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Nexus clash anon 06/19/2022 (Sun) 20:33:26 No. 1406 [Reply]
Game Link: https://nexusclash.com/clash.php Have you heard of Nexus Clash? I've been playing it for around a month and it's fun.It's essentially a free to play text browser based PvP MMO that you can play in any browser. Think something like Urban Dead except it's a fantasy game. It's got a deep class system based on morality (evil, good or neutral) where you can become an angel, a demon or a superhuman based on what alignment you are. Some classes such as lich (a neutral mage class) allows you to build undead armies from players you have killed, while others such as corrupters (evil class) can corrupt players or players minions and pets. There's a plethora of classes such as revenant (basically a creature of the night, have skills that allow you to track players who have killed you or people you know, or eternal soldiers - masters of any sort of human combat be it guns, hand to hand or melee, to archangels - high ranking angels that can command other angels to some degree. (Here is a list of all the classes. https://wiki.nexusclash.com/wiki/Classes ) A big thing is after a few years one side of the game (either evil,Neutral or good) wins the game and the game resets with the winning side helping to structure the new game map. If you do play, I highly suggest reading a new player guide https://wiki.nexusclash.com/wiki/New_Player_Guide Map of game: https://nexusclash.com/clash.php?op=map Picture is a retro anime character I created in game
>>1406 Looks neat
>>1407 It's really fun. It's kind of complicated to start off in but if you join a faction and their discord almost always there's tons of people to help you out with answers to questions

(131.27 KB 1440x1080 sakura3.jpg)
Card Captor Sakura anon 06/12/2022 (Sun) 07:55:34 No. 1379 [Reply]
Sex with Sakura.
(24.19 KB 80x96 sakura2.gif)

(211.83 KB 992x1000 wapnonsArt.png)
/ar/t and oekaki thread! ranchan 04/10/2022 (Sun) 23:42:55 No. 966 [Reply]
Let's make /ar/t! This can be traditional, digital, animated, anything goes. I've been working on learning how to draw decently myself (pic very much not related), so giving feedback to your fellow anons is appreciated. I've also implemented oekaki into the posting form in case you ever want to make simplistic drawings (i did one here based of an old guide) this post was delayed a week because oekaki kept breaking but it works well now... >NOTE: currently if you upload an image at the same time as a drawing, you will lose the drawing, so don't add files with your drawing post
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(6.78 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
(25.62 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
I forgot what board I was on...
(20.07 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
(8.75 KB 339x325 oekaki.png)
(32.69 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
i made a cute face

(259.68 KB 802x602 loli confuse.webm)
Loli cat girl animuz Deus 04/25/2022 (Mon) 22:27:55 No. 1222 [Reply]
I am in dire need of old generic loli cat girl animes. Would you guys help me out?
(77.92 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
Interested in this too. I didn't think this was a trope until the early 2000s. Anything earlier?
>>1395 Di Gi Charat was 1999, I think that was the first anime ABOUT loli cat girls I know there's loli cat girls in a variety of 1990s media but they're usually side characters.

(883.47 KB 841x469 Honeyview_wdv8Y9Uf0u.png)
Zeta Gundam anon 06/06/2022 (Mon) 02:03:03 No. 1351 [Reply]
Is this still the most soul crushing ending scene in anime? It is for me at least.
2 posts omitted.
>>1351 Idk I remember the Zeta Gundam ending being too vague. Seeing Kamille as a vegetable in ZZ was worse in my opinion
>>1363 It wasn't vague at all, if anything ZZ retroactively ruins the ending by having him recover from it in the end because "anime is supposed to be hapy :)" -Yoshiyuki Tomino (probably)
(15.71 KB 853x480 Texhnolyze 48.jpg)
(604.86 KB 944x531 Texhnolyze 55.png)
>>1362 When I first saw the ending of Texhnolyze (around 2005ish, I was still a young teenager), while the scene with Ran was unfolding I unconsciously dug my fingers into the skin of my other arm and drew blood. I was making the same facial expression of confusing and rage that Ichise was making and I started sweating and crying intensely. Then the scene that immediately followed afterwards with the insert song and I fucking bawled like a bitch. I threw up later that evening too. Not a single other anime or any other piece of media gave me such a visceral reaction, jesus christ. I haven't watched Texhnolyze since then and I don't want to watch it again.
>>1369 Yeah I remember feeling this heavy hole that slowly drained everything. By then she really was the only part of that show left to hope for and when that was gone and the ending came I just felt empty. Powerful stuff, but it really gets the message of not putting your existence behind impermanent things across to the viewer.
Jinrou comes to mind for me ;_;

(59.08 KB 474x711 Go Lion.jfif)
anon 02/11/2022 (Fri) 21:16:49 No. 733 [Reply]
What do you guys think of Go Lion?
>>733 idk never watched it. Is it good?
>>733 If one has never seen most super robot shows that came out around the time then this could leave a false impression on Japanese super robot shows, golion had more unusually horror elements

Yu Yu Hakusho anon 01/17/2022 (Mon) 08:01:27 No. 228 [Reply]
Let's appreciate peak shonen anime
>>228 worth watching?
>>230 Fuck yeah
>>230 Yeah, I'd say it really hits its stride in the second season though
(455.35 KB 1280x960 Botan.jpg)
>>228 >not watching YYH for Botan
>>230 Definitely worth watching. I've been rewatching and boy is it as enjoyable as I remember it to be. Dark tournament arc possibly one of the best tournament arcs out of everything I've seen.

(1.45 MB 1193x897 KagomePointsOut.png)
anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 12:46:43 No. 1065 [Reply]
You VILL listen to the stunning soundtrack by Kaoru Wada You VILL get comfy at the sight of the Ferris wheel You VILL get immersed into the world of medieval Japan You VILL marvel at the beautiful backgrounds and colour palettes And you VILL enjoy it
31 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>1152 name a quality you appreciate about her
>>1157 boomerang
>>1157 She makes my dick hard.
this thread got derailed like the train casey jones was on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzVNoX57mA
>>1240 >Naraku's theme starts >AHHHH POISONOUS INSECTS!

(1.56 MB 1920x1440 noir-cel-and-douga.jpg)
Anime Cels 01/31/2022 (Mon) 21:53:02 No. 495 [Reply]
Anyone here collect anime cels? Or dougas/gengas? My collection is pretty small so far, pic related is my cel and douga of Yuumura Kirika from Noir. I'm actually looking for a good UV-blocking frame for it, anyone know of a good one that's about the needed size? (my douga measured to be about 10.5x9.5 so I'm guessing the cel is about the same)
6 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>536 great taste
>>1005 Late reply but thank you. My collection is kind of starting to hit a wall though. Unless you go convention hopping it seems like it's getting harder to find new ones. Ebay is a bit of dry well.
I wouldn’t say I collect them, but I do have these cels from the Sakura Taisen TV show. The first Kanna cel also has two accompanying douga, but I’m too lazy to pull it them out and take new photos. (I love Kanna so much)
(353.42 KB 1600x1228 1622281645157.jpg)
(1021.86 KB 3000x2586 1621505401745.jpg)
(612.05 KB 2187x2060 1622281032334.jpg)
(1.10 MB 3000x1898 1621505106718.jpg)
(1.14 MB 3000x2471 1622281167848.jpg)
(341.97 KB 1660x1462 1621504748950.jpg)

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