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Adachi Thread anon 01/08/2022 (Sat) 15:11:23 No. 39
Have (you) read his works?
(26.87 KB 252x393 rough_frontcover_v1.jpg)
rough is a nice read in late summer/ early fall
no because im a proud NEET and refrain from physical exercise
>>39 his stuff seems to be right up my alley but i never got around to it, whats your favorite?
>>803 Not the OP, but thought I'd reply to keep the thread bumped. The only work I've watched from him is Touch (and the sequel Mix) and I enjoyed Touch quite a bit, although found it to be very boring for the first 50 episodes. When the coach is introduced in the third season I found it to be really fucking good and was surprised all the anime needed was a character like this to be an antagonist and make the team have to STRUGGLE to win some of their games with his random restrictions he would place on them The movies (and Mix but that's not retro) are kinda bad and I'm not sure what the point of them was. The first movie forces TONS of drama between the main characters and the side characters all feel and have the same intentions despite being like 5 years later and the second movie just moves everyone to America for some reason and that's about it. (Although, this scene will always be hilarious for having a character named Chad, with women chanting his name doing a Chad move to allow a runner to get home.) I do want to watch/read more of his work, but I was pretty baseball'd out when I finished Touch/Mix so I might go back to it this year. H2 seems like it could be pretty fun so I'll give that a shot.
>>832 part of the waptv thursday block is Miyuki, which was adachi's first manga to be adapted and feels distinct from his later works due to not being primarily based around sports. you should check it out
In preparation for the first in a series of videos about Adachi, I just watched Nine: The Original. It's interesting seeing an earlier version of the style he's come to be famous for, as most of the core elements were already there. I really enjoyed seeing Katsuya overcome his earlier struggles picking up baseball, even with his prior track experience, and Yukimi showing up halfway through to throw a wrench in Katsuya and Yuri's budding love kept it interesting throughout. The animation is nothing stunning, but the chase sequence with Yukimi reminded me of Take On Me. Definitely worth a watch if you have a spare evening.
I read Touch a year or so ago and really liked it. Haven't seen the anime though, and I plan to read Rough later down this month.
(812.43 KB 1280x720 nine.png)
Video's up on Nine! https://youtu.be/ZvjghVlCazw
>>39 I loved Touch and H2. I enjoyed Cross Game and Mix, but don't feel that they lived up to the legacy. Probably an unpopular opinion. OP 4 of Touch always hits me RIGHT where it hurts. "Hitoribocchi no duet"... what a name, what an image. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zLHt0Yo6TZc

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