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(970.56 KB 3264x2448 orange road.jpg)
anon 04/21/2022 (Thu) 00:09:55 No. 1145
You watch your retro anime on a period appropriate CRT, right anon?
>>1145 No I just use my laptop
>>1145 I had a CRT TV for several up until 2017 when it died, but it was a 2000s era one
>>1145 yeah i really wanna get one of these and watch my animes on this that would be great
>>1145 I'd love to but I haven't had a CRT since 2014. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll try out a video on retroarch with shaders. I know it's not the same but it's a fun experiment for a few minutes just to mess around and see what can be done.
Not really period appropriate but I do have a CRT monitor from the early 2000s
soon got a CRT, all i need is an adaper/cable
>>1145 I fucked around with reshade for a bit but didn't got the results I wanted. A crt would be cool for old games as well.
(7.69 MB 4032x3024 crt.jpg)
>>1145 Not exactly period appropriate, but I do enjoy watching older anime on this late 90s monitor I picked up a little while ago. Hard to put my finger on exactly what it is, but it does look nicer then on a flat lcd screen.
Let's say I want to buy a crt, what are the pitfalls?
>>1166 i'm waiting for this cause i really don't know about its details
>>1164 True black does wonders for your anime.
(2.60 MB 4608x3456 blahblahexifremoved.jpg)
>>1166 The main thing is going to be in your face which is the price, if you want to get a really good CRT it's going to cost too much and as much as I love my Trinitron there's no way in hell I would pay 100€ or whatever stupid prices fags are asking these days. Assuming you can test that it's working or can otherwise confirm that it's working before buying then all the parts inside should be fine at least for now and the most common issues can usually be fixed by just replacing the caps inside and while I don't think it's too hard of a thing to do, messing with tube monitors can be rather intimidating to newbies but you won't kill yourself doing it as long as you read up before poking any anode caps with a screwdriver. An issue I had with mine was that the previous owner had stored it away for over a decade and not very well so the anti-glare coating on the screen was damaged which looked quite ugly but if you don't mind it being extra reflective and have a few hours to spend scrubbing away at it with a magic sponge you can get quite good results. In some cases it's a film that can usually be peeled off after you take off the front bezel. They are big and heavy and eat up quite a lot of power, the weight part doesn't really matter because I don't know why the hell you'd be lugging a 30kg monitor around anymore unless you're going to a retro LAN party. I don't mind the power consumption but especially if you have a small room that thing is going to serve as a great heater especially in the warm months if you have any. Finally actually hooking it up does require you to most likely get a digital to analog converter since I don't think any GPUs from the past 6-7 years have any analog output but if you have any analog output but if you have a VGA port or a DVI-A/DVI-I port on the back of yours you're good to go and at worst require a cheap passive adapter. Cheap chinkshit adapters will work but the resolution is usually going to be restricted so with my 4€ HDMI->VGA adapter I can only run it at [email protected] instead of the actual maximum the monitor can do which is [email protected] Also at least on Gahnoo+Linux with nvidia drivers it doesn't allow you to set any custom resolutions and instead is restricted to a few common 5:4 and 4:3 ones. I'm willing to bet this is an nvidia issue if anything knowing their history. I can set it to whatever custom one I want on another computer with intel integrated graphics and a VGA output running Linux. All in all if you can get your hands on a working monitor for a good price or even free and don't mind it being big and hungry then I really recommend picking one up, it's great for old anime.
>>1180 that was really interesting and informative, thank you very much
>>1164 What anime is that? Saucenao gives nothing
>>1194 Dancougar, it's pretty cool.
>>1195 Yatte Yaru Ze-!!
(54.29 KB 640x480 027.jpg)
>>1194 Don't listen to that other guy, it's actually ghostbusters
(2.28 MB 3840x2160 DSC_0457.JPG)
Behold an almost new TV from 1995 as far as usage is concerned, only 1500 hours
(2.96 MB 4608x3456 20220320_221316.jpg)
>>1180 Agreed fuck anti glare
I have a pvm I haven't used at all but hopefully will be able to once I get a stand for it. Sadly only does s-video because it was probably just a security monitor, but it looks decent. Also need to install cfw on my ps3 so it can play jap dvds.
>>1145 No. I'm a retro fan, not a hipster.

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