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(883.47 KB 841x469 Honeyview_wdv8Y9Uf0u.png)
Zeta Gundam anon 06/06/2022 (Mon) 02:03:03 No. 1351
Is this still the most soul crushing ending scene in anime? It is for me at least.
>>1351 >Is this still the most soul crushing ending scene in anime? The endings of Texhnolyze and Wolf's Rain will forever be the most soul crushing endings in anime.
>>1352 I think texhnolyze takes the cake out of those two
>>1351 Idk I remember the Zeta Gundam ending being too vague. Seeing Kamille as a vegetable in ZZ was worse in my opinion
>>1363 It wasn't vague at all, if anything ZZ retroactively ruins the ending by having him recover from it in the end because "anime is supposed to be hapy :)" -Yoshiyuki Tomino (probably)
(15.71 KB 853x480 Texhnolyze 48.jpg)
(604.86 KB 944x531 Texhnolyze 55.png)
>>1362 When I first saw the ending of Texhnolyze (around 2005ish, I was still a young teenager), while the scene with Ran was unfolding I unconsciously dug my fingers into the skin of my other arm and drew blood. I was making the same facial expression of confusing and rage that Ichise was making and I started sweating and crying intensely. Then the scene that immediately followed afterwards with the insert song and I fucking bawled like a bitch. I threw up later that evening too. Not a single other anime or any other piece of media gave me such a visceral reaction, jesus christ. I haven't watched Texhnolyze since then and I don't want to watch it again.
>>1369 Yeah I remember feeling this heavy hole that slowly drained everything. By then she really was the only part of that show left to hope for and when that was gone and the ending came I just felt empty. Powerful stuff, but it really gets the message of not putting your existence behind impermanent things across to the viewer.
Jinrou comes to mind for me ;_;

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