere over the years? Anyhow, onto Season 3.
>>1309 Well, Flash 3 was fun. I say that for all of Dirty Pair but I really did just find myself chuckling or smiling at whatever stupid plot the girls have found themselves in this episode. Didn't really care for the OP and ED this time around, really liked 1 and 2's though. Alright, the first episode was surprisingly good. I like concepts like this and this episode was surprisingly good at keeping everything suspenseful. Once again though, here's a very KEI CENTERED EPISODE which again reinforces her as the main character in my eyes. Did find it funny seeing her change a diaper then get embarrassed over the lil baby penis (pure tbh) and ending it with having to "breastfeed" the baby to avoid capture which is both dumb and somewhat smart for a person in her extreme situation. That second episode though....what an interesting one, Monica was a CCS reference, right? The entire episode was stupid but I didn't really hate it or anything, just laughed at how odd it was. The dub (which I decided to do for this episode) also made the insults a lot more funny too. That third episode was a lot of fun too, always enjoy sports anime and having a generic "HARD WORK AND GUTS" coach is quite fun, I do wish we saw some actual Volleyball instead of the training part, that episode also felt very "Flash" since I couldn't imagine the originals doing an episode like this. I liked the 4th episode as well, the kid was quite unique, can't think of another character that tried to copy a girl as a robot and love the robotic version when the real one was there the entire time, was quite humourous to see actually and I didn't expect Yuri to wear the original costume in this episode, what a nice surprise. Also, very nice to have a Yuri centered episode as well, feels like we're always with Kei. I wonder if the kid was meant to represent the fans in some way, felt like a message to them to not focus on a fake girl you've made pure in your head (Yuri) and instead go out and find a real girl. As for the final episode, it reminded me slightly of the last episode of Bubblegum Crisis which was nice, plus having a chief centered episode was nice. Always enjoy when there's some aspect like a child hostage the good guys need to deal with, although I do wish there was a bit more action. Overall, I'd rate Flash as inferior but not as bad as I was led to believe it was. For me, it goes Flash 2 > 3 > 1 since 2 was probably the most interesting despite it's very normal setting, and 3 was just a bunch of fun disconnected episodes that almost felt like the team were told to write whatever instead of giving the 3WA actual cases (although, felt very fan service-y). Whereas 1 felt somewhat directionless and *new* which makes sense, they understood the characters by 2 I'd say. Not really much else I can say, honestly. It was nice to go through all of Dirty Pair, including Flash and see what it was all about. It wasn't an amazing 10/10 series or anything, but it's a fun show, with interesting plots and action and I'd say that everyone should at least watch the original series. The music alone is fantastic. Dirty Pair is an 8/10, Flash is a 7/10. Also, a shame there's nothing else to discuss. Guess this thread can drop down a few pages before an eventual bump by another anon.
I actually get a few of the episodes of Flash 2 and 3 mixed up order wise but I did enjoy them both. The volley ball episode being a prominent stand out, for a few reasons, but there's some good ones in there. It's a bit of a shame we didn't get anymore because I feel like they were really starting to develop their stride as they went on. Maybe see a movie or something.

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