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Takarajima (Treasure Island) anon 11/16/2022 (Wed) 07:42:33 No. 1886
This anime was incredibly good. I am surprised nobody really talks about it especially with other adaptations of Treasure Island being dug up because of recent memes.
>>1886 Ah yes, Takarajima is a real classic and I absolutely love it. Having never read Treasure Island the entire anime was incredibly good and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, especially during the parts on the island itself. I've already talked about how I felt about the anime in the Dezaki thread on this board: >>1622, but to reiterate it here for some discussion of the anime itself. I loved the adventure aspect of the anime and enjoyed seeing it mostly from Jim's perspective. I have a soft spot for actual child protags who are thrown into a dangerous situation (Future Boy Conan for example) and have to outsmart and outperform everyone they go up against despite the fact they're only a kid and usually underestimated by everyone which gives them an advantage because you never know how they'll succeed or IF they'll succeed so it's always keeps my interest going. Character wise, all of them are pretty great. Silver is an amazing character with a great VA, and I loved Grey too and his fate still brings a tear to my eye, seeing someone who seemed unkillable meet his end like that was truly heart wrenching. The art is incredible, as is any Dezaki anime and some of the backgrounds were amazing to look at. Overall, it's just a fantastic anime that I sort of wish got a dub since I think it could be a good anime for boys around Jim's age but subs are a tough sell. >I am surprised nobody really talks about it especially with other adaptations of Treasure Island being dug up because of recent memes. What recent memes?
Treasure Island's great. I watched it with some friends back in 2021 and it's just so....fun. It's just got this great sense of adventure and every episode just flew by. I love that Jim has a leopard cub and that Benbow grows up so at the end Jim is just this guy walking around with a leopard like it's totally normal. And it's got my favorite Long John Silver in media. I'm going to pick up the official release for sure, I hope it gets more people watching it.
(661.97 KB 2000x2000 illust_97577778_20221116_205505.png)
>>1887 I also have a real soft spot for child main characters when they are done right and Jim was definitely done right. It was an extremely surprising series since it did so many things that I wouldn't expect to see in a story based on an old adventure book like a morally gray antagonist who kind of wins in the end or most of the conflicts being battles of wits. I was fully expecting it to be cheesy swashbuckling action like those old pirate movies my great grandparents used to watch. Silver is quite possibly my favorite anime antagonist of all time. I am definitely going to have to read the book some time soon. >what recent memes Those soviet Livesy memes have led to some people in the animation community digging up other weird European Treasure Island adaptations and reevaluating stuff like Treasure Planet.
>>1889 Treasure Planet is incredibly bizarre and half the time I couldn't make sense of what I was watching, but I have to give them some props for that ending.

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