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(2.03 MB 640x480 AkaneDance.webm)
Ranma 1/2 anon 01/08/2022 (Sat) 13:13:57 No. 31
Now THIS is a classic.
ranma is a fun read but i find it a bit repetative but with longer breaks between sessions its fine
>>31 i always found it interesting that this took off in the states while urusei yatsura never really found a solid footing in the same way, which is sort of the opposite of what happened in japan. it was probably easier for western audiences to "get" ranma since it relied less heavily on japanese culture.
(1.71 MB 1436x1080 Kodachi (5).png)
I'll just leave this Kodachi here.
>>31 Sex with Akane.
(1.82 MB 1444x1080 Kodachi (3).png)
(1.94 MB 1444x1078 Kodachi (1).png)
(1.60 MB 1444x1080 Kodachi (2).png)
>>308 >>313 based kodachi enjoyer
>>308 >>313 >>321 I just want kodachi to wrap her legs around me and force me to have her children
>>31 Would have been kino if akane's hair grew back and some actual character development came along with it tbh.
(1.32 MB 1436x1080 Kodachi (4).png)
(1.97 MB 500x375 1.gif)
>>332 When a character gets a haircut it is almost never growing back.
>>338 I actually like the short hair Akane more
(80.14 KB 556x434 ranma.png)
Ukyo /ss/
>>948 what a stylish bikini top
(165.19 KB 419x509 1649142656362.gif)
>>308 dont mind if i take this with me home
(270.37 KB 600x600 Kodachi_hair.jpg)
>>313 based Kodachi appreciator
(1.37 MB 1179x851 1644687035114.jpg)
>>995 god damn that is cute
>>995 Kodachi and Kuno are the prettiest Ranma characters
(346.10 KB 1000x1000 Kodachi.jpg)
(84.95 KB 1024x769 shampi.jpg)
>>1020 Im sorry but you are incorrect. Shampoo best girl
(351.08 KB 1000x1260 1632843986239.jpg)
>>1024 cope
(34.45 KB 640x480 1644853433223.jpg)
>>1024 >>1025 yeah right
>>1026 >images you can hear
(3.16 MB 520x293 Kodachi(5).gif)
(245.56 KB 253x188 1631621505666.gif)
(103.71 KB 984x720 ranmasmiles.jpg)
>create perfect parody of shonen tropes up to that point >even in parody, inadvertently surpass them all >to the point where people are still shamelessly ripping it off decades later rumiko was gahd-dang genius tbh
>>1039 What are you even talking about?
>>1040 robotech
(2.07 MB 1444x1080 Ranma (26).png)
(27.74 KB 146x134 retardedakane.png)
>>1203 Ranma bib boobs sex
>>1212 Ryoga is better true
>>1203 why does she look like she just smoked a fat blunt
>>1223 because she did, ranma is a huge pothead.
>>31 I'm currently watching this again after like 20 years or so when it aired where I live. It's very weird that I remember a lot of things, but can't tell what the story is or how it developes further down the line. But I guess thats normal considering I didn't watch it regularly and just saw a random episode here and there, did the same with Inuyasha and never really knew what was happening there either lol. Well anyways, felt like I was teenager again for some time while watching it, that's some mad nostalgia not gonna lie, makes me sad this is one of the seemingly forgotten shows.

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