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(883.47 KB 841x469 Honeyview_wdv8Y9Uf0u.png)
Zeta Gundam anon 06/06/2022 (Mon) 02:03:03 No. 1351 [Reply]
Is this still the most soul crushing ending scene in anime? It is for me at least.
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>>1363 It wasn't vague at all, if anything ZZ retroactively ruins the ending by having him recover from it in the end because "anime is supposed to be hapy :)" -Yoshiyuki Tomino (probably)
(15.71 KB 853x480 Texhnolyze 48.jpg)
(604.86 KB 944x531 Texhnolyze 55.png)
>>1362 When I first saw the ending of Texhnolyze (around 2005ish, I was still a young teenager), while the scene with Ran was unfolding I unconsciously dug my fingers into the skin of my other arm and drew blood. I was making the same facial expression of confusing and rage that Ichise was making and I started sweating and crying intensely. Then the scene that immediately followed afterwards with the insert song and I fucking bawled like a bitch. I threw up later that evening too. Not a single other anime or any other piece of media gave me such a visceral reaction, jesus christ. I haven't watched Texhnolyze since then and I don't want to watch it again.
>>1369 Yeah I remember feeling this heavy hole that slowly drained everything. By then she really was the only part of that show left to hope for and when that was gone and the ending came I just felt empty. Powerful stuff, but it really gets the message of not putting your existence behind impermanent things across to the viewer.
Jinrou comes to mind for me ;_;
yeah this moment cemented Zeta gundam as one of my favourite anime. listening to this is melancholic https://youtu.be/oNYPryOqyGo

(1.49 MB 640x2076 madoka.png)
anon 04/15/2022 (Fri) 05:05:31 No. 1010 [Reply]
It's nearly easter, post bunnies.
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(149.52 KB 858x1200 shib.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1082x1158 DP flash 3.png)
>>1010 Madoka a cute
(35.82 KB 640x480 Lum angry.jpg)
(197.70 KB 850x779 eva bunnygirls.jpg)
for me, its ritsuko

(1.87 MB 1440x1080 new cutie honey .png)
anon 04/13/2022 (Wed) 23:31:53 No. 988 [Reply]
Thoughts on new cutie honey?
>>988 pretty solid OVA series
>>988 My favorite of all cutie honeys
>>988 The best one.
>>988 I'm on a big Nagai kick, so maybe I will re-watch it. I enjoyed it the most out of all the Honey iterations. It's nice to see Honey take on a new adventure instead of just a repeat of the manga's scenario with a twist.

Laserdisc games ranchan Admin 06/25/2022 (Sat) 01:24:59 No. 1418 [Reply]
Have you ever played any retro anime Laserdisc games? Never found a cabinet in person, but I've played them on an emulator before. Big fan of Thunder Storm (Cobra Command in the west). https://youtu.be/Q7E7HGL0TWY
(88.91 KB 988x768 Pioneer-LaserActive-Set-FL.jpg)
>>1418 Only one I have played is Time Gal's Mega CD port. But I would love to own Pioneer Laseractive since its not only a laserdisc console, but it lets you play Sega MD, MCD, 32x and NEC's PC Engine and its CD addon games through use of game pacs.
>>1418 https://youtu.be/fZkGFfUy3MM Strahl is a great one as it was made by studio Bebow and Tomonori Kogawa designed the characters. Anyone who loves those 80s Tomino shows with Kogawa designs will find lots to love in it.

(191.30 KB 265x376 Royal_Space_Force_Poster.jpg)
Royal Space Force Theatrical Showings anon 10/18/2022 (Tue) 01:19:31 No. 1814 [Reply]
So earlier today I was looking up if there was any news on Uru in Blue (hah, no), and found an article from August which mentioned that not only was Royal Space Force getting a 4K 35mm scan released on bluray soon, but that it would also have a theatrical re-release to coincide with this. I looked it up and the bluray is coming out on the 4th of November, but I can't find any more recent sources giving a date or locations for any screenings. Anyone have any more info? I'd really love to see this masterpiece on the big screen and I don't want to miss what's likely my only chance.
>>1814 You sure it didn't just mean specifically in Japan?
>>1820 The site says nothing about being just in Japan, and the fact that they specify "Original 1987 Voice Version" seems to indicate that they AREN'T showing a dub, which would be a strange thing to clarify if it was just goint to be shown in Japan. The site: https://v-storage.bnarts.jp/anime/etc-anime/180313/
>>1822 Maybe look up cinemas around your local area and see which ones showed anime in the past. It could be shown at one of those places? I know there used to be an cinema near my university that showed new anime movies when they released and I'd sometimes go to watch them, saw Lu over the Wall, Night is Short, Promare and Mirai no Mirai there and had a fun time with each of them. Not sure if they showed classics but they might've at some stage.
>>1822 The "Original 1987 Voice Version" could also mean that they're not doing a redub (or using one if it's already been done) for the new release like what was done with Gunbuster for the theatrical release.

(178.58 KB 700x526 To Heart (2).jpg)
Classic anime music anon 01/09/2022 (Sun) 13:34:09 No. 59 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a thread for pre-2000s anime music that you enjoy a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MGQpJq5KVs
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(51.13 KB 720x540 mpv-shot0056.jpg)
>>1689 I will forever hate the name on that third video, spoiled me on something I had no idea about. My own fault for looking the OST up for Danpei's theme but I just didn't expect that shit to be there, could've easily called it something like Rikishi's Theme 2 or something. Speaking of AnJ music, here are Joe and Carlos's theme when they're entering the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBlIJicsD8A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbI-83fCync Really cool choices imo.
>>1692 >Masayoshi Takanaka vs Yuji Ohno Kino

anon 08/13/2022 (Sat) 14:29:25 No. 1584 [Reply]
So I know the 20th Century in general is the gud shit, but I argue that the '90s, (or rather, from about 1988 onwards), was the absolute best, in terms of animation quality and good draftmanship, as well as actual directing,creating atmosphere and unique imagery.All those little special effects were great too-The glistening, the glowing,the blurry scenes, heat waves etc. The 70s and 80s were good, but to me it felt sort of like the animators and director and writers etc were still establishing themselves. The 90s is when they found their feet and took off running in practically every aspect. I think this era ended in around 2003,and I'm not sure why, maybe digital was just hard to get used to-- but I read somewhere that in the late '90s and early '00s there was a sort of "anime brain drain"-- that is, a lot of older greats left the industry, and the new young talent had a lack of mentorship.Of course there was also increased appeal to otaku and probably some budget issues.
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>>1584 I find that anime was more consistently high quality in terms of animation quality from about 84 up until about 91 personally, maybe up until 94, and generally 70s and early 80s anime have the strongest storyboarding. There were some major innovations in the 90s, but shows fell back on still images far more, shot composition got a bit less inventive, Shinbo is the person I can think of who really stands out who wasn't already active in the 80s, and before the OVA market collapsed they were pumping out way too many low quality ones, fewer lavishly animated films as well. When TV anime spiked in 98 quite a few of the shows looked kind of bad too. That general level of high quality we were seeing in mid-late 80s TV anime, when the market for it contracted seemed very distant by that point. Keeping a show looking good for almost 100 episodes straight like the did with Maison Ikkoku feels downright impossible for the industry to pull off at any other time. There were some huge accomplishments and overcoming of past restrictions, in the 90s though, like Hamaji's Resurrection, but then in the 80s we had stuff like Be Invoked, Birth and Akira which did the same. A small handful of realist animators definitely reached peak skill level by the mid 90s, Ohira, Iso, Utsunomiya, Inoue, Okiura, but then Kanada school guys like Kanada and Yamashita were doing the same a decade earlier.
>>1626 THIS
>>1626 That's an interesting proposition.What do you think was the highlight reel of this era?As in, a list of maybe 10 of that era's anime that one ought to see to get what you're talking about...
>>1681 As in the 80s or 90s? Things like 90s anime breaking down into stills more requires watching lots and lots of TV anime from both decades, so a highlight reel is less applicable there. Or are you wondering what were in my opinion the boundary breaking productions of the 90s?
>>1608 The first 20 episodes of Ranma are insanely good, it's such a shame that the rest of the chapters are so bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7osqmI9OCXo

Cels anon 10/06/2022 (Thu) 23:20:17 No. 1701 [Reply]
Does anyone have experience buying cels or other production materials off of ebay/yahoo auctions? I've been contemplating picking one up but it seems like the sort of thing where you could get easily scammed. Any advice?
>>1701 There's a thread on this already so maybe one of the replies there will help you: https://wapchan.org/ar/res/495.html For ebay I'd say pay attention to the seller's feedback ratings and read the description, not sure about yahoo auctions though since I don't have much experience with them.
>>1702 Oops, I'm dumb. Thanks anon

(95.99 KB 480x640 AKR084A.jpg)
(40.08 KB 640x400 582395024.gif)
(12.40 KB 640x400 346347235.gif)
Old Japanese Web Pages anon 01/16/2022 (Sun) 18:58:24 No. 219 [Reply]
It's time to play the retro otaku famous sport, finding old Japanese web pages! Now these days, various search engines have been filtering these pages, making them harder to find, but if you know a thing or two about old anime/doujin circles, this shouldn't be a challenge for /ar/. Do pixelly oekaki scribbles make you blush? Does finding dithered old .MAG anime CGs make you cum? Then take note of these examples to find these types of images on your local search engine >"index of" ~[insert generic japanese nickname here] >"index of" ~[insert old PC model here] >CG [insert 90s anime or 90s anime character name], "ne.jp", 1998.03.05 (this date is just an example, any date between the early 90s-early 00s will give you results) Voila! You've done it. Now contribute to the thread with your various findings. Happy hunting, /ar/.
this is a nice idea, but I wouldn't limit it to porn
(268.54 KB 971x760 arnolddesu.png)
Instructions unclear somehow I am here. Send help OP
Would Yandex yield far more results?
>>219 share where you found those, please!
(108.79 KB 1024x768 ME-tan vs Porn.png)
I found these Higurashi-themed sites from the otaku documentary in >>877 https://web.archive.org/web/20070216204535/http://www.geocities.jp:80/loosedogtom/higurashi/higurashi.html https://poopingpenis.web.fc2.com/higurasi/ (mirrored from trapmaster.topaz.ne.jp/higurasi/, I had a feeling it wouldn't last long, so thankfully I had the good conscience to save it since the Internet Archive didn't)

(324.87 KB 1193x1200 1662650630228.jpg)
anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 16:53:11 No. 1631 [Reply]
Who is she and why is she so cute
Looks like the Ghost in the Shell manga.
>>1676 Yeah, definitely Ghost in the Shell. I remember a lot of these panels well from so much time staring at them, cause--yeah, Major Kusanagi looks really cute in it.
>>1676 >>1682 Thank you

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