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Macross is fucking stupid anon 07/18/2022 (Mon) 20:02:02 No. 1463
Are we really supposed to believe that hardened soldiers are going to defy their superior officers, whom they've been conditioned to fear all their lives, to defect to an enemy they've been conditioned to hate all their lives, just for the sake of some shitty pop songs? That would be like the Norks or Talibans defecting to the United States in mass because of Taylor Swift. And why would anyone in that situation even give a shit about gay idol drama anyway? They're supposed to be fighting for their lives, stranded in the outer solar system millions of the nearest supply base, and yet they have not only the available resources but also the audience for this garbage? Or that the chief archivist whose supposedly spent his entire life studying combat footage, wouldn't notice that a goddamn martial arts movie was clearly faked? Actually zentradi in general seem pretty dim, the infiltration team is able to speak perfect Japanese with no effort, but somehow remain clueless about every other aspect of Terran culture. They really should have been caught right away, especially since they acted like total buffoons and Hayase actually saw them in the miclone chambers. The way they handle romance was also pretty dumb. At most civilian workplaces its frowned upon for officers to engage in relationships, let alone in the military. And then there's the whole romance between Max and Milia. "I tried to kill you an hour ago, let's get married!"Yeah, right. How is this garbage considered a classic in any way? My eight year old sister could come up with a better mecha show.
>>1463 Well Taylor swift does have some nice songs
Metric tons of couples have met at work
(123.84 KB 1920x1080 adasdfasdf.jpg)
>>1463 >How is this garbage considered a classic in any way? Is it? Dunno only saw Macross Frontier and that was pretty shitty and gay as well although Ranka is cute and the music is pretty good too. Is the music good at least?
(51.10 KB 560x542 1584193452456.jpg)
>>1463 Can't tell if bait or if you're just retarded OP.
Gundam is even worse with this shit because it actually tries to be serious.
>>1495 >ZZ
>>1495 >ZZ
>>1463 wait you mean people watch it for reasons other than lineart?
>>1495 Which Gundam series are you talking about? I won't accept any slander of classic UC! Or the The Origin manga!

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