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(118.87 KB 1438x1080 90sanime2.jpg)
anon 06/01/2022 (Wed) 21:12:02 No. 1324
Didn't expect Trigun to be this bad. These production values are on par with those Lost Universe webms. Surprised there was no backlash against it and that the show is remembered fondly in spite of this.
(426.12 KB 500x375 1592021354515 (1).gif)
>>1324 Are you baiting? Some parts had pretty "so so" animation but so did most shows then.
(885.84 KB 500x382 wolololololololo.gif)
>>1326 He is baiting. He's the same guy who's made all pre-2000s anime discussion on /a/ a living hell for the last 2 years. https://desuarchive.org/a/search/filename/90sanime2/ It seems he's recently picked Trigun as his new shitposting target. https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/238412754 https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/238366717
(215.05 KB 720x544 1630366653428.jpg)
>>1327 I could understand some criticism, since people gotta have something to complain about these days, but the animation was pretty typical of the day but not bad by any means so it really isnt the kind of thing to start a thread over unless you never saw any anime from that time to begin with.
While I don't think Trigun is bad by any means, I do wonder how I feel about it these days, since I last watched it around 7 years ago and this was when I was just really getting into anime (had only seen around 50 shows prior) and thought it was really fucking cool and had some really interesting episodes and fun action. These days, I wonder if I'd find it somewhat bland and not as fun? Great opening though, entire reason I watched it back in the day. Some anon on /v/ said it was his ringtone and it interested me so much I had to give it a watch.
>>1328 >but the animation was pretty typical of the day I've watched many shows that had far better animation than Trigun, Kesnhin, YYH, Bebop, Infinite Reviuys to name a few. Not only does Trigun have awful weightless animation but you get QUALITY every episode, this level of production is unacceptable for an action show.
>>1334 Welcome to 90% of pre-2000s TV anime, enjoy your stay.
>>1342 I hear that Trigun is one of the worse ones. I mean I watched Lain and Evangelion too to add to the list of tv anime but none looked this bad.
>>1343 >I hear that Trigun is one of the worse ones Trigun doesn't have that reputation, where are you hearing this?

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