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(238.38 KB 1280x960 anthy.jpg)
Utena Thread anon 01/30/2022 (Sun) 16:57:19 No. 452
What did she mean by this?
anyway I don't know why this misconception came about that utena was a yuri anime when there's only one lesbo character in the whole show. also the movie is not canon
>>452 Anthy still believes in the archetype of the prince and the gender norms that it propagates >>720 A lot of very romantic subtext. Also of course the film isn't canon to the series, it's an alternate version. You could also say the series isn't canon to the movie
(337.32 KB 664x737 utena.png)
>>720 Though I wouldn't say it's a "yuri" anime I think you'd benefit from actually watching it.
>>737 i've watched it 4 times. anthy and utena were not in love with each other romantically.
>>739 That sounds like a lie or a lot of cope. They sleep facing each other holding hands. It never went full gay because Chiho thought it would scare people away, so Ikuhara put as much romantic subtext as possible into the series
>>742 they never went full gay because it would not make sense for their characters to act like that. retard chiho saito wasnt the arbiter
>>746 >chiho saito wasn't the arbiter No but bepapas were a team and they all had their say. This is literally confirmed by interviews with Ikuhara and Saito that she was the one to stop it being gay. The reason why the movie is gay is because it was unrestrained Ikuhara. >it would not make sense for their characters to act like that Did you even watch the show
(234.10 KB 725x1110 qt.jpg)
>>720 Movie Utena is a cute reverse trap tho
>>1250 She was a cute reverse trap until she turned into a fucking car, was insane

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