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(156.88 KB 750x532 dfergtert.jpg)
Why did older forms of animation die off anyways? anon 01/11/2022 (Tue) 08:01:33 No. 98 [Reply]
It's just weird to me, like, if you look at any anime prior to 1990 you will see a clear difference in art style. The anime of the time is less jagged and more rounded and bubbly as opposed to modern anime which isn't. I'm just curious as to why that is. When exactly did this shift away from the softer less pointed animation begin and why?
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>>118 They all look good to me.
>>103 the 90's part still cracks me up, good lord that's bad
Ignoring very unique artstyles and just talking generally: 60's was Disney copying because muh tezuka. 70's was the rebellion against that which was Gekiga. 80's was a balance between the two which was round and pretty. The 90's was a push for more angles and spikes because it was radical. The 00's were a more calmed down 90's with influence from VN artwork which had bigger eyes and softer features. The 10's were like the 00's but even rounder. Still not as chunky and soft as the 80's, but much more approachable than the past two decades. The 20's is so far the same besides a bigger focus on color gradients, but we're still early.
>>532 I think what started defining the late 10s/early 20s already is the increasing complexity of outfits. A lot of them feel like 10s designs but with way more little trinkets and details on the pieces of the outfits, while the faces have stayed mostly the same. I think a huge part of what happened in the 80s is a desire to make the designs more animation friendly, when you see how Kanada would draw background characters in his cuts in the 70s, for example, they were very round and simplified, the explosion of the Kanada school in the early 80s probably had lots to do with where design was going. Then in the mid 80s right as the very round and animation friendly Kanada school designs of stuff like A-Ko or Leda are in vogue, you got some push towards more complexity because OVAs and films could handle such difficult designs.
(39.45 KB 352x500 96760l.jpg)
>>98 You should instead be asking why this angular design was popular at all in the first place. If you look at pre-70s anime, it's all cute round characters. It was Leiji Matsumoto's Yamato series and it's success that spawned the "80s look" where everything was done with angular shapes and stylish hair to denote passionate characters, etc. It's what Shimamoto famously drew upon when making Blazing Transfer Student and later the anime shop clerk from Lucky Star, if you remember. It was simply the style at the time, and eventually other styles subplanted it along with a digital revolution that made animating much different than how it used to be. Back in the 90s the old way got really stuffy, with the insistence on dark shading and detailed frames making it difficult to animate well, so the digital revolution really brought life back into the industry. So to answer your question, I think in fact, animation only reverted back to the pre-Leiji style with cute round shapes moving fluidly like you see in Mahoutsukai Sally or Tetsuwan Atom or Tetsujin 28-gou. And it was accented by the themes of the time, like moe in the 00s, the shapes of the 2010s isekai boom, and now a revert back to detailed shading with simple shapes that you see now.

(1.29 MB 1920x1200 wapchan_macross.png)
manga edits anon 01/13/2022 (Thu) 20:07:53 No. 155 [Reply]
lets have some silly fun with edits
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>>602 >You guys should try it as well, it's fun. i never tried myself on gif/webm etc, whats a good startingpoint
>>619 I used adobe premiere for the editing, exported it as an mp4, and used webm4retards to convert it into a webm.
(619.37 KB 800x700 wap4.png)
i was bored and did a thing, but i think the sky doesnt really jell with the other colours
(21.23 KB 500x360 Mamoru.jpg)
>>460 based Getter RoboCHAD
>>1143 nice stuff, i might embed this in the cytube page if it ends up looking good on there

Beautiful Background Art Thread anon 01/12/2022 (Wed) 10:06:59 No. 126 [Reply]
Self explanatory. It's fine if characters are featured, but try chose shots focused on the background. I'll start with some from Tokimeki Tonight.
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>>998 one of my favourite frames ever, i remember stopping the movie and analize this frame for hours to understand the symbolism.
(2.03 MB 1197x899 InuSunset.png)
(2.96 MB 1384x1008 gunbuster.png)
(823.59 KB 540x412 1650111710970.gif)
I don't know if the second counts.
(103.95 KB 996x630 vintage.jpg)

(1.59 MB 498x381 ranze.gif)
wapTV - coming soon! ranchan Admin 02/06/2022 (Sun) 23:59:38 No. 623 [Reply]
Yes, the weekly stream idea is real, and it's going to start up within the week. I am thinking of running the streams biweekly on tuesdays and thursdays (unless other days work better, but i'd like to keep it during the week) The idea is that each day would have an episode from two series during the same season. Here's what i'm thinking of starting with >Tuesday: Fall 1982 Space Cobra Tokimeki Tonight >Thursday: Spring 1983 Aishite Knight Miyuki This would all be taken care of by a bot (finally got one working), so I won't have to micromanage everything. Times are probably going to be 17:00 UTC since thats the time that presumably works for the most people. (Another idea - doing rebroadcasts at a few common local times during the day such as noon in PST, EST, and CET) (With an episode a week, these would take many months to get through a whole series, so I may do two episodes of each in a block if people would prefer that)
Edited last time by ranchant on 02/07/2022 (Mon) 00:04:09.
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>>916 I just now also noticed that the bot got things out of order, Aishite Knight episode 11 is playing after Miyuki. Definitely seems like some sort of daylight savings issue.
>>623 I think the server move might have broken wapTV again, nothing streamed today and the log still shows the last stream from thursday.
>>1132 i know waptv has been really broken for a while, it's just been kinda far down on my todo list. has it been streaming the right episodes recently or should i push it back a few?
>>1133 Yes episodes were correct and it was streaming at the right times before today.
>>1134 Looks like i forgot to set the execute flags on the scripts when i moved them over. Fixed that, so I'll runs the today's streams tomorrow/

anon 01/31/2022 (Mon) 00:37:27 No. 467 [Reply]
literal masterpiece
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>>1000 B-Ko is now the official queen of /ar/. At least until post 2000
(476.62 KB 1001x2202 1642311531382.jpg)
>>578 The only thing what is ironic is that you are not better than them
(26.60 KB 400x434 73675.jpg)
>>578 anon please don't post garbage images like these, let's try to keep this board in a good state
(255.21 KB 1053x766 PAKOCKO.jpg)
>>563 >enjoyed some parts of A-ko >some parts explain yourself

(18.56 KB 300x450 Elf17.jpg)
Elf 17 04/18/2022 (Mon) 08:15:57 No. 1089 [Reply]
Have you seen it? It's a blast! If you like stuff like Urusei Yatsura and Project A-Ko it´s definitely up your alley
>>1089 its good but underappreciated

(29.84 KB 294x221 meinKaiser.jpg)
anon 01/08/2022 (Sat) 06:40:57 No. 4 [Reply]
Claiming this board as belonging to his majesty kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm. You are free to go on as usual.
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>>664 Might as well bump again to discuss the OVA's. Finished them last week and I liked them although not as much as the main series. I did find it odd how they were ordered, two different OVA's that spread out the story over 6-7 years and each episode arc is ALSO spread out. How to rearrange them myself to be in order so it would naturally flow better. A real shame how once again Yang (and the Alliance in general) was shafted for more Reinhard time. I guess it's nice to see more of Kircheis but after forcibly seeing how incredible Reinhard was for the entire series I'd rather spend some time with people like Yang, Dusty, Julian, Poplin, Kircheis, Mittermeyer and such. They all feel like they had less than half the screentime of Reinhard and it's odd to just give him episodes to show us that he is as incredible as we have been shown before. I'd say my favourite part of the OVA was Yang's arc, the 14 episodes of growing up, saving El Facil, the history of the 730 Mafia, the prison and how it all ended was really interesting and exciting. It's a real shame his whole OVA couldn't have been Yang on this adventure and meeting up with more people but I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed a lot of Reinhard's arcs as well, such as when Reinhard mutinied on their sole ship to save them from an Alliance patrol, the Ice planet episode and the episode about the defecting noble's daughter. The Kirchies detective episode was surprisingly interesting to watch as well and was a breath of fresh air to see him by himself for such a long period of time. I do wonder how it'd feel watching the OVA before the main series. It's a prequel so you wouldn't really get spoiled on much outside a few narrator spoilers, so a lot of the episodes would feel a lot more *tense* as you may not know who will die or not. I guess it'd be a lot more boring as you wouldn't be as invested in the characters but you could at least see how amazing Reinhard was for the first time, instead of the 50th. I'm not sure what people think of the OVA's since I rarely see them discussed with the main series, so hopefully this bump might add *some* discussion to the board.
(531.37 KB 640x480 salutierend.png)
>>4 Sieg Kaiser Reinhard! Sieg Neues Reich!
>>664 >>921 Sorry to correct you here, anon, but both the main 110-episode series and the Gaiden series are OVAs. The main series has never been on TV (afaik) and was made specifically to be released on home-video. >I remember trying to get into the series three times (once in 2015, 2016 and in 2017) only to give up multiple times. I gave it a try many years ago too, but it was only recently that I started to appreciate older anime more, that I gave it another chance, and it became one of my favorite anime ever, if not my absolute favorite. Frankly, I didn't want it to be over by the time I reached the last episode. As for the Gaiden series, I've downloaded most of the episodes, but haven't watched any of them for various reasons. >another anime I absolutely adore is Irresponsible Captain Tylor and watching LOGH really showed me just how much of a parody that show as meant to be of this Thanks for the recommendation, although just by reading about it, I'm not sure that it was meant to be a parody of LoGH specifically, or at least not many people have noticed. It would be hilarious if it turns out to be true, though. I have also noticed some possible influences of LoGH in other Japanese media after watching it. >>668 I hope you watched, and liked it. I'm always happy to see more people watching it for the first time after so many years. Despite it being so common in pretentious 3x3 threads, it's a genuine masterpiece. I mean, it does come from a novel (not a light novel) so the writing quality in LoGH is obviously superior to the average anime, in my opinion.
>>1034 >the writing quality in LoGH is obviously superior to the average anime, in my opinion. its so far beyond other anime its not even funny sometimes i almost wish it wasnt so thick every time i get going on trying to watch the whole series, some irl bullshit always happens, a few months will go by, then ill either lose my place or just forget everything that was going on which sucks since theres all kinds of subtle/sub-plot stuff going on at all times certainly not a series you can just sit down and only watch a few episodes at a time of really is on a whole other level tho
>>1034 >but both the main 110-episode series and the Gaiden series are OVAs. Yeah I know, I was just trying to bump this thread by saying "Oh,yeah I watched the spinoffs" so I wasn't really thinking about it much. I thought it'd be easier to just call them "OVA" and "Main Series". Force of habit I guess after watching a lot of older shows that usually have a main TV series and an OVA spinoff. >As for the Gaiden series, I've downloaded most of the episodes, but haven't watched any of them for various reasons. It was released in a very odd order, you may want to look up a chronological series of events for each so the episodes flow better when you eventually watch it. >Thanks for the recommendation, No problem, I'd say it's my favourite anime. I remember falling in love with it during the climax of the 4th episode where I laughed for 10 seconds straight at how it played out. >Although just by reading about it, I'm not sure that it was meant to be a parody of LoGH specifically, or at least not many people have noticed. I can't fully remember how I came to that conclusion, but I do remember translating the Japanese wikipedia page and I believe it was mentioned there. Not sure if you can trust a ">translated wikipedia page" for information (it's also mentioned on the fan wiki for Captain Tylor, but again, hard to trust information), but when I was watching LOGH I just saw a lot of comparisons. According to English wikipedia, it's based off a movie called "Japan's Irresponsible Age" from 1962 which is quite similar, but there are quite a decent amount of comparisons you can make for both, plus Tylor's light novel came out 2 years after LOGH's ended. Tylor is meant to be like Yang, albeit, a hell of a lot more easy going and downright lucky. Working for the "United Planets Space Force" and pretty much joining it for reasons that aren't relating to wanting to fight in battles but being exceptional in the battles he fights. Leading the people around him having no idea if it's dumb luck or incredible genius he plays off as dumb luck. Whereas his main rival opponent is Ru Baraba Dom who is a commander in the Raalgon empire, has long hair, is pretty damn serious a majority of the time and sees Tylor as someone who is incredibly powerful and someone he needs to defeat for the empire to win the fight against the UPSF. (It's been a while since I watched it, I can't fully remember the Raalgon empire's background) It's a shame the anime only deals with a small part of Tylor's life as the light novels (which are COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT when I looked into them) pretty much detail his whole career. Since anime Tylor is a lot more likeable than light novel Tylor (who was described as an ugly, 30+ year old lolicon loving commander) it's a real shame we'll probably never see more of anime Tylor again. I also enjoyed the dub as blasphemous as that sounds, Tylor really sounds like a laid back idiot in that.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(119.14 KB 512x640 A1186-2309964218.1511542343.jpg)
Attack No. 1 anon 02/22/2022 (Tue) 13:52:04 No. 843 [Reply]
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Apparently I started this in 2016, fuck it's been so long. Got busy and put it on hold but I need to resume it. It's good classic スポ根 and obviously they didn't fuck around, plenty of bitches getting slapped and hit in the face with balls.
>>847 > those webms Metal af
>>843 as hillarious as these webm's are is this any good?
>>953 It's pretty good IMO. It's a breath of fresh air compared to modern shojo.
>>954 I have two weeks of vacation soon, I think I will try it because I have nothing to watch at the moment

(186.51 KB 1920x1080 railroad.jpg)
Night on the Galactic Railroad anon 02/11/2022 (Fri) 05:42:03 No. 715 [Reply]
Please, someone help me understand the appeal of this movie. I love the idea of it and the artwork is really nice, but the pacing is just... there's no reason for the movie to be as long and as slow as it is. I'm not against films having a slower, more meditative or dreamlike pace, but Railroad drags everything out for as long as possible, well past the point of interest. I'm really not trying to shit on this film, I understand it means a lot to many people and I respect that. I'm trying to understand and maybe come to appreciate it myself. If anyone who really likes this movie could explain to me why they do, I would really appreciate it.
>>715 Had to hit up an archive but anipages had some praise for the film that may help. "Gisaburo Sugii's Night on the Galactic Railroad, in contrast, adopts a storybook tone and visual ethos completely at odds with the previous film. The colorful backgrounds are drawn with bold strokes, like naif art, and the characters are simply drawn anthropomorphic cats, sidestepping the problems inherent in depicting the inhabitants of Iihatov as humans. The animation is completely different as well. The focus here is not on bringing the characters alive through nuanced animation, but on bringing a fantastic world alive through a procession of gorgeous images that are pure and intense. The animation is consequenly very still, but in an intentionally restrained kind of way, combining with the art to create a tone of hushed awe and heightened emotion. The art for the mazelike town is one of the film's most unforgettably beautiful images. This Iihatov may have started out informed of a vaguely rural European sensibility, but it is transformed through the art into a truly unique and compelling world the likes of which we've never seen before. Every image from this film is striking and unforgettable, from the computer CG corn field, to the pillar of cranes, to the Bos skeleton buried in the geological layers of time and space. This film seems like the most imaginative and creative of the Kenji films, and also the most spiritual and profound."
>>715 The film invites you to embrace the dreamlike pace and take the time to experience what the characters are going through, reflecting on the themes of the story along with them. The visuals, music and pacing all set the tone. That said, pacing is an artistic choice as much as it is a tool. Whether you liked it or not is subjective, and so criticism or praise, while valid, are a bit personal. Watching it again some other time when you feel like it may be more effective than reading other people's thoughts on it.
I only watched the first couple of minutes like ten years ago, but I think it's recently gained popularity because it has the same appeal as ghibli films. Fun for the whole family films with good art and animation. Also furries like it because of course they do.
>>725 What kid is going to sit through such a slow movie? >>715 I think the main reason for the slow pacing is to convey the melancholy of the main characters' final mortal journey together. Galactic Railroad may be about an adventure, but it is the adventure to end all adventures. This is a farewell, a final commemoration to all the times they have already had. Think about the last time you spent with someone you aren't going to see for a long time, or possibly ever again. It's hard to make it a good time, because the fact that it's the last time looms over both of your minds, but you both try to drag it on anyway. I think that is the feeling the slow pacing is trying to convey.
>>718 what archive do you use to search anipages? I'd love to hear about more promising information resources like that; I frequently use the /a/ archive to research anime and would like to expand to other sources

(2.30 MB 1500x1125 Maicasualoutfit2.png)
Watch p/ar/ty 2 ranchan Admin 03/05/2022 (Sat) 23:02:33 No. 879 [Reply]
We're gonna have our second watch p/ar/ty on March 19th, same time as before (15:00 UTC). Suggestions will be taken for a week and the the finalists will be voted on next week. Looking forward to it!
13 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>901 Don't worry, ranchan, we understand! The communication is, of course, appreciated.
(878.50 KB 250x186 anime-vhs.gif)
After a pretty long delay, we can finally start the voting! Suggestions from >>891 and >>897 were omitted because they can be the full subjects of future watch p/ar/ties, this will probably be the last "grab bag" type for a while. Voting ends Friday at noon EST. https://strawpoll.com/polls/2ayLWLdmbZ4
(238.45 KB 812x972 1572742069904.png)
>>909 How long will this stream run for? I think you said this one was going to be shorter than last time
>>913 4-6 hours max (the other one ran for around 8 or 10 I think). It may end up being shorter, but I will probably do a smaller p/ar/ty with the leftovers at some point, I just know these massive streams dont work great with everyone's schedules.
(674.20 KB 500x379 vhs.gif)
The stream starts in about an hour! Here is the link. https://cytu.be/r/wapparty See you there!

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