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(427.99 KB 1166x858 ladyoscar6.jpg)
Rose Of Versailles anon 05/06/2022 (Fri) 20:43:18 No. 1253
I've been watching this anime. So far it's a simple but well done story. Due it's age it lacks in animation sequences, but it more than makes up for it with Dezaki's great directing. And the artstyle is really charming.
(937.44 KB 960x720 bara.png)
(700.12 KB 960x720 ee.png)
>>1253 I feel like Oscar doesn't get as much focus as she should. Atleast compared to Antoinette or Madame du Berry, but she's likeable in the small roles she plays.
(626.71 KB 960x720 rose_2.png)
(513.17 KB 960x720 a_3.png)
(483.25 KB 960x720 shot.png)
>>1253 The rivalry of Antoinette and du Berry is a petty and nonsensical one, but it does a good job at making you feel for their positions. It's about the problems of the aristocracy, so it's not that relatable. Yet I didn't get bored.
>>1255 This was the episode that really made me interested in the show. I remember finding Episode 1-3 to be REALLY boring and it took me around 2 weeks to even get through them, but once episode 4 hit and the whole rivalry between the two occurred over the new few episodes I was hooked on the show, and finished the whole thing in around 2 weeks. This was the show that really made me notice that I really love all the thing Dezaki directs (even if he didn't start doing it until halfway) and tried to watch everything I could that had his direction, even if he didn't write the source material. Somehow, he was always drawn to the greatest shows.
(290.83 KB 540x400 7263273232737.png)
>>1254 More focus on Oscar comes towards the end, when she is finally called to make personal and no longer subordinate choices. She will have to deal with a lot of things at the height of the most delicate moment in France's history. That's when her character truly shines. I loved the entire cast, this series never got me bored even when Oscar wasn't directly involved. Observing a reinterpretation of real historical events in a shoujo-esque narrative and aesthetic by Ikeda first and then with Dezaki's touch is a fascinating experience.
A tv channel decided to air the whole serie in one day so i decided to do a rewatch, i remember the animation being more fluid.
Seemingly RoV is getting a new adaption for it's 50th. I wonder how it'll be done. I think the original is perfect as is, so I'm not sure what, if anything, they can add.
>>1449 Aesthetically and shot-wise it's really good, but animation is poor. So maybe they'd improve that aspect. But I doubt it would look as good

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