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(284.31 KB 480x461 l9vuumnv98r41.png)
Education resource thread anon 01/30/2022 (Sun) 01:12:38 No. 414
This is a thread to provide resources for anons to educate themselves on the history, production process, and common critical language of anime and manga (I am less educated on manga personally, so my recommendations will be anime focused). Here is a useful article that is a great overview on anime as an artform, how it got to be the way it is, and what distinguishes it from cartoons: https://www.tofugu.com/japan/anime-vs-cartoons/ The Dragonball fandom has an excellent series of articles about the production process of your average television anime (both the retro and digital workflows are explained), as well as a map of all of the staff and what they do: https://www.kanzenshuu.com/animation-production/process/ https://www.kanzenshuu.com/animation-production/positions-and-roles/ Here is another article that helps establish a baseline knowledge for talking about animation quality, or more specifically some pitfalls to avoid when discussing it: https://www.kanzenshuu.com/animation-production/quality/ For those who want a much more in depth and technical book on an academic study of anime as an artform, there are several books I could recommend, but by far I find this the most useful: https://film7000.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/thomaslamarre-2009-theanimemachine.pdf Finally if you'd like some insight into the history of the American anime community, this is a great book: https://u1lib.org/book/5612293/e70b96 Feel free to share your own resources if you have any, the more educated the community, the more we can appreciate what we love!
>>414 The main page is now down and you have to dig through archive sites to find things, but anipages was the absolute best for this kind of thing. There is a bit that is still up though. This is a good list of important animators up until around the early 00s. http://www.pelleas.net/animators/ Animetudes is the modern equivalent. The history of the Kanada School series ought to be mandatory reading for people getting into classic anime. But there is tons more to check out. https://animetudes.com/the-history-of-the-kanada-school/
>>414 >>428 Thanks for sharing, I love this kind of stuff.
>>414 All you need to know is cel good, digital bad. Also Mitsuo Iso is goat. Simple as
>>414 https://fullfrontal.moe/animage-1988-11-ova/ Animage industry interview from 1988, on the OVA market.
>>428 Excellent, I wanted to dive more into sakuga/animator culture. Thanks!
this stuff is really interesting, cheers
(112.90 KB 800x621 OhiraZZGenga.jpg)
>>414 New interview with legendary animator Shinya Ohira. https://fullfrontal.moe/nterview-shinya-ohira/ Ohira discusses Yoshinori Kanada, Masahito Yamashita, the new Urusei Yatsura series, and more! "It’s well-known that you became an animator after discovering Masahito Yamashita’s[6] work on Urusei Yatsura[7]. What would you say is the appeal of Yamashita’s animation? Shin’ya Ohira: Let’s see… (thinks) First, there’s the mood and dynamic action he inherited from Yoshinori Kanada[8]. But Yamashita has things that Kanada doesn’t, like physicality and details… It’s hard to express. Yamashita’s animation is both sharp and sensual. I really like that sort of fleshy mood, and I also love curved and irregular lines… Kanada used rulers, so it’s very sharp and straight, whereas Yamashita’s drawings are just curves, and he puts them together to create something very dense with details… (thinks) I think that’s what I like about him. That’s why I like Yamashita’s touch more than Kanada’s. Since we’re on Urusei Yatsura, what movie is your favorite, Only You[9] or Beautiful Dreamer[10]? Shin’ya Ohira: Only You, of course! (everybody laughs) There’s a new Urusei Yatsura TV show coming out soon. Will you watch it? Shin’ya Ohira: Well, you know… (laughs) The staff is totally different, and I’m not really into it for the story, so if Yamashita isn’t there, I don’t really intend to." ... "Shin’ya Ohira: No, it hasn’t gone that far. Something small might happen soon, though. But I’d like to make something longer before I die. Actually, I want to try doing mecha again. Of course, not 3D, all by hand. Something like what we used to do in the 80s. Won’t you do a remake of Birth[19]? Shin’ya Ohira: (laughs) Yes, something like that! I want to go back to my roots, you see. At first, I really liked Kanada and Yamashita, but I was rejected for it, so I had to change. But with things as they are now, I’d like to return to how it was before. At least once, I’d like to do a long-form work with my own interpretation of Kanada and Yamashita’s styles, which I couldn’t do when I was 18 or 20. It doesn’t need a story; I’d rather do something like a documentary about this kind of art. I just want to draw something that keeps moving."
>>414 >>428 Fascinating stuff, thanks OP.

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