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Retro Anime that you want to see subbed. anon 01/08/2022 (Sat) 11:39:36 No. 30
Self explanatory. For me it would be three late 80s Studio Comet produced TV shows all with Hirosho Kanazawa as character designer and heavily involved as an animation director. I believe all three are manga adaptations, and they all have the similar kind of pudgy faced caricatured character designs that are really unique. High School Kimengumi, Tsuide ni Tonchinkan and Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu. The latter two I watched raw, with Tsuide ( screenshots shown here) being a well executed slapstick comedy, albeit a bit repetitive. Meimon is an incredibly well done sports drama with storyboards that feel somewhat reminiscent of Dezaki, as it was his student, Hiroshi Fukutomi who directed it. The animation quality was outstandingly good and consistent, full of subtle weighty convincing motion during the baseball games. Kimengumi has its movie subbed and I enjoyed it, but the series has yet to be picked up.
(1.33 MB 1806x2560 A14fVO41ynL.jpg)
>>30 Ginga rai has subs but they are pretty bad,
>>33 Yeah, first four episodes were redone and were fine, but this would be a great show for fansubbers to pick up.
Waiting warmly on High School Kimengumi subs as well. I do recall reading about someone wanting to start work on it a few years ago but unsure if that has gone anywhere or is ever going to go anywhere, lucky frogs and russians that have subs for most of the show at least.
>>33 I'd put Ordian under that same umbrella.
High School Kimengumi is a good one. I also would like more 60’s shows to get subbed like W3.
Isn't fansubbing dead?
>>429 Not at all. If anything, now that all new anime is licensed older stuff gets more fansubs than before. https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=orphan https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=oldcastle https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=msubs
(61.43 KB 230x713 pyuta-top6.jpg)
>>475 >>474 I'm retarded, kept trying to quick reply but it didn't work. Fight da!! Pyuta is my pick
>>30 I guess kochikame
(334.20 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>30 Super Zugan would be nice to see subbed, all 20 episodes are on nyaa and it's not that hard to find. I'm surprised there hasn't been an attempt by some fansubber since Mahjong anime is pretty hard to come by. A quick google showed that 12 episodes subbed on Youtube by some anon but there's still 8 or so left. Just surprised it hasn't been fully subbed by now.
Reminder that of the 80 TV anime released in the 60's only these are fully subbed: >Mach GoGoGo - 1967 >Kurenai Sanshirou - 1969 >Dororo to Hyakkimaru - 1969 >Attack No.1 - 1969 So anything from the 60's, ideally the early 60's. Double ideally Astro Boy.
(42.62 KB 350x350 makaryuudo.jpg)
Demon Hunter Makaryuudo because the current subs are ass. Here's a link if anyone wants to watch it. youtube dot com/watch?v=WKkyzaeFMZo
(482.93 KB 600x386 furiten-kun.png)
I need more mahjong
>>939 what am i supposed to be looking at???
>>940 Furiten-Kun. I don't really know much about it, but I like the look of it and I'm sure it has some degree of mahjong in it
>>30 The Magic Ballad / Okon Joururi
>>939 I've heard the movie doesn't have much mahjong in it at all but that the OVAs do(?) I forget. Either way, I'm with >>631 on wanting to see Zugan subbed.
(480.49 KB 1427x1415 psx_dendoh_screenshot.jpg)
>>30 Pic related is probably my top pick; it only has crabsticks right now. I could also say the Brave series but I know half of them already have subs and I wouldn't be surprised if Discotek started bringing them over in the near future.
Damn, are those tanlines? Hng
Maple Town Monogatari
>>30 >>122 There were some VHS era fansubs that went up to about ep. 13 online, though I'm not sure if they're archived anywhere.

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