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(2.92 MB 1428x1080 1652553509790.png)
anon 06/02/2022 (Thu) 13:51:15 No. 1335
What are the essential pre-2k hyperviolent anime?
>>1335 Angel Cop for me
Genocyber is -the- go to "hyperviolent" anime, especially among English anime fans that grew up in the 1990s.
(171.42 KB 720x432 hunters.jpg)
>>1335 Madbull 34 Violence jack Vampire hunter d Ninja scroll Genocyber
Boku no Pico
>>1335 ninja scroll
Riki-Oh is pretty good, though you might be better off with the live action movie.
>>1466 Recently gave this a watch, I forgot about how edgy and gory some of the older movies could be, was actually kinda refreshing to see something that wasn't trying to be more and didn't give a shit about anything but telling a story with tons of blood, sex and violence (well, there wasn't enough sex).
>>1613 I think ninja scroll has the perfect amount of edge and that's why it works best out of Kawajiri films. Wicked City feels like a hentai and you can't take it seriously, VHD is too tame which as a result makes the experience lack weight
>>1614 100% percent of Kawajiri's catalog is pure unadulterated quinoa, your criticisms are utter nonsense
>>1615 He's nothing more than a b-movie director nut that's not a bad thing necessairly
>>1616 If you're looking for anime ultraviolence, you're looking for B-movie schlock most of the time. If you want unsexy violence, Be Invoked exists.
>>1614 I don't think that the sexual elements of Wicked City work against it. The issue is more so the old man acting as a comic relief character that kind of breaks with the general tone it goes for. That and the kind of sappy conclusion. I think it has Kawajiri's sense of color design and iconic imagery at its best though. >>1615 >>1616 >>1862 Japan has a tradition of visual experimentation and artistic accomplishment in their B-films, this naturally extends to anime as well. To be a B-film should never been seen as derogatory anyways, they're quite literally just more niche low budget film that would be played alongside with "A-films" as a warm up theaters. It doesn't have anything to do with actual quality.

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